Warnings: Sex, and slight violence.

Word Count: 1,000

Author's Note: Last one! This is the final instalment in this series (despite the fact that I left it at a terribly EVIL point). I had a very hard time writing this, so apologies if it seems a bit stilted or choppy. I do seem to have a bit of a tree!sex fetish, as it seems almost every sex scene I write involves going at it against trees. :P

Written for the Spectrum Challenge at dokuga_contest on LJ. The prompt was "Violet". Feedback is, as always, received with love, appreciation and gratitude.

If you enjoyed this little series, I'd appreciate any feedback or comments that you have. If you spotted any errors, inconstancies or anything like that, please point it out to me, and I'll do my best to fix it up. And if you liked it, without having any complaints, feel free to tell me that too. :P

Thanks for reading! I hope you've enjoyed it.

It was completely and utterly wrong, and entirely right at the same time. When she'd dreamed about this moment, she'd never, ever thought that it might actually happen. Or that the dream would pale in comparison to reality.

She hadn't really expected gentleness from him, but in a strange way it was what she received. He seemed careful, moving slowly but deftly over her skin, teasing her, pinching her her nipples and nipping at her skin, but never hard enough to mark her. Every brush of his claws sent shivers though her body. His fangs grazed her neck, and she arched up into him. Her body and mind knew that he could easily overpower her; he could easily shred her body with his powerful claws. It was exciting.

Every brush of his fangs against her skin made butterflies of nervous excitement explode in her stomach, and she tried to reciprocate in turn, nibbling at his porcelain skin with surprising daring, and scraping her nails over his back. She tugged at his haori, pulling it off his shoulders and undoing the ties with trembling fingers.

She ran her hands feverishly over his skin, drinking in the warmth he radiated and relishing in the feeling of its sliding smoothly beneath her palms. Hesitantly, leaning flush up against him, she ran her tongue up his neck.

He growled, and her heart seemed to stop for so long she thought she might be dead.

And then he lifted her up, wrapping his arm around her waist as she instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist, and he moved with surprising sureness over to the closest tree, pinning her to it with his body. She brought her leg up higher, pressing herself against the tell-tale lump in his hakama.

She watched with a surge of feminine pride as his eyes fluttered closed, and she moved her hips experimentally. Much to her surprise and pleasure, he let out a small moan.

He shoved her roughly against the tree, the bark scraping harshly against her back and she gasped. He ground himself against her, watching her shudder with pleasure. Agonisingly slowly he pulled her to him, revelling in the feeling of her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, and he lowered her to the ground, allowing her to lie flat on her back.

He smirked at her as he trailed his hand, ever-so-very-slowly down the length of her body coming to a stop between her folds. He leaned forwards, nudging her legs apart and licked one long, sensuous path.

She'd been watching him with mixed reservation and curiosity as he'd spread her out on the ground, but the moment his tongue touched her she arched in surprise and pleasure. This was ten times better than that dream, she thought incoherently as he swirled his tongue slightly, causing every nerve in her body to explode with pleasure.

He licked, sucked, nipped and toyed with her, driving in and out with his tongue, pulling her ever closer to the edge of reason, and all the while she writhed under his deft tongue.

Suddenly his body covered her own, and she felt him poised at her entrance. She instinctively lifted her pelvis, drawing him in. She gasped, pulling away from him as she felt a sharp, stabbing pain.

He held her still, lowering his head to trail soft butterfly kisses along her collarbone and neck. She squirmed against his firm grip, trying to adjust the stinging and painful sensation of fullness she felt.

She wasn't ignorant enough to have not known that it would hurt, but a part of her had assumed that life would imitate her fantasies (in its own strange way, it had so far). She hadn't really been prepared for how much it would sting.

"The hanyou has not taken you," he murmured, more of a statement than a question but she answered anyway.


He pulled back, something oddly like regret in his eyes, but it was gone before she could truly register what it was.

"Relax," he said softly, slowly beginning to move within her. It still stung, and she clenched her hands into fists on the ground. She felt his arm snake behind her, and suddenly she was moving up and forwards as he fell back, coming to rest with her straddling his lap.

He took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking it gently and she forgot all about the niggling stinging sensation. Wrapping her hands into his hair she began to shift, moving on instinct. Slowly at first, but with mounting speed and tension.

She pulled herself closer to him, grating on that one beautiful spot he touched inside her. He snarled, thoroughly primal, and she shivered in excitement and a touch of fear, her miko powers rising up and dancing across her skin, meeting his own youki. She felt him, in every sense of the word, as he moved within her and his aura washed over her, flowing in and receding like the tide.

She shook, in awe of his power as she rocked wildly on him, her skin afire as their two opposing powers clashed. Where her power touched his own it glowed a deep violet, so very different from her usual pink that she felt dirty and forbidden.

It both disgusted and thrilled her.

And then the world exploded into colour and feeling as his aura rippled across her skin and he pounded beneath her. He pulled her close again, scraping his fangs across her chest and drawing blood. She returned with equal fervour, pawing at him wanting to be closer…

She felt him jerk beneath her, as his youki danced across her skin, dragging her down.

The starlight of the night reflected in his eyes as she gazed down at him in wonder.

"Thank you," he said mildly. "It has been a most unique experience."

She was too astonished to respond as he swiftly rose and dressed, leaving her alone in the clearing.