25/12/2008 10:27:00

'Wait… You don't actually want me to… actually wear this…do you?' Ukitake stared at the black leather pants in utter disgust. (Well, trying to anyway. He was actually quite amused)

'Yes… this is what people in the real world wear apparently…when they are trying to impress their partner. I think it's fit you quite well, don't you think? Ukitake-taicho.'

Ukitake flicked a furry… thing? that flopped at the back of pants. It was angular, and clearly made for a woman's body. Inspecting it, Ukitake stifled a laugh, just where did Shunsui get this from? 'Shunsui… For one it's actually what people wear when they are trying to seduce their partner… and it's not exactly built for someone like me.'

'What do you mean? It'll fit you perfectly. I mean, your ass is…' he noticed the rather curious curves and understands, 'oooh.' He chuckled. 'Well then. I guess-'

'No… I'll wear it. For you… The Christmas present was lovely and if this is what you want…'

'I don't want you to force yourself.' Shunsui sounded worried, and Ukitake laughed out loud this time. 'The only thing that's going to be hurt is my pride, don't worry.'

Shunsui smiled, and ten minutes later, Ukitake came out of the dressing room, arms crossed consciously. Shunsui was astonishingly right. It did indeed fit him well. Snug, and what's that word for it again? Ah yes…oh course. He looked sexy.

Shunsui scooped up the captain, and placed a little wet kiss on his forehead. 'Your probably not used to my declarations of love not in poem form but… I really want to drive you onto a desk and fuck you hard…'

Ukitake blinked up at him, a slight blush heating up his pale cheeks.

'Or did I say it wrong…?' Shunsui looked slightly worried. 'I'm sure that's what Ichigo said.'