Hello readers!

This is just a note saying that 'The Love I've Found' has officially been adopted by crazy4jacksonrathbone. I hope the story gets the tender loving care it needs to bloom into a wonderful multi-chapter that all of you will enjoy.

If any of you would like to adopt my other Twilight stories…

Just send me a PM or a review stating your name (username if you feel uncomfortable giving your name), your age (I ask for your age because I need someone who is mature and insightful, as well as humourous, for each story), and the story you'd like to adopt. Tell me why you'd like to adopt the story and what your plans are for the story, if you have any. If you want, for some bonus points, you could tell me a bit about yourself, like your hobbies, just so I know if you'll have time to write for the story.

Thanks everyone, and I hope you enjoy crazy4jacksonrathbone's version of 'The Love I've Found.'

Peace and Love,