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"I think we need an obstacle course."

Jake's mouth dropped at the suggestion, and yet there he sat at the same table where he had drawn the plants for the Turbokat, sketching what they could do with the land they had. Why Chance wanted something else to build other then the bird waiting in the hanging the darker colored kat did not understand, but after thinking about it for a moment, it hit him.

Chance was a mechanic, that much was a well known fact, but mathematics and physics were never his best subjects (high school proved that). Chance needed something else to do between fixing cars and welding certain parts together; he needed to work out in order to feel like he was doing something other then hanging around the house.

That had to be it, right?

Chance had always been the muscle of the duo, and even though Jake had taken more then his fair amount of karate classes, he just couldn't out muscle Chance. The taller kat wasn't doubting himself was he?

Stress…he's gotta be stressing out.

But who wouldn't? They had a debt weighing on their shoulders that no kat ever should have, one that they would never be able to pay off in their lifetime. They were stuck where they were, never moving forward, never getting a look at something else or another part of life. It just seemed like Jake could never get his foot in the door, it always slammed in his face before he could reach it.

He sighed.

I think I'm stressing out now.

Besides it wasn't like an obstacle course was a bad idea, working out would give Jake a break from being stuck in the hanger everyday and night, and he had to stay in shape if he wanted to save the city. A little work-out never hurt anyone after all, and he couldn't just keep his back hunched over the drawing desk and then get back into the work field without risking an injury.

Speaking of which…

Jake stood, kicking his office chair out of the way for the time being and stretched his arms over his head, a crack in his back rewarding him for the sudden movement. He hadn't done this much sitting around at a desk since his days in the Enforcer academy!

"Hey Jake!"

He perked at the sudden crackle of his partner's voice over the radio, and grabbed his receiver off of the desk, nearly missing the set of rulers he had gotten his paws on. "What's up, Chance?"

"Get out here and check out area Five-A! I've got something I want you to see!"

"Affirmative." Closing the line for the moment, he glanced at the map of the junkyard he and Chance had made out using county charts (the one Bluke and Murry left was of no help of course). Whispering the location as he scanned over the now retouched map, he charted his route, and moved the radio to his mouth once more. "Headin' out."


He smirked as he rested the radio on the desk, and left for the junk yard. Despite the dislike for the Enforcers, they had decided as a team to keep the wording and number calls, it made everything less confusing, after all they had all ready memorized the codes so there wasn't a point in creating their own and sending everything for a mental whirlwind.

The sudden warmth of the night hit him the moment he left the house, even with the sun down the heat chose to stick around leaving the evening temperature around seventy something degrees. The sea winds had yet to show, and without any kind of breeze the fog would dry out before cooling anything down, even the suburbs and vacation houses near the ports.

Jake, however, found comfort in the fact that he didn't have to wear the armor that came with being an Enforcer. The vest, belt, and multiple layers of clothing could wear a kat out, even in the middle of winter. At least at the junkyard he could escape down to the hatch and get away from the heat for a few hours, if he wasn't working his tail off of course.

The sounds of gravel mixed with sand and a hint of dirt crunched underneath his heavy work boots, the very same ones he had come to love during his field training days, and before he knew it he had come to the sector Chance had outlined over the radio. A pile of metal sat before the larger tom, a set of monkey bars, and a few tires from what he could see but not much other then that; a pipe here, a piece of scrap metal there.

"What'da find, buddy?"

"This!" Chance gestured to the pile with his right paw. "I was only out here for a half an hour and I found the perfect set of things to start our obstacle course!"

It made sense, though the monkey bars had come from a local elementary school they could still use them and make it taller then it had been before. They had used tires to keep their footing in shape in the academy, but what would Chance do with the remainder? Build something else?

"Hey I got a great idea!" Chance hit Jake on his shoulder, a grin on his face. "You've been inside all day, let's go through a few stretches and run a bit?"

"Run?" Jake repeated, dropping his shoulders. That sounded like the last thing he wanted to do. True the heat had died down from earlier in the day but that didn't mean it was Megakat's City usual of sixty degrees! It had to be around seventy something, and they didn't have any A/C lying around! Not to mention the lack of sea breeze!

"Come on, Jake!"

Oh what was the harm?

Tossing his arguments into the wind, he rotated his arms and heard a crack sing out from his shoulder. Ugh, he couldn't have gotten that out of shape in the time he had been away from the Enforcers!

"The routine five miles?" he asked, turning to his best friend.

Chance cupped his chin for a moment, eyes turning skyward. "Wouldn't dream of anything else, buddy."

"Fine." Jake clenched and relaxed his paw, "Five miles, a run from here to the far side of the junkyard and back. Loser has to take out the recycling for the next two weeks."

Chance cracked his knuckles and stood beside the smaller kat. "Make it three and we've got a deal."

Jake smirked. "Deal."

Together the duo approached the pile of junk that would become their obstacle course and bent their knees. Jake glanced over at the lighter tom, and hoped that his back would be able to withstand the rush of adrenaline.

"Three," Chance began.



They shouted at the same time, a moment Jake would have called jinx over if he hadn't engaged himself in a battle against his partner, his other half. Even with the strain he had put his body through with paperwork and math, he wouldn't let Chance stand him up, not by a long shot anyways.

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