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Chapter 4: Watch of Ten, Body of Steel

As the man walked away like nothing happened, Ben and Gwen was still glaring angrily at him but then Gwen broke the tragic silence. "Ben... Go Hero." She said with hate in her voice "Way ahead of you." Ben dials in and slams down on the watch as the bright flash and forms around him turning Ben Tennyson into Diamond-Head but the man who hurt Grandpa Max paid no attention and continued walking away. "Were do you think your walking to!" Diamond-head shouted running towards the well dressed stranger. Hearing the loud stomping heading towards him he turned his head to the right to see what was behind him and in a split second Diamond-Head delivered a strong haymaker ripping the skin off the right side of his face and laid flat on the ground with a loud metallic thud but Ben didn't hear the thud only his overachieving trash talk "Yeah thats for hurting my Grandpa you punk-ass-BITCH!" Gwen watched with proud and seductive eyes as saw her strong hero take down the stranger with one blow. "And I bet...you...won't...get...up..." Diamond-Heads Boast came to slow halt as the man picked himself up and dusted off his suit "If...I was still human that would have killed me." He said while turning around showing the two his torn face, no overflowing blood, no tattered muscle tissue just a scratched dark-gray metal skull and his right eye glowing green "But...I don't die that easily." He said walking towards Diamond-Head "It looks like I have to teach you some manners boy." He said while Diamond-Head was taking steps back trying to keep distant from him "Who... What... are you?" Diamond-Head asked with fear in his voice. "The names Metallo the real man steel." He replied to Diamond-Head's trembling question.

The fight went on for a while Gwen was frozen in fear at the sight of Metallo but finally coming to she started to drag Grandpa Max back to the RustBucket while Ben and Metallo duked it out. "Just the very sight of me makes Superman himself fall to his knees!" Metallo shouted chipping out shards and pieces out of Diamond-Head with each punch he threw at him. "Well I got news for ya." Diamond-Head said stopping Metallo's fist from making contact "I'm not Superman!" He shouted just about to through another strong haymaker but the most annoying sound to ring in Ben's ears the watches timer had ran out and in a flash Diamond-Head and back into Ben Tennyson. Both Metallo and Gwen was shock to see that Ben had turn back from alien hero to just Ben but Metallo's expression quickly changes from shock to a sinister smirk on the side of his face the still had fake skin no it as he reached down and picked up Ben by the collar of his shirt raised him up to eye level and said to him. "Your right your not Superman." while cocking back his fist "your a lot more weaker." as Ben closed his eyes bracing himself for the punch that could end his life. Just then still with his eyes closed still waiting for that final blow all Ben felt was the grip on his shirt had loosened and had the that he was being held and as he opened his and saw he was in the slender arms of a beautiful teenage girl with blond hair and blue eyes he also notice she was wearing a small T-shirt with a red shield with a S inside and a small red cape attached to it. "Hey y...your...your." He stuttered trying to get the words out from his surprised look "Thats right I'm Super-girl and the big guy in the gray hazmat-suit is my cousin Superman.

A few seconds earlier Ben was just waiting for his young life to be cut short by Metallo's fatal punch but the attack was stopped by a second by a big gray blur and Metallo had let go of Ben and was sent fly 20ft across the road and as he was starting to get up "Superman how did you find me?" he asked while getting back on his feet "that really doesn't matter right now so when start picking fights with little kids Metallo?" Superman said levitating with a stern look and crossed arms. "Well I guess it all started when their Grandfather hit me with their RV so I gave an example of what it feels like to get hit by a speeding piece of metal the brat just stepped in thinking he could take me on but as you can see his effort wasn't good enough." he said with a smile, Superman look back at his super powered cousin "Super-girl go check on their Grandfather and get him to the nearest Hospital!" He Shouted out as she nodded quickly carrying Ben still in her arms and as she opened the door she Gwen with tears weld up in her eyes and their Grandpa Max on the floor with his head resting on his granddaughters lap. Ben jumped out of Super-Girls arms and rushed to Gwen's side reaching over to her left shoulder and held her close and not showing any thought of letting go as Super-Girl came closer to ask Gwen if she was all right Gwen nodded and looked down at her Grandfather, Super-Girl took a good X-ray visioned look at Max and told the two cousins the their Grandfather will be alright giving them great relief "OK now keep still and hang on I'm going to take you guys to the nearest hospital." She said as she stepped outside started to lift the RustBucket and made her way quickly and carefully to the Hospital, Ben and Gwen sat side by side watching over the unconscious Grandpa Max. The two lift their heads and looked into each others eyes "I'm sorry Gwen I couldn't..." Gwen stopped him by placing her soft hand on his cheek "Sssh as long as your here its ok you did your best I'm proud of you and I will always love you Ben" "And I love too" the kissed they shared lasted for a whole minute but to them if felt longer.

Moments later they arrive to the hospital Super-Girl lands in the emergency area, after seeing Super-Girl make her landing with the RV above her head a handful of doctors and nurses rush to the cleared area "Theres and old man with multiple fractures and needs help fast!" she shouted while opening the showing Max unconscious and being watched over by his grandchildren teary-eyed and holding each other close. "Ok kids we're gonna need you to move aside so we can get your grandfather out on the stretcher." said the male nurse with two others behind him, Ben and Gwen nodded and moved back to give the nurses some space so they can get Max out and the hospital as soon as possible. As they got Max out of the RustBucket and onto the stretcher they made their way insde.

A few hours later after the treated all of Max's injuries placed him in a room to rest along with his grandchildren, Ben was sitting close to Max's bed watching T.V. With the remotes speaker close to his ear trying to get over what has happened today but he began to remember the last time Grandpa Max got hurt and had to be in a hospital bed to recover Ben felt so guilty that his grandpa got hurt that he wanted payback he felt the same against Metallo for hurting Grandpa Max but remembering that he was no match for him and Super-Girl told him to stay and watch over his Grandpa and cousin giving him that whole Man of the hose speech while she and Superman take care of Metallo so he stayed but did feel any better by doing so. Gwen stood by the window looking at the great view of Metropolis and thinking of a way to cheer up her boyfriend/cousin cause by seeing the tense look on his face not even his favorite Sumo Slammers show wasn't doing any good. It didn't take her a second to think of a way to make her secret lover feel better as she made her way towards Ben who was deep in his thoughts still dwelling on what has happened. But Gwen knows how to clear his head finally reaching her target, Ben noticed Gwen moving towards him "What's wrong Gwen?" he asked but no words to her reply just a seductive smile and her hand grabbing his and lifting him off his seat and still no words has ever left her mouth she tugged him closer to her and pulled a curtain between them and their Grandpa and walked to the back corner of the room away from the light of the window and pressed her lips to his.

Ben was shocked for a second but his tenseness quickly loosened up and started kissing her back now locked in passion their hands caress and trail all over holding each other closer their tongues twist and dance in their passionate kiss. Ben's hands slide downward from her back to her lovely firm ass and Gwen did just the same but with a little twist pulling his groin close to hers letting him know she was ready for more as his hands moved from her sweet ass now at the buttons of her pants and his hands go to work undoing her pants then there was a knock at the door "Excuse me, Ben and Gwen Tennyson my name is Daniel Blade I'm here to speak to you about the incident that happened during the late morning." in the most annoyed and disappointed groan the two fixed themselves up quickly and steadily walk to see who interrupted them "Yes what is it." Gwen said with agitation in her voice hoping he wasn't here to waist her and Ben's time of intimacy in a Hospital room. Blade cleared his throat and started to explain the reason why he's here "My name is Agent Daniel Blade I was sent by Superman to offer you our services during your Grandfathers recovering." "Our Services?" Gwen curiously asked "The Justice League's services when a family or more caught in the crossfires of a Super-Hero vs Super-Villain battle we offer to pay for the hospital bill and repairs to your vehicle with our top best engineers till your Grandfather recovers starting with giving you two a place to stay." he explained the offer that would help them during this bad day.

Just hearing everything that Agent Blade had explained brought a seductive smirk to Gwen's agitated look "All expenses paid hotel of our choice no questions asked" "Of course we just give you a disposable card that will pay for whatever you want to purchase and even withdraw." Blade replied to Gwen's question "Mr. Blade we'll happy to accept your services."

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