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Act 8: Catherine

I blink several time and try to control my breathing again – difficult task considering that my heart is racing unsteadily. My brain is still fumbling with the new information it received but I don't have time to wrap my mind around it all as I realize that Sara is about to leave. I walk to her before she reaches the door.

"Sara, wait," I call her.


"Stay," I ask her on an impulse.

She sighs. "I'm tired Cath…I just…I just want to get some rest," she struggles. Her anger from two minutes ago seems to have vanished to give place to a myriad of emotions.

"Please stay…sleep with me…"


"No…sleep, no sex, just…I don't think we should part on this…I… you're fit to drive anyway…so stay…I have a couch…a spare room…and my bed…just…please stay… please…" I plead.

She obviously struggles with herself in order to decide what should be her course of action. As far as I'm concerned there's too much going for me to let her go, we've just opened a can of worms. But I also think that a good night of sleep will benefit the both of us and I know for sure that if I let her go now, we might never talk about what has just been said.

She sighs while looking at her shoes before looking at me again. "Alright."

I lead her to the bathroom and hand her spare clothes and leave her to change.

She enters my bedroom with uncertainty, wearing a wide t-shirt and large pants. We lie down far away from one another without a word. For the next hour our bodies slowly migrate toward one another until I'm bold enough to rest my head on her shoulder and she holds me loosely. It's funny because it's not the first time we sleep over together, but at the same time it feels like it was.

I drift into sleep with a numb mind and emotionally exhausted.

I wake up with a little headache, I slept like a baby and I think I owe it to the presence of Sara…

…who isn't there anymore.


I sit up and squint my eyes at the light. I bury my face in my hands. I should have known that Sara was a 'flight risk. I guess I should feel lucky that I managed to make her stay the night in the first place.

Earlier I found out that I ruined chances I didn't even know I had before, and that things won't ever be simple between us. I know that I screwed things up with that bet – even though it wasn't my idea. What's ironic is that I didn't want it so bad just because she was so opposed to the idea, no the reason I wanted it so bad is because I used the bet as the little push I needed to have the guts to ask her to give me one shot. But all this doesn't matter anymore anyway.

I sigh heavily and stretch out before standing up. I put my dressing gown over my sleeping clothes. I drag myself to the kitchen I and go to the sink to fill the coffee pot and look through the window when I do so.

Well, I'll be damn.

There she is. Sara is sitting in her car which is still parked in the driveway. I go to my bedroom to take my cell and come back to the kitchen window, and Sara hasn't moved one bit.

I call her and wait for her to answer. She picks up her phone without looking at it. "Sidle," she says flatly.

"So this is your MO? Sleep with a woman and then hot foot it out of her place before she wakes up?" I say with a small smile.

She turns her head instantly toward the house and scans every window until she spots me. She shyly smiles "Hey, Cath, good morning."

"It would have been good if you weren't trying to escape sneakily," I reply. "And I have to tell you, you're doing this all wrong," I laugh lightly.

"Doing what?" she frowns.

"Making your getaway…you're supposed to get farther than your car still parked in my driveway."

"Right," she chuckles. "Now you know why I chase crimes and don't commit them," she jokes. "But for the record I wasn't trying to escape."


"I do have evidences that support my defence."

"I don't know, all the evidence I need is that I woke up alone…with you nowhere to be found."

"Let's look at the evidences pleading on my favour, shall we?" she rests her head against her seat, but even from where I am I can see the teasing smile on her face. "My clothes are still in your room; my jacket and wallet are in your living room, and if I was trying to drive away at the very least I'd be seated on the driver seat, not the passenger one. And finally, I'm the kind to leave a note."

"Hmmm…" I feign being in deep thought. "I suppose I can give you the benefice of the doubt, though I still have some questions."


"You say you're the kind to leave a note but I didn't see any, why?"

"I only leave a note when I'm called back in, otherwise I never leave without a proper goodbye."

"I see, so I must be special, because I didn't have any note and not even a goodbye," I say with sarcasm

"Again, I wasn't trying to leave," she persists

"Then explain why you're in your car and not here with me."

"I needed some time for myself," she confesses. "I need a quiet place to think," she adds. "I would have stayed in bed, but I gave up after an hour… because your snoring was disturbing," she turns her head back to the window and smirks at me.

"Hey, I do not snore okay!"

"Do too," she chuckles.

"Whatever," I narrow my eyes at her and she sticks her tongue at me. "So what do you usually do with your conquests the morning after?" I ask out of the blue. "Get dress, share a coffee maybe and leave?" I keep my tone light not to start a fight.

She chuckles and shakes her head. "First, I'll have you know that I don't necessarily need to dress up again, because we don't always wrinkle the sheets."

"I don't get it…you said that you'd have 'fun'."

"And I do, but in my book, there are also a lot of ways to have fun without having sex."

"So you're telling me you bring girls home just to watch a movie?"

"It happens, then we talk all night or go out again."

"And don't have sex at all?"

"I'm not saying I never have sex with them, just not always. We flirt sometimes, and generally speaking they leave in a good mood, having had a good time in my company."

"I don't know if I believe that."

"Believe what you want, I'm stating the truth."

We stay silent for a little while.

"So…what did you need to think about?" I break the silence.

"About everything that happened…it was kind of earth shattering to find out that you were a SpongeBob fan, that you snore when you sleep…and drool too," she laughs.

"Oh I'm going to make you pay for that Sidle!"

"I think I already did last night, I might be a little deaf from the chainsaw sound you kept making."

"I swear Sidle…"

"Oh but wait I'm not done. You hog the bed and tried several crocodile death rolls on me."

"Crocodile what?"

"Death rolls. You know, turning in every sense, all the while trying to choke me down…"

Well, that would explain why nobody shared my bed in a long time. I want to be mad at Sara but I can't help smiling, not anymore than she's succeeding suppressing her giggles. I'll deny it at gunpoint but I do love it when she teases me.

"I have a question…why were you dreaming about Greg when you had me in your bed?"

I cringe and bury my face in my hand in order to hide the blush coloring my cheeks... someone please shoot me now.

"Must have been quite some dream…I mean, you were asking your 'big bunny' to dance for you…I sure hope he had a complete bunny suit, not the playboy gear," she shivers before laughing.

Damn me and my habit to speak while I'm sleeping.

So, I've been having this weird dream with Greg lately, and now…she knows…great.

"Now, I must say I'm almost afraid of what's the next thing I'm going to find out," she's smiling her big bright smile and I have to say I'm weak on my knees to see it and to know it's just for me. "So, any other dirty little secrets in store?"

I chuckle. "Actually there are two or three more."



"Let's hear them then."

We're looking at each other through the windows. "Number three would be that I'm a Harry Potter groupie."

"Not bad," she giggles.

"Number two, I still have Rufus."


"My teddy bear from when I was a kid."

"Isn't that sweet," she smiles fondly.

"And number one…well now that I think about it there are two things that rank number one."

"Oh so we have not three but four dirty little secrets uh?"

"I guess you could say that," I chuckle.

"So what are the number ones?"

"Number one would be that…" I'm interrupted by a loud growl. "Are you hiding some wild animal in your car?"

"Eh…that would be my stomach…" she replies sheepishly.

"I see, well come back here I'll make us breakfast."

"Cool, I'll be there in a minute."

"Sidle, get your ass back in here right now," I say firmly but still on a joking tone.

"Aren't we bossy when we're impatient now?" I just laugh in response and stick my tongue at her, she smiles and shakes her head. "Alright."

I snap my phone shut and take care of the coffee pot again. I see Sara exiting her car and walking back to the house before I turn around to take care of the breakfast. I hear the door being opened and shut almost noiselessly. Sara enters the kitchen side and goes straight to the fridge and retrieves the milk bottle to my great surprise. I look at her with puzzlement and she shrugs.

"I…uh…am a milkaholic."

I keep a straight face as much as I can. "It's okay, the first step is always to be able to admit it," I manage to let out before bursting into laughter.

We silently move around the kitchen, putting different things on the table. Then Sara leans against the counter as I make us some pancakes.

"About this bet…" she starts and I stiffen and turn around to face her.

I thought we had managed to go past that. I was even glad for it, seeing the damages it provoked. Of course it also made me realized a lot, but it is still the worst idea I've ever decided to go through with.

"It was a 24h offer only," I cut her short, hoping to definitively close the topic. I look at my watch. "Sorry, but you're 20 minutes too late."

She nods and looks away, apparently deep in thoughts.

"Good," she finally says after a moment.

"Is it?"

"Yeah, because now, I might ask you out…depending a few little things."

Did she just say what I think she said? Asking me out? Her words shake me to the core but I'm trying my best to stay cool. "And what those things would be?"

She takes a step toward me. "What are those two things ranking in number one position?"

I snort with a little smile feigning defeat. "I…am a Trekkie…" I confess. "I actually even have a Klingon mask, but it was a birthday gift and I never used it I swear," I add quickly. So Catherine Willows is geekier than one would think, yes science and science fiction do turn me on…but I don't tell that to anybody.

"Wow…that one is a shocker I have to admit," she chuckles. "I'm bracing myself for the second one."

I roll my eyes. I can't believe I'm telling her all those things, I never said it to anyone before.

"I am a Disney movies closet fan," I drop.

She takes another step toward me, her mouth open and her eyes narrowed, the gears in her head turning. "Wait a minute…so all those DVDs in your living room aren't Lindsey's, are they?"

"Busted…though I have to admit she's a great cover, and she provides me a good excuse to go see them in theatre."

She takes another step and there's barely a metre between us now. My breathing is heavier by the second, amazing what she can do to me without even trying. "Those are heavy stuff," she nods.

"And you're the only one to know them, so if you tell a soul, you won't even know what hit you," I warn her seriously.

"Don't worry, your secrets are safe with me," she replies just as seriously. "Anything else I should know?"

"No," I shake my head. "So?"

"So…I think I can live with that," she smiles and closes the distance so our bodies are touching. She hesitantly puts her hands on my waist.

"Not so fast butterfly, what about you? Anything else except your milk addiction?"

She thinks about it before answering "Ugh…I love the Smurfs…and Calvin & Hobbes…"

"That's quite a jump from the Smurfs to Calvin and his tiger," I chuckle.

"I know…" her arms circle my waist.

"What else?" I whisper, troubled by the feel of her body against mine.

"I cry like a baby watching cheesy movies."

"You? The tough Sara Sidle has a marshmallow heart…who knew?" I tease her.

"I prefer Ron to Harry," she adds quietly, leaning her face closer to mine, a quivering smile paints itself on my lips. They are tingling with anticipation.

She speaks again but it takes me a few seconds to register what she said. I pull my head back a little and tilt it. I narrow my eyes in question. "Did you just speak Klingon to me?"

She bobs her head with a smile in response. "I have…hum…some notions…"

"And here I thought I was a freak, you beat me on that one."

"Let's just say I had some time to spare," I raise an eyebrow. "Alright…there was a time I had a lot of time to spare," she admits and we both chuckles.

"Anything else?"

"Maybe two or three 'forbidden mixes' with food," she winces.

"I live with Lindsey's, so I think I can survive yours," she smiles that bright smile of hers and I feel my knees buckle. "Is that it?" she nods. I put my hands on her forearms and slowly run them up until I lock my hands behind her neck. "In that case, I won't tell if you don't."

"You got yourself a deal," she winks.


We stare at each other and she leans in so our lips are barely brushing. I pull back a bit and lose myself in her eyes. "I don't want a one time thing, Sara," I tell her honestly.

"Excellent, because I want a real shot," she replies seriously.

She leans in again and I pull back one last time. "Don't you even think about any Klingon 'love' ritual…cause that's definitely not happening."

She laughs and shakes her head, then she rests her forehead against mine. "Anything else you want to know about me Mrs Willows?"

"Nah…a woman has to keep a little mystery."

She leans in but then stops in motion a few millimetres from my lips. I think that if she doesn't kiss me soon I'll explode "On second thought," she says pulling back. So close yet so far. She feigns a yawn. "I think I need some sleep since someone kept me up," she winks at me and walks off to my bedroom, leaving me here all work up for a kiss.

I shake my head and snort at her boldness. She's got to be kidding me. I go to my room once I've overcome my surprise when I open the door, she's lying with her eyes close. I climb in next to her.

"You're such a tease Sidle…if that was your way to get me back for the bet, you succeeded, now…you can't leave me without that kiss," I say.

She just stirs a bit and sighs deeply.

"Sara?" I call her. "Sara?"

After two long minutes, and judging by the regularity of her breathing, I conclude that she is actually sleeping. I chuckle…


I lie down next to her and think about how things turn out. This bet didn't turn out that bad in the end, and, I did end up with Sara in my bed…

I guess that now I have to wait and see where all this could go. One thing for sure, I'm excited by this new turn of events.

Damn you Sidle, for leaving me hanging though.

Alright, I'm not a Trekkie, I'm a Jedi at heart, and I've learned that some consider that the term 'trekkie' should only apply to the fans of the original serie in which the Klingongs don't belong...though, and I'm saying that with all due respect, for Jedis, 'Trekkie' is a term applyable to all the 'non jedis'...that being said I'll stop the rambling, and I'm sorry if offended any trekkie out there. :)

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