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No, she was holding a gun, and aiming it right at Yoh's head.

Chapter 41: Nanna

There was only one thought running through Hao head as he took in the sight before him: Good person my eye! She's threatening to kill him.

Yoh glanced away from the spirit to stare wide eyed at his brother and friends. They all looked murderous at the situation they had walked in on and Yoh knew he needed to do something.

"Get out! Get out!" the woman screamed, hand waving the gun around shakily.

"Yeah, like that's going to happen," Ren said, glad he carried his halberd with him everywhere.

Hao was stilling staring in shock at the scene. His mind had moved from: she is definitely not a good person, to why doesn't Yoh look nervous? And it was true. Yoh looked completely calm in the situation, if a little shocked at their entrance.

"Nanna, it's okay," Yoh spoke calmly and clearly. "They're my friends."

"Get them out!" the spirit screeched.

"Um oh, you guys think you could-"

"No," Horohoro said, cutting Yoh off.

"Well, you see," Yoh said, rubbing the back of his head and laughing slightly.

"Get out!" the spirit screamed before Yoh could continue. Hao felt his stomach drop as the sound of gunfire, multiple shots, reached his ears, his eyes locked on Yoh. Yoh, who was still standing there, just as calm and relaxed as ever as a bunch of bullets headed for his head.

"YOH!" eight different voices shouted at once. Yoh closed his eyes, still completely calm. Hao felt paralyzed, there was nothing he could do. It seemed as though time slowed down as the bullets entered his vision, still heading for his brother.

And then, the bullets simply breezed past Yoh, disappearing.

The woman, Nanna, turned towards Yoh, looking horrified.

Yoh smiled. "It's okay Nanna," he said again.

"Balder?" Nanna asked quietly, shocked. "But, how?"

Yoh smiled again. "Because it wasn't your fault."

Hao glanced at the others, at a complete loss as to what was going on. Catching sight of their faces, he learned that they, too, were confused. But the smile on Manta's face assured him that this was pretty normal for his brother.

"I'm so sorry," Nanna said. "I never meant for anything like that to happen. I didn't realize what I had walked in on."

"I know," Yoh said. "It's okay now."

"Oh, Balder, I've missed you so much."

The group watched, astonished, as a spirit in his mid twenties left Yoh, floating over to Nanna.

"And I've missed you," Balder said, taking the woman into his arms. "I think it's time for us to go now."

The woman nodded, a smile on her face as she embraced the man.

"Yoh, thank you," Balder said.

"Anytime," Yoh said. With that, the two spirits floated upwards and disappeared.

The group found themselves standing in the wreckage of the house, now that the spirit's powers where no longer making it look new. The sun was just rising on the horizon as the group turned to find the girls, standing a hallway's length away, looking around.

"Yoh, couldn't you have waited until after sunrise to fix it?" Anna asked, annoyed.

Yoh laughed. "Sorry Anna."

"What just happened?" Ryu asked for those still left in the dark.

"Nanna Milda was a troubled spirit," Anna said. "Couldn't you tell?"

Hao, of course, had guessed it when he first laid eyes on her, but had done nothing about it because Yoh said it was fine.

"Of course I knew that," Horohoro said, although he still looked confused.

"Her husband was murdered in front of her, a long time ago," Yoh said, looking sad. "She blamed herself for his death, and died of grief and guilt not long after."

"Not a good combination at death," Amidamaru, who had been watching Yoh the whole time, put in.

"So, she couldn't move on and continued to reenact her husband's death," Ren said, understanding dawning.

Yoh nodded.

"So, you showed her it wasn't her fault, and that her husband forgave her," Manta said. It always amazed him how often Yoh was able to fix things like this.

"Basically," Yoh said.

"Humph," Ren said. "I knew that." Hao rolled his eyes, although it surprised him that his brother was able to figure all that out.

"Alright, enough talking," Anna said before Horohoro finished opening his mouth in a retort to Ren's declaration. "We should get going."

Before anyone could ask how, Ryu was at the road, his oversoul in place. And this time, Billy showed up within minutes.