The dark night invades the district of Takeshita. Stars are dancing behind the twilight sky. The full moon shines among the stars, beaming, and touching every single roof in every single home. The night wind is cold, enough to hypnotize a tired body into a restful slumber. Yet, there was one mysterious creature, despite how late it was, walks among the shadowy streets. Seemingly, this creature is striding fast along the dark corners and poor lighted streets. The pace was increasingly faster, as if running for its dear life.


It runs along a wet sidewalk, creating a commotion among rodents. It was now clear that this being was wearing a black cloth around its head, covering its face, and torso. It was carrying a basket, protecting it into its arms. For some time now, it was striding fast with no direction, until it found its so-called destination. It stopped, looked from side to side, checking if the site is safe and no one's following. It slowly walked through the majestic marble arch, and headed towards the main door. It kneeled down, placing the basket on its doorstep.

"It's much safer for you here. I'm sorry I have to leave you. But I promise that I'll come back for you," a soft and sobbing voice spoke. "I love you."

Meanwhile, at the white marble mansion, the dwellers were found soundly sleeping in their bedrooms like innocent children tucked in their beds, enjoying every single moment of their dreams. However, their deep sleep was interfered by three loud rings, intending to wake up the inhabitants of the Nakahara mansion.

"What?" Sunako Nakahara woke up from the loud ring she just heard. Who might be doing some prank in the middle of the night? Whoever it is, it's not funny to wake me up in the middle of my dreams! Damn! I was about to kill, no dissect, that Creature of Light!

"Hey Sunako!" the door burst open, revealing the four radiant creatures – Takano Kyouhei, Oda Takenaga, Morii Ranmaru, and Toyama "Yuki" Yukinojou.

Waaa…it's the radiant beings! I'm going to melt! I'm going to die! Drops of blood came out from Sunako's nose, which she eventually covers it before she bleeds massively.

"Oh you're here Sunako," Takenaga, the leader of the group, sighed and relieved after seeing his roommate still on her bed.

"We're sorry to barge in and disturb your beauty sleep Sunako," Ranmaru apologized. Even though his friends call him a pervert or the Prince of Love, he still has gentlemanliness in him, though seduction and sexy thoughts are always attached to it. "We might have thought that something happened to you," he continued, explaining and concerned at the same time.

"What's happening?" Sunako curiously asked, still on her bed, wiping off the blood from her nose with a piece of tissue she found at her night table.

"We just heard a loud ring, and we hoped it's not you who woke us up with your crazy hoax!" Kyouhei blurted out.

"We did not!" Yuki replied back. "We're really sorry Sunako."

"That's okay," Sunako said which made Yuki smile. Among the four boys, Sunako has a soft spot for Yuki like her Auntie. Sunako got up, reached for her bloody red night robe and wore it. She walked past the four boys who were now inside her room.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Kyouhei bluntly asked.

"I'm going outside. We have to check if there's someone outside," Sunako explained in a monotone voice. It must be a salvage victim who's waiting for me to get his body. He must be massively bleeding and the murder weapon, it must still be in his body. It might be an axe. No, it might me a butcher knife or a kitchen knife. When he's dead, I could preserve his body and place him along with Josephine, Akira, and Hiroshi. And the murder weapon, it's another addition to my collection. Sunako, in her chibi form, smiled at them, giving them a scary atmosphere, and excitedly running along the hallway, leading towards the main hall.

"I don't like what Sunako was thinking!" Yuki sobbed, crying out of scare while Ranmaru comforted him.

"Sunako's right!" Takenaga exclaimed.

She's right about what? Is he turning himself into darkness? Yuki, Ranmaru, and Kyouhei thought, eyeing on Takenaga.

"We just don't have to stand in here. We have to find out by ourselves." Takenaga continued, signaling that they have to follow Sunako. "But we still need to protect ourselves, in case…"

Before Takenaga could finish it, he found Yuki with a baseball catcher head protector and carrying a baseball bat while Ranmaru was carrying two bamboo swords used in kendo. He offered one to Takenaga, "You were saying something Takenaga?"

Where the heck did they get those? "Nothing," a sweat dropped from his head, accepting the bamboo sword.

They sure are prepared. "Okay! Let's go!" Kyouhei lead the boys, creating cracked sounds from his knuckles and ready to fight.

Down the main hall, they found Sunako standing still, facing the main door. They all moved closer to her, much to Sunako's dislike, and waited for her to open the door. They gulped and nervously watched Sunako as she turned the door knob. Slowly, Sunako opened the door, while the boys prepared themselves for defense.

The door was wide open and to Sunako's dismay, she found nothing, not a single thing that she was expecting. The four boys stepped out the doorway, searching and looking for anyone or anything that they could possible see.

"That's odd, no one's around," Yuki broke the silence first and lowering his defense.

"But who might be ringing the doorbell at this hour?" Takenaga thought, rubbing his chin.

"Whoever it is, it's not a good joke!" Kyouhei shouted.

"Well I guess we wasted our time on this. We'd better go back to sleep. I still do need my beauty sleep," Ranmaru suggested. Everyone followed him except for Sunako who was still standing and gloomy.

"I guess she was disappointed she didn't find anything creepy," Kyouhei whispered to the boys, which they also agreed.

Sunako looked down, and gawked. After which, she kneeled down.

"What's wrong Sunako?" Yuki asked, walking towards her. They all gathered around Sunako, who was reaching for something until they saw something that made them look surprised.

It was a basket with a baby sleeping inside it!

Sunako reached for the baby and carried it expertly into her arms.

"A baby?" the four boys shrieked. They all saw what Sunako was carrying. It was indeed a baby. The baby has short, soft blonde hair, has long eyelashes, and it was really cute.

"Awww…he's so cute!" they all cooed, admiring the baby more.

"But who could be so heartless leaving a baby in our doorstep?" Yuki demanded, teary-eyed.

"Whoever it is, he or she can never be called a parent," Kyouhei said disgustingly.

"Someone must have left him here and that someone must have been the one who rang the doorbell," Ranmaru assumed, holding his chin.

"Your conclusions might be right Ranmaru," Takenaga acknowledged, kneeling down, as if he found something interesting.

Ha! I knew it, I'm a genius. Ranmaru thought, standing proudly.

His head just turned big! Yuki and Kyouhei thought, admiring Ranmaru's enlarged head.

"I found a letter," Takenaga found something from the basket which might prove Ranmaru's assumptions. He stood up, unfolded the letter and read it aloud:

Please take good care of my son.

His name is Ruu and he's six months old.

I know my baby will be safe under your care.

I really appreciate your acceptance towards my child.

I'll be returning soon and reveal myself to you.

"So, the baby's name is Ruu and he's six months old," Ranmaru repeated what he just heard.

"Safe? Returning soon? What does that mean?" Yuki asked, still looking at letter that Takenaga had read.

"Whatever it means, we'll take care of the baby," Sunako said, now on her normal mode, still carrying the baby. She looked at the baby, smiled, and she just turned into a lady!

The three boys stared at her. She…She…She just turned into a lady! Looking at this, they all cried with happiness. Kyouhei, on the other hand, walked towards Sunako.

"Hey! What's that on his hand?" Kyouhei pointed out on the baby's hand. It was holding a golden necklace with a heart-shaped pendant. He took it from the baby. It sure looks like its expensive!

"It looks like a locket," Takenaga noticed, taking the necklace from Kyouhei's hand. He opened the locket and saw something that made him surprised. Ranmaru and Yuki peeped from Takenaga's shoulder, and they too we're surprised. "That's his parents?"

"They looked liked Sunako and Kyouhei!" Yuki whispered, still shocked.

"You said it right! It's like a mirror image!" Ranmaru agreed.

"I guess they have the rights to take care of the baby," Takenaga assumed, looking at his two roommates. Kyouhei was standing on Sunako's side, while they both looked at the baby with smiles on their faces.

"They'll make good parents," Yuki and Ranmaru ogled and watched Kyouhei and Sunako walked inside the house. They followed them while Takenaga took the basket and carried it with him. But before he closed the door, he searched the area, looking for any human being who might think to stop them from adopting the baby. He finally decided that no one's around, he closed the door behind him.

But somewhere within the yard of the Nakahara mansion, a human being was lying dead and blood gushed from its nose. They're so handsome! My son's lucky to have them as his foster parents. And the night continued to conceal over the Takeshita district.