Hey this is Care-free Kitten!!!

I promised my friends I would write an Edward/ Jasper fanfic so here it is!!!

I don't have many ideas so it will only be this one chapter

I will make Bella and Alice seem like yaoi fan girls so don't complain!!!


"You know Bella," Alice said while the two were watching TV, "you know what would be really hot?"

"What?" Bella asked while staring at the television that was displaying two men making out.

"Edward and Jasper." Alice said with a completely straight face.

"What?" Bella shouted, but secretly thought about the idea. "Who would be on top?"

"Obviously Edward considering Jasper is in touch with his inner female." Alice said grinning, knowing that Bella loves the idea.

"Well," Bella said trying to hide the smile on her face.

They discussed the possibilities, but little did they know that Jasper was listening from the next room over.

"Hmmm," Jasper pondered the idea of Edward on top of him. Then he unknowingly used his power to make Edward feel that way.

As he walked back to his room he found Edward on his bed naked. "Hey Jasper," Edward said sexily.

Back in front of the TV…

"Do you hear something Bella?" Alice asked when she heard some thumping sounds.

"Yeah, actually I do. It sounds like it's coming from Jaspers room." Bella said raising an eyebrow.

"Let's check it out." Alice said as they both jumped up and rushed to the room. Alice opened the door quickly as both girls stare into the room.

"AHHHHHHHHH! EDWARD!!!" Jasper yelled as he came.

"That's hot." Alice stated staring at the scene.

"Yeah." Bella agreed.

Well there you have it!!!

I hope you got a sick and twisted sense of enjoyment as you read this!!!

You're welcome friends!!!!

-Care-free Kitten