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Summary: Cath has a proposition for Sara... C/S

Howdy everyone. I know I should be working on 'What do you shrink?' and I am, but Mojo wouldn't let go of this so I had to give in. It was originally supposed to be a one shot...but for those who know me, you know I don't know the meaning of 'one shot' yet so obviously it won't be.

It's a C/S story (what a shock) so if it isn't your thing, don't read.


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ps: scuby I'd like to thank you, because my idea was dead material as far as I was concerned and yet you convinced me to give it one more shot which was the good one. So if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have written that one. Thank you, as always to guide me through the maze of my ideas, for arguing with me and helping me out. ;)

Run that one by me again...

By SoFrost

Act 1 : Sara

Catherine is putting our evidence cases in the back of her truck, finally ready to head back home, and since she picked me up last night, she's driving me back.

"Doing anything after shift?" she asks me.

"Nope," I reply flatly. I must say that this past week I haven't planned much after work. I'm not a party animal but I seldom stay in my apartment. Usually, I'll see some friends, or go out with the guys of the shift, go to a club or to the movies. "Any idea?" I enquire.

She shuts the trunk and walk around to get on the driver seat and waits for me to get in. "Yeah," she smirks before sliding her sunglasses on to face the harsh rays of the morning sun.

We're sitting in the car in silence, getting comfortable before talking about eventual plans.

"So," I sigh with enthusiasm. "What do we do?"

She flashes me a grin, but not any grin. One of those grins, I know that kind too well, I am now dreading to know what her little mind came up with.

"Oh no, I know that smile, nothing good ever come after it," I joke, well only half joke.

"What?" she says innocently. She turns sideways in her seat and bites her bottom lips as she runs her fingers up my arm. "How about we just go back to my place, get naked and fuck each other until we can't move?"

I look at her straight face and can't help the laugh escaping my throat. She cocks one eyebrow in response. "What? Afraid you wouldn't be able to keep up with me in bed Sidle?" she adds which only make my laughter double.

I calm myself a bit after a breathless minute. "You're funny today," I chuckle. "For real, what do we do?"

She slides her sunglasses up on her head and looks at me intently.


My smile fades immediately and I'm sure that my features are painting disbelief right now. "You actually meant that, didn't you?" I ask even though I already know the answer.

She simply nods and doesn't seem the least bit baffled by her request, like she had only asked me what the weather was like. Trust Catherine to be able to actually voice this kind of things with the serious of a priest.

"Look, we argue all the time. It's always…passionate…close…we try to get under each other's skin and we do a damn good job of it," she starts, I can't believe she's actually trying to talk me through this. "And maybe they're right…maybe if we just fuck we'll get it out of our system…"

"Okay wow, run that one by me again?" I ask perplexed, but I don't give her time to answer as my brain catches up with another detail. "Wait, hold on, who's 'they'?"

Catherine cringes realising that she probably told much more than she should have. I get it now.

"Oh come on, don't tell me you've been listening to the boys running their mouths again," I say in a whiny tone.

"Maybe they have a point. All I'm saying is why not try redirecting that energy? You know they say fuck or fight…we could just try it once…see what happens," she shrugs.

"Yeah right, you know what, I'm going to let you go home and get some sleep, because obviously you're not thinking properly."

"It's because I'm old, isn't it?" she asks seriously. "You think I'm wrinkled and old and disgusting. You can say it…just be honest."

"What?? Oh come on, give me a little credit here."

"Then what is it? It's because I'm a mother? I can't have wants and needs because I have Lindsey, is that it?" I barely have time to open my mouth in protest that she's already talking again. "That's awfully narrow minded of you…won't do it because I have a kid. I mean, I know you say you suck with kids, but gee Sara…it's not like I'm asking you to make her breakfast after we do it."

"Oh I do know you have a sex life," I roll my eyes. "What's wrong with you?" I can't believe we're having this conversation while being sober.

"Is it because of Grissom? It is…isn't it?" oh god. "You really are fucking him aren't you?" she fakes a gag reflex.

"Oh please Grissom?! What? I'm desperate now, is that it?" Oh lord please have mercy and avert any visual of those forbidden and ugly thoughts from getting through my mind …ugh, too late. Great. I shiver feeling suddenly dirty. "I so need a shower now," I mutter more to myself than anything.

"Then what is it?" her mouth drop open. "It's because I'm a woman, isn't it?" she laughs. "Come on Sidle! It would have seemed like even you'd understand that a woman knows a woman best. I take back the bit about you being narrow minded because I'm a mom, this really take the cake here."

"Oh please! What's next? What's the next reason you'll find? Because you have freckles? I don't want to get in your pants because you have freckles? Or because you have blue eyes? Gee…would you cut the paranoia act and…"

Who would have thought that the great, overconfident Catherine Willows was so insecure?

"Oh…It's because of you, isn't it? You're bad in bed, aren't you? Don't worry," she puts her hand on my arm again

"I don't give a fuck if you're a woman, if you feel old, if you have stretch marks from giving birth, if you have a daughter, a dog, freckles or whatever…"

"If you practice, you get better," she keeps on, talking at the same time that I do, and it takes me a second or two to catch up with the beginning of what she just said.

"Great, you know what let's call it a morning," I say angry at her being so presumptuous and being so full of herself on top of that. I'm reaching the door handle ready to exit the care.

"Why are so adamantly opposed to trying it?"

I turn back to her abruptly "You're my friend for goodness' sake!" I snap. "I don't fuck my friends!"

"You've never slept with a friend before?"

"I did actually, and I learned my lesson, so no, no more fucking friends."

"What if…what if we don't fuck, what if we just have sex…?"

"Result's the same, you're my friend, I'm not having sex with you, or fucking you."

"How long ago? How long ago did you sleep with a friend?" she asks.

"Catherine, it doesn't matter, this is not going to happen, period."

"Fine…that means Hodges wins…"

Unbelievable but true, this conversation just keeps on getting better and better. "Win?" I ask sharply.

"Oh didn't I mention that part?"

"No, but by all mean, humour me."

"Do you really think I came up with all this on my own? That I'd just come to you and propose this?"

"Somehow it didn't really surprise me coming from you."

"Yes, because I'm a slut and everyone know it right?" she spits with a shake of her head. I just roll my eyes, not wanting to go down that road. Lucky me she decides to let it slide. "The guys…Nick, Greg and Rick were talking about it…about us and the tension, the fighting…Greg made one of his usual comments followed by a cattish growl…then they started betting whether or not sleeping together would end the fights. Hodges placed hundred on the fact that it would never happen anyway because you're… well we'll just leave it at that."

"Because I'm what?" I push.

"You're right…this was a bad idea…you're probably not the frigid bitch he thinks you are. When he said that you could freeze water on your ass because you were so cold, he didn't know what he was talking about."

"I'm going to make him eat his balls," I say through my teeth.

"And how are you going to do that?" she giggles a bit, but I'm past the point to find anything funny.

"And you agreed?" I ask. "To what he said?" I elaborate.

"I mean, really? How would he now if you're really a polar ice cap on two feet?" she ignores my question.

"So you agreed," I state this time.

"I was eavesdropping, I wasn't standing there talking with them, Sar."

"But that's exactly what you think," I say firmly.

"I think you're incredibly sexy woman who happens to be my friend and who says she won't sleep with me because she doesn't sleep with her friend anymore, and if that's what you tell me then, that's what you tell me."

"I'm not cold. Fuck him for saying that," my voice is lace with rage.

"Calm down."

"…And fuck you for agreeing, you don't know anything about me in that aspect!"

"Did I agree?" she asks but I ignore her.

I'm heaving so much I'm angry. I take a deep cleansing breath before speaking again. "You know what I'm going to pretend this conversation never happened."

"Did I agree?" she repeats a bit forcefully.

"You didn't disagree."

"No matter what I say here, I lose."

"Damn right, you will lose. This is not happening. I'll catch a ride by myself," I say opening the door.

She mumbles as I'm starting to exit so I turn to her again. "What was that?"

"I said make sure whoever you ride with has earmuffs and gloves…would hate to see them get frost bite," she smirks.

"Fuck you Willows," I say with despise before slamming the door shut on my way out.

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