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Hoshi: Another story that you probably shouldn't take seriously.


"You do this every year, Roy. Don't you get bored of it?" The hero of time was questioning the red-haired boy general. The younger boy was setting up fireworks while Link watched on the night of Christmas Eve.

"Of course not. I love shooting off fireworks!" Link continued asking his questions until he was convinced the kid was actually listening to him.

"And you can't wait till the Fourth of July?" Roy turned to face Link with a small frown.

"I'd rather shoot fireworks on an actual holiday I celebrate." He turned back to his work and finished it off quickly. "Alright! All finished." He aimed a rocket towards the sky and let it loose when all of sudden…

OH MAH GAWD, METEORITE! No wait, that looks more like a sleigh. It looks like it's being pulled by flying deer with fake antlers. And they could hear some faint chiming of bells. Then they heard hearty laughter that was interrupted by the explosion of the fireworks.

Now they were hearing screaming as the sleigh and a mysterious figure fell out of the sky and crashed nearby. Link was almost speechless.

"Roy, did you just hit…?" The aforementioned pyro pumped a fist in the air.

"Yes! I'm getting coal this year!" Link turned to the red-haired kid and grabbed him by them shoulders trying to shake some sense into the boy.

"Roy, you don't just shoot someone down and cheer! Unless it's Ganondorf, Vaati, and or Dark me, but this guy wasn't Ganondorf, Vaati, and or Dark me!" Roy cocked his head looking at the other boy clueless and pointed out something.

"Where do you think that guy crashed?" The green-clad warrior let go of Roy and instructed him to follow him and find out where the sleigh went.


Good old DK was taking a peaceful walk this night when he had witnessed the sleigh falling out of the sky. Curious, he had shuffled over to where it crashed. And he saw the red-wearing Kris Cringle himself with a few injured reindeer, a broken sleigh, and a huge sack.

"You there! Please help him!" DK looked down to see a small reindeer talking frantically. "Some idiot attacked Santa, so you've got to help! Please?" He nodded and went over to pick the old guy up and take him to Dr. Mario.

"Hey look! It's DK! Yo!" Roy waved over to his fellow fighter before he cocked his head in curiosity. "Who's the old dude?" Then he looked down to see the same small reindeer talking to DK growl at him.

"We should probably get him to Dr. Mario quickly." Link suggested and the two nodded. They went to the clinic with the reindeer in tow.


"You'll be okay with a couple weeks of rest, sir." Dr. Mario advised to Santa's minor horror. I was lying. It was to Santa's MAJOR horror.

"But! The presents, and the children, and the Christmas! I can't be injured for two weeks on this night of all nights!" Dr. Mario crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes.

"Look, we don't exactly have heart containers or any healing items until the next day, but considering the fact that you're a magical being; those won't work on you, so you'll have to heal naturally. I know it's your job and stuff, but you're not going anywhere on that leg." Santa frowned before turning his attention to Roy.

"I hope you're happy, kid. You just killed Christmas!" But that didn't work on Roy…

"That means I'm getting coal, right?" Santa facepalmed. What are you supposed to give to bad pyros? Oh wait!

"No, you're getting something useless and non-flammable." And the kid laughs.

"Good luck with that. I can burn anything; even human flesh," he unsheathed the Sword of Seals, "so don't tempt me, old man!" Dr. Mario grabbed the sword and threw it across the room.

"No attacking the patient, Roy." Roy nodded and then the door burst open revealing Marth who wasn't a happy camper. He started strangling Roy.

"How many times have I told you to control your damn pyromaniac needs and stop attacking people, you idiot?!" The younger FE warrior was trying to get Marth's hands off his throat while frantically apologizing.

"It was an accident, I swear! Don't kill me!" Dr. Mario broke it up and reproached Marth.

"Don't attack people in my clinic, Marth." DK was still there wondering why no one was wondering about the most important problem. Who's going to save Christmas?! And Santa was going to answer that problem with his attention turned to Roy.

"Kid, are you prepared to assume my responsibility and deliver presents to all the good little girls and boys?" Marth answered for his somewhat friend.

"Are you trying to save your holiday or kill it?"

"Roy's not exactly the best person to ask when it comes to saving…" Link added as well while Roy crossed his arms offended. Then Santa turned to DK.

"You seem like the best person to ask then." DK had a look that said "Wha…?" "Will you assume my responsibility and deliver presents to all the good little girls and boys?" DK was thinking it over. He had a ship, Christmas was important, and it was either him or Roy.

He nodded a million times and ran out of the clinic to prepare.

"You guys are mean…" Roy commented.


DK was loading up his ship when Diddy came in with Samus, Zero Suit, Fox, Falco, Meta Knight, and Kirby.

"We heard the news." Samus started off when Zero Suit interrupted.

"What is wrong with that little punk?! Can't he give us a break on the holidays?!" Samus shut her up and continued with what she was going to say.

"And since we all have ships as well, it wouldn't be too much trouble to help deliver gifts and Santa did deliver some to…less than half of the world…and we're willing to help."

"We've got nothing better to do besides target practice, anyway." Fox added.

"And it's about time something exciting happened around here." Falco added as well.

"I figure this holiday is important enough and this will give Kirby a chance to work on his courier skills." Meta Knight gave his reason as well. Diddy leaped up into the air.

"So let's get started!" Fox opened up a hologram of a globe and they were discussing which quadrant each would be in charge of and what areas Santa had already covered. Christmas would be saved!

Or would it…?


Hoshi: My first three shot! Yay for me!