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The day had come, the day no one would have ever seen coming. The sun rose slowly, almost reluctant in its ascent as if it too did not want to see the passing of this day. Heavily pregnant clouds hung in the sky, and a light drizzle dampened everything.

Yamanaka Ino, the one to bring about the fate of Uchiha Sasuke. She was the one they all blamed, the one that harsh whispers and comments followed everywhere. They condemned her for her lack of remorse, lack of sympathy. They blamed her.

Uchiha Sasuke, the one that left the sanctity of the village. He was the one that abandoned everyone, turned traitor. He was the one they whispered about in the streets, the one the girls all still adored. They thought it a horribly cruel and unnecessary punishment for his crimes, which they figured they could forget. For who really wanted to lost something as precious as an Uchiha?

The day passed slowly, far too slowly for some, and far to quickly for others.

Preperations were made, plans to the very last detail sketched out by the Gondaime Hokage. Tears were shed, frustraions went un-vented. Mourning clothing was worn by every last villager, man, women, and child. It was a sad day for them, but nothing compared to the raven haired young man that sat in complete darkness, bound, blindfolded, and gagged. Awaiting his punishment alone.

Yamanaka Ino stared at the building where he was being held until sunset, the Gondaime Hokage had forbidden anyone to be permitted in to see him. None were being given a chance to help him escape. It had taken two years to pinpoint his exact location and another year until he was finally captured. There was going to be no mistakes.

ANBU guards were posted every three metres along either side of his cell, perched on the roof above it and four guards at each corner inside the room. She had tried to get them to let her in, just to glimpse him. But they nearly took her head off as they tackled her to the ground to stop her getting any closer to the room.

She knew all this wasn't necessary. That Tsunade was just being paranoid.

Sighing heavily, Ino turned away from the building, she could feel the eyes of the most skilled and prozed ANBU warriors watching her as they always did whenever she neared the building. It was like they thought she was trying to help him escape or something.

No . . . she just wanted an hour, two tops alone with Uchiha Sasuke in his cell. They had unfinished buisness to attend to.

A couple of girls all decked out in their mourning finest, sneered at her as they passed. She knew exactly what they thought and said about her. They made no move to hide any distaste they felt towards her, they didn't even seem to give a damn about the fact that he had abandoned the village and everyone in it. But suddenly when he comes back, they all seem to be willing to forgive and let lye what happened.

Yet his sentence seemed to be her fault because she was the one who brought him back and "condemned" him to his fate. It never occurred to them that it was his own doing that condemned him. They only knew that Uchiha Sasuke was going to die and somehow it was Yamanaka Ino's fault.

They couldn't blame anyone else, the couldn't doubt the Lady Hokage for she was what kept the village running smoothly, they couldn't blame Uchiha Sasuke, for he was now the innocent victim in all of this. No, he was going to die and the girls didn't want to miss the chance that they might have had to be choosen to spend the night in his bed.

A night, Yamanaka Ino so desperately wanted. The feel of his hands, his lips, his body against hers haunted her dreams, no, her nightmares. Night after night they plagued her, never giving her a decent nights sleep.

- - - - -

As the sun started to retreat below the mountains, Uchiha Sasuke was led by a corragent of 50 ANBU guards through the streets of Konoha. Through the masses of black clad people in mourning. Many girls cried out his name and tried to reach out to him but were stopped by the number of guards surrounding him.

Ever closer the sun drew behind the mountains, ever closer Uchiha Sasuke the traitor of Konoha, Village Hidden in the Leaves, drew towards the mountain tops and the Gonadaime Hokage. Closer towards his death.

As the last steps were cleared, Uchiha Sasuke came into sight of those he had once called friends, Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, Hatake Kakashi, Yamanaka Ino. It seemed to him, a fitting end. Getting to see his friends, those whom he had spent so many days with, before he died completed him in a way. He was ready to die now.

The Gondaime Hokage watched with cruel and uncaring eyes as they prepared Uchiha Sasuke. His execution was doubly cruel and barbaric, but nothing short of what he deserved. As the heavy black mask was pulled tight over his head and the thick rope slung around his neck, the entire world seemed to halt, the wind stopped blowing, the rain stopped dripping, and every single living thing seemed to hold its breath.

The door beneath his feet opened and Uchiha Sasuke dropped abruptly bobbing back like a fish on the end of a hook. He didn't struggle, didn't try to fight. Accepted what was happening and welcomed the blackness as his lungs burned for air and the constriction around his throat dug in painfully blocking the air. He was finally free of it all, the responibilities, the reputation of his clan, everything that everyone had ever expected him to be was lifted off of his shoulders.

Uchiha Sasuke, was dead.

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