I stood there in the drizzling rain waiting for it to end . I looked at Itacha and Naruto and they two were sad . Not many people had come fior the services of the pink haired girl . She was alone in her death . . . and know she might not be alone . She might be with her mother warching the people that never noticed that she was there morn over her death . Watching them burry the body that had held her broken soul . Finaly she was free , but her life had ended all to soon . She had finaly free from living her life of hell . She had finaly been free of the man that had hurt her so much and she had died . Her father had finaly broken her will to live when help was coming to save her life . I thought back to the day that I had found the girl that could finaly understand what I had went throught , but her heart did not have the will to keep her alive to live without being hit for something that was not her fought .

' " Sasuke , somethings happened to Sakura . " I looked at Itachi with confusion writen all over it .

" What do you mean ? " I asked aready feeling what was going to come out of his mouth . The next words that I heard tore my heart ino a millons little peices .

" Sakura . . she . . . she died on the way to the hospital and . . . . They couldn't save her . " He said in a tone that showed how sad her was at the lose of a life . "

Now it was four days after the death of Sakura Haruno . Now four days after Sakura had almost escaped her hell that her father had created . A hell that was created by a man that should have loved her . Now she had been with the angels , her voice joining the thousands of other angelic voices filling the air with a sweet and silent melody .

The preacher finaly stopped speaking and asked for a moment of silence to prey that Sakura was standing in the heavens with other angels helping her to learn to fly away from hell . After everybody had left the grave sight I thought about the girl that was alone and held many secrets . I turned my face up towards the heavens and felt the it had stopped raining . Then just as I was about to leave a pink Sakura blossom floated throught the air and landed in my palm . I knew that was Sakuras way of telling me good bye for the last time intill we meet again . Then I walked throught the cemetary thinking about how lucky I was to get out of my hell and live , while Sakura died because nobody noticed her intill it was already to late . I walked out of the place that held death and walked away from the land that was covered with lost souls like Sakura was .

If Sasuke had turned around at the last second to look one last time at the grave under the Sakura blossom tree he would have saw something that would have put his heart at ease . There under the tree was a pink haired girl around the age of 16 standing and looking at the leaving figure of the only person that had made her feel like she was not so alone while she was alive . Sakura looked at the person that had finaly bothered to think about her . Then the image disappered in a shower of cheery blossoms .

This is the end of " Alone " I would like to thank all of the readers that reviewed this story and I would like to give you a teaste of what I was going to do next for the sequel of " Alone " ! So with out futher staling here is the part of the next part of the " Alone " . if you have any ideas for a title please feel free to massge me about them .

Sakura rolled over in her bed having the same dream that she had been having since she was five years old .

' I am walking down a hallway leading to a room that contained the slumpped figure of a girl that was about 16 years old . Beside her was a man that was yelling but I could not hear what he was saying to the girl . I looked at her and wondered why she did not fight back against this person . Then the dream changes .

I am in a room with a boy that was about 16 years old . He was sitting in a chair that was leaning aganist a wall and a older boy that looked much like him was screaming in his face . Again I could not hear what they were saying and again this child did not fight back at this man . Then the dream changed again , but this time it was saying something .

" Fate has given you another chance . take it and save the one that you coulod not save before . This is your last chance at finding your true love . After 500 years you have another chance to live a happy life"

Sasuke was sleeping in his bed . While he slept he was having a dream that he had been having since he was eight . Unknown to him it was not a dream that only he had . he was having the same dream that Sakura was having .