Chapter Six

"What is wrong with her, exactly?" I asked Carlisle after about ten minutes to Carlisle checking her vitals. I had been previously wondering how she had managed to get up without my noticing and why she hadn't awoken me if she suspected an intruder… if she did suspect an intruder…

"It is hard to say exactly, but she was definitely injected with some drug on her upper left arm," He said, indicating to a small hole on her bicep. I inhaled sharply, "Do you know what the drug was?" I asked; my eyes and nostrils flaring at the sight of her arm.

"Easy, Edward; it was just a sedative," He assured me, "She will be awake in about an angelica hour. Whoever did this wants her alive and well."

James did this; and whoever he works for or his own intentions wanted her alive and well in an hour…in an angelica hour. I could only guess that it was an Agilest that wanted her for whatever reason. My mind raced futilely; trying and failing to find out answers for the next hour.

I just stared at Bella, trying to will her back into consciousness. She still looked cherubic despite her unconscious state. Her mouth was set in a slight frown and her brow was set; that worried me a little. She would stir every now and then, probably trying to subconsciously fight the drug, and every time I would spring closer to her, fretting. I would adjust her blankets or brush her hair out of her face or even it out. It was alarming when I brushed a tear off of her cheeks, but Carlisle assured me that that was her body's way of dismissing the drug; a sign that she was that much closer to recovery.

After one maddening hour, nine agonizing minutes, and twenty long seconds, Bella stirred awake. She blinked rapidly and sat up, startled, with a gasp. I stood up and knelt by her bed, inching closer to her and putting a calming hand on her arm and on her shoulder. She looked at me and wrapped her arms around my neck, holding me tight. I hugged her tightly. After a few seconds, I remembered Carlisle's existence…and the rest of the world for that matter.

"You are going to have to tell us what happened this morning, Bella," I told her in a quiet voice; hating myself for making her relive yet another painful memory. Her grip on my collar tightened, than she released me. I wasn't going to be able to function without the smallest touch at least, so I took her hand as she looked bravely at Carlisle.

"Well, I woke up because I heard moans coming from down the hall. I thought for an awful moment that Rose and Emmett were having another…episode…" She began with a small smile, "but the tenor, the pitch…no, that isn't the word…but the sound itself sounded off to me; not like anyone I knew. I shrugged it off as my drowsy state and got up, checking to make sure nobody was hurt. When I rounded the corner, I saw the man standing there with a smile…an almost leering smile…he seemed to be looking at me as though he were proud of his find…" She explained, furrowing her brow in concentration for the right word. It took all of my willpower not to go and rip James' leg off and beat him with it.

"Anyways, I was about to call for Edward, who was back in the room," a pang of guilt ran through me, leaving a trail of ice behind as I realized that I was cozy and asleep while this nightmarish thing was stalking Bella. I wasn't going to get much sleep tonight… "When he lunged at me and injected me with something. It was very fast-acting, Carlisle. I barely had time to register the fact that my skin had been pierced." She told him, "It was a syringe that had a hollow point, 20 millimeter nozzle to it. It was filled with about thirty milligrams of a potent green liquid I had never seen before. My guess would be it was meant especially for Agilests. Did you get a sample of it from the injection site?" She asked routinely. How many times did this girl get stabbed with syringes?

"I managed to get just enough to decipher its chemical make-up," Carlisle said, "I do believe you are correct in your assumption. The rate at which the particles are moving in the liquid would kill an Apathy; effectively making the sedative part to it useless." He informed her. She nodded, taking this all in rather coolly.

"Did you find out his intentions?" She asked us. I looked at Carlisle, who left the room during her recovery for about fifteen minutes and my mind only now registered that he probably got some answers.

"James is rather uncooperative," Carlisle said, stealing a swift glance at me, probably measuring my reaction, "but Jasper and Emmett were able to derive that he was after Bella because he is interested in her talent. He has also let off that he has some sort of boss; a higher-up." That wasn't much, but it would have to do for now.

At that moment we heard a high-pitch keening; and, to my immense satisfaction, it sounded like that demon was in immense pain. We all exchanged an alarmed glance and rushed into the first room; me in the lead, holding Bella's hand, and Carlisle bringing up the rear.

I went through the door and went to an almost comically horrible sight. Little Alice was perched in front of James, wielding a gruesome-looking knife. Bella gasped at the sight and I noticed that the knife had some blood on it; than I saw that James' pants were torn at his left thigh and out was leaking a deep crimson liquid. Everyone was in the room, staring at Alice.

What a sick little pixie.

Despite my hatred for him, I went to save him. I was stopped mid-stride by an awed-looking Jasper.

"Wait," He breathed, "She is actually getting answers." I followed his wishes and watched the freak show commence. Alice looked at the knife closely as if inspecting the scoundrel's polluted blood.

"Hmm…" She mused, "It seems like YOU don't deal with pain to well…So I am left wondering why you would want to inflict pain on my friend…"

"Get this psycho-bitch away from me!" He shrieked almost desperately. I resisted the urge to laugh maniacally.

"I am flattered by your sweet talk," Alice continued, "but you should be counting your blessings for me, nevertheless."

"Why?! Should I be thankful that you are attempting to skin me?!" He asked incredulously.

"You should be thankful that I got to you first before Edward did," She growled as she crouched eyelevel to him in the chair, "Although I am not averse to giving you to him now." She said as she looked at me from her crouch, winking. I shifted in my chair eagerly and had the pleasure of watching James' eyes widen and shifting from Alice to me desperately.

"Whatever you do to me won't matter," He said, "My master will see to it that you are all slaughtered after we get the information he wants."

"And I will see to it that you are not given the privilege of death after I get the answers I want from you," Alice said fiercely, "even though you will be begging for the sanction that only death would be able to provide at that point. Do you want to be a writhing shrivel of miserable pain for the rest of you pitiful existence? 'Cause I can make that happen."

I wanted to applaud.

James shifted, trying to maintain his care-free, defiant stance and failing miserably. Alice whispered calmly and it was only the complete silence and lack of disruption in the room that allowed me to hear her, "I didn't think so. Now tell me, what do you want with Bella?" She demanded. James looked torn and as he deliberated Alice took the knife and stabbed the chair in between his legs, missing his thighs by mere centimeters and his sweet spot by even less. I thought that she stabbed him for one wild moment, but he wasn't howling in pain so I guessed that she intentionally missed. I wouldn't have been surprised if she got the crotch of his jeans.

His surprised yell came out sounding like a combination of a few swear words. His panicked eyes met Alice's whose was inches away from his. From her profile I could see a smile spread on her face.

"You were saying?" She said politely. His eyes darted from the knife still lodged in the chair precariously close to him and Alice's crazed eyes.

"Um… I was…" He stammered and Alice slid the knife closer to him, still lodged in the chair. I idly wondered if she had done this before, but was otherwise absorbed.

"Okay! Okay! No need to make me a eunuch or anything…" He mumbled hurriedly, "My master wanted Bella to…to… make a sort of Agilest army."

"Who is your master? Calling him such is so tedious," Alice demanded.

"My master's name is Aro, if that is what you mean." He said uneasily, obviously not liking having loose lips.

"And does this Aro want Bella in his army?" She asked.

"He wants her in his army and to make his army larger," James said, "right now all he can do is skim through Apathies and search for Agilests. When he heard that she could find Agilests or could interact with Apathies to find Agilests, he was greatly interested." He said stiffly, eyeing the knife every now and than. I was minutely aware that that wooden chair was toast. Alice looked at us with raised eyebrows and than back to James.

"How many does Aro have?" She asked.

"A good amount," James said, probably trying to remember how many, "Maybe around fifteen and counting?" He said.

"And what does he intend to do with this army? Who does he intend to fight?" She asked conversationally while keeping her intimidating crouch over him and the knife lodged in the chair.

"He wants to make the world belong to the Agilests, erase all lower beings," James said off-handedly.

"That would include the Apathies, I am guessing?" She asked in the same light tone.

"That would be his target," James said, "Sorry if they're slowness is precious to you." He added with a snarl. I saw Jasper take a step forward as James leaned closer to Alice, who never moved or flinched.

"You aren't sorry about that though," She accused in an almost sad tone, cocking her head, to which James replied with a snort, "yet; but I can make you very, very sorry too," She promised in a tone that scared me, let alone the thing that she had a weapon against. He flinched visibly away from her and into the back of the chair.

"What of the rest of us?" Alice continued, "What does he plan to do with Agilests who will resist?"

"Agilests who resists are just as lowly as Apathies," James spat, "That would include all of you."

"What does this genius Aro intend to do with the world?" Alice asked, ignoring his jibe, "Doesn't he realize that he can't beat the laws of physics into submission?"

"He intends to make someone with his knowledge," James motioned towards Carlisle, "to do what he has done here to the world."

"I won't be able to do something like-" Carlisle started to protest, but Emmett cut him off by putting a hand on his chest without looking at Carlisle; he, too, was absorbed in these revelations and Alice's performance.

"So he wants to wipe out the Apathies because they don't go as fast as us and make the world obey him, too," Alice summarized, "He sounds like a freakin' prick. Why are you working for him? Fear?"

"No!" James said through his teeth, obviously not liking the accusation, "My master is a true visionary! The world should belong to the Agilests and he is executing a plan to do so." He said; and so the defiance returns.

"His master plan involves sending a grungy, insignificant boy to kidnap a woman who lives with about seven others? Yeah, he sounds like Einstein incarnate." Alice said while straitening out of her crouch and folding her arms, rolling her eyes at the end. I heard Emmett muffle his snickers and James' eyes darted around the room.

"He trusts me!" He said, sounding more like he was trying to convince himself.

"He set you up to fail," Alice hissed, "Granted, setting a flea like you up to fail isn't a hard task, but he did it because he knows your will is weak. He wants us to know of him. He knew you'd crack; and you didn't disappoint. How idiotic of you to think you were being stealthy with your stupid little serum to knock Bella out. How narrow-minded of you to think you would succeed. How pompous of you to think that you would be hailed as anything more than king of the dunces in your 'masters' eyes." Alice said in disgust. She turned to us, "I am done with this douche." She grabbed the knife up and put it in a holster in her belt that I had not seen before. How long had she concealed a weapon in her belt loop?

She started to walk away but froze when James said, "I will enjoy killing you and your little boy toy when Aro comes for me."

She spun swiftly and threw the knife towards him before anybody could react. Because of the chair's angle to the doorway in which she stood, the arm of the chair was in the way of his abdomen. I knew that she was aiming for the small target and was impressed when she hit it.

"Nice shot," James sneered.

"What are you talking about?" Alice asked in a scarily calm voice that reminded me of the quiet before the storm, "I missed."

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