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Bodys twined and danced together as limbs moved seductively against each other, inticing and heightning.

A bitten lip. A subtle smile. Flash of the eyes. Crooked finger beckoning. Long toned legs and small taut waist. Curtain of blonde hair nad pupiless blue eyes.

Sway of the hips designed to drive any man over the edge.

Narrowed eyes watching her progress as she made her way around the bar. Lights flashd and music pounded as whores took their clothes off and served lap dances.

He was only interested in one, he had recognized her the instant he had entered. Knew she was probably here here as another attempt by the af village to either kill him or bring him back.

She was dressed in a tight black silk skirt that barely covered anything and, the tops of her g-string slung high over her hips, a red lacy bra and a onyx tear shaped pendant around her neck were all that adorned her body leaving her lithe body open to not only his hungry gaze, but to everyone else's aswell.

He wanted herm he wanted Ino Yamanaka. And he vowed that he would have her.

Ino smiled to herself, she could feel his black onyx eyes on her body. Could feel the heat and weight of his gaze. She knew she'd be going home with him tonight.

As she served drinks and constantly slapped hands away from touching her bottom and other intimate places, she made sure to not look at him, not once.

Flashing smiles and looks at other patrons as she moved slowly and gracefully through the crowded bar.

Tossing long hair over her shoulders she arched her back and pushed her breasts out. A clear invitation to him to come and get it.

'Cause she knew that tonight she would be feasting on Sasuke Uchiha.

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