As you wish. . . .

At your request, I have devised another little Christmas tune for the holidays. Every year it's the same situation, you hear the song Jingle Bells, and you want to kill the radio for playing it. Well, sing this little ditty to the tune and I guarantee a smile to your face, however morbid it may be . . .

Crystal drops

Erik hops

Off the chandelier

Oh what fun to see them flee

from the opera ghost up here.

Women scream

Patrons faint

From the sight below

Shoulda done what he had asked

before they start the show

People push and shove

all others out of way

hoping they can run

as his hell is paid

Managers insist

that they should should run and hide

the phantoms angry wrath

make them think of suicide


Erik's bad

Phantom's mad

Better watch your back

Do as you are told or end up

in a big black sack!