Coming of Age


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Summary-Ever since the green eyed boy became part of his pack Fenrir knew that he would be rightfully his. Now 16 years later Fenrir is going to take what is rightfully his.




Two more weeks and the pup will finally be of age to be mated. The man sitting on a rock was thinking as he looked at a member of his pack. This was not a normal man; he was a werewolf, not just any werewolf either he was Fenrir Greyback, the most feared Alpha. The reason he was so feared was because he was willing to do anything he had to do for his pack and then some. Any wolf, male or female, young or old would be lucky to be in his pack. There was only a few in his pack and it was only those he was either raised with or he grew to immensely trust.

There was the Weasley's family, a bunch of red heads with freckles. They were Molly and Arthur Weasley and all their children. They had six boys and one girl.

The oldest was Bill he was mated with a female named Fleur; they had 3 children Victoire, Dominique, and Louis. Charlie the second child was mated to Fleur's sister Lavender, they had not cubs yet. The third was Percy he was mated to a woman named Audrey; he had 2 daughters Molly and Lucy. The forth one's were Fred and George twins. Those two were each others mate's which wasn't rare; it happened ever so often so nobody was bothered when it happened to the twins. Fred was currently trying to get George pregnant.

Then the youngest boy was Ronald he was still a pup so he had no mate, though it was no secret that he wanted to mate with a Hermione Granger. The last child was a girl named Ginevra or Ginny. She was younger than Ronald, or Ron, by about two years and Ron was 16 and a dominant. Ginny was also the only dominate female in the pack. Like her two brother's being together it wasn't rare but it didn't happen often either.


The next family was the Malfoy's. Narcissa and Lucius only had one son Draco Malfoy. Draco was also a 16 and a dominant, he like his father was an honorable man. When Fenrir had been just a lone wolf he had been taken in by Lucius father; he and Lucius had been very good friends. After Lucius' father had died he had not been offended in the least when he had found out that Luke, Lucius father, had chosen Fenrir to be the new pack leader. Sure Fenrir had been young at the time but he had shown great potential that Luke had just not been able to deny. The Weasley's had also been part of Luke's pack.


Another family that had been part of Luke's pack was the Grager's. Lance and Patricia Granger. They had 3 daughters Hermione and Luna were 16 year old twins and a younger one by two years was Lavender. The family was extremely intelligent though the smartest one was Hermione Granger, the girl was a genius and any problem you had she was most likely able to solve it for you.


Last but not least was the Potter family. There was James and Lily Potter with their only son Harry Potter, who was a 15 year's old and a submissive. Before joining the pack the Potters had been wanderers. When Fenrir had found them Lily had been three months pregnant and James hadn't known what was going to happen to his family since they had no pack to call their own.

Molly, Narcissa, and Patricia had begged Fenrir to let them join the pack; which he did reluctantly. At first he had been a little apprehensive, but James had proven himself by putting himself in danger when a group of rebel wolves had tried to kill Fenrir, it had been 30 to one but thanks to James, who happened to be the only one with him at the time, he had lived through the day. They had been attacked just two days after finding James and Lily. James could have easily left since he hadn't really known Fenrir, but he stayed and that was what had lead the way to Fenrir trusting him and his family.

Harry, James and Lily's only son, was a beautiful boy. He was going to be 16 in two weeks. He had the most beautiful green eyes Fenrir had ever seen. It reminded him of field's of grass. He had his father's messy black hair that you just wanted to take a hold of and see if you could tame. His skin had a light tan since he liked to stay in the shade more than staying in the sun. He was a not very muscular at all; being submissive had given him a feminine shape, he had wonderful curves that you just wanted to trace all throughout the night. He was a gorgeous boy.


"Hey where's Draco, I thought he was going to be here today?"

"Oh he said he wasn't going to be able to be here today; something about his dad wanting to take him hunting."

Changing the conversation Hermione smiled and turned to Harry. "Oh, are you excited Harry? Your birthday is coming up soon."

"Yeah you'll finally be our age hahaha."

"Now Ron it's not Harry's fault that he was born a few weeks after we were."

Turning to look at the curly haired girl with a puppy like eyes Ron fakely whimpered. "Come on Hermione I'm just teasing him. There's nothing wrong with that now is there."

Turning away from the red-headed boy so that he wouldn't be able to see the blush staining her face Hermione grumbled. "Well if Harry doesn't mind then I guess its ok."

Both teens turned to look at their friend only to notice that he wasn't even paying attention. He was looking at their alpha, who was currently sitting on a rock keeping an eye on the pack. It was no secret to the two that were there, and Draco, that Harry had feelings for their alpha but being shy he never tried to approach Fenrir to tell him how he felt.

Seeing the loving gaze in Harry's eyes Hermione sighed and tried to cheer him up a bit."Harry you're going to be old enough to be mated in about two weeks. Why don't you tell him how you feel on your birthday or a couple of days afterwards? Who knows he might feel the same way?"

Turning to look at his friend and then turning his eyes to look at his lap Harry mumbled. "I couldn't do that; I'll always be a pup compared to him; he wouldn't give me the time of day."

Ron moved from where he was to go to Harry and give him a hug and Harry returned it. Harry was so small you instantly had the urge to protect him when you met him. Even though Ron knew that he couldn't protect his friends heart the least he could was try give him some comfort, it wasn't much but Harry enjoyed it and it made him feel better so why not.


So I wanted to do a Fenrir and Harry story so I came up with this one what do you guys think.

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