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'No, seriously. This has gone on long enough.' Harry put on his most authoritive voice, the one he hadn't used since the DA meetings. 'I've tried to be patient with you, honestly, I have. I've tried to stay calm, and be reasonable. But now, it's going too far. You have to stop.' No one replied, but then, Harry would have been shocked if they had. 'I mean, you react to the tiniest thing, jumping up and raring to go every time he so much as looks at me. All Malfoy has to do is brush past me, and you leap into action, and its getting embarrassing.' Harry took a deep breath, trying to remain calm. He knew he wouldn't get anywhere if he let himself be carried away.

'Can't you try and see it from my point of view? I know how he makes you feel, my god, do I know, but it's humiliating. And sooner or later, someone's going to notice. Hell, sooner or later, Malfoy himself will notice, and really, that's the last thing we want. I refuse to touch you until you swear to stop getting so excited about Malfoy.'

Harry sighed, and ran his hand through his hair. Merlin, negotiations were difficult. Normally, he was more of a less-talk-more-action man, but in this situation, violence just wouldn't work. He looked down his naked body, and glared fiercely at his genitals, hoping they'd be cowed into obedience.

'So, do we have a deal?'