AN: I have always wondered what exactly Bella and Rosalie discussed over the phone when Bella found out that she was pregnant and needed Rosalie's help. One-short obviously

Rosalie and Bella's phone call

I was sitting in my room fuming. Here was Bella getting everything she has ever wanted! She has the husband she wants and she's going to condemn herself to darkness forever and now she's getting a child too!? Why, oh why, for the love of god does no one ever give me a break! This can't – no! – should not happen! It's against nature. But so are us all for that matter. But that's not the point! Why should she have this, to be given this wonderful and precious gift and simply throw it away?! Carlisle is already preparing for the return of the honeymooners and then there going to get rid of the baby. Selfish Bella! Get everything she wants and turns it down! I knew she would do something like this. Maybe not exactly like this but something selfish enough.

I was so mad it took me half a second longer to realise that my cell phone was vibrating in my pocket. I took it out and looked at the caller id. Edward. And what could he possibly have to say!? I debated for a second weather or not to just ignore it but he would kill me if I didn't answer and keep on calling until I did so I pulled the phone open and took it to my ear.

"Hello?" my voice was annoyed and I was instantly chocked by the voice I was greeted with. It wasn't Edward, it was Bella.

"Rosalie?" she whispered. "It's Bella. Please. You have to help me." I was shocked and froze. Help? Help with what? Killing the baby? She actually wants help with killing the baby? My help?! Would she really think that of me. To help her with that?!

"What?" I asked, still dazed.

"Well, you've obviously heard…" her voice trailed off and of course I picked up on that.

"Yes of course I've heard!" I let my voice get annoyed in a way that questioned her intelligence.

"I need you to help me. To keep my baby alive." Again I was frozen. Even more than I already was. She wanted help keeping the baby alive. She'd called it a baby? She doesn't want to kill it and have her perfect life like she wanted. Husband, vampire and no responsibility like a child?

"You need my help?" I was dumbstruck. Bella wanted to keep the baby. She wanted to keep it even though she never wanted this. She was going to give it all away, give life and opportunities of children up to be with Edward and now she could have the chance and she was taking it? Had I underestimated her that much?

"Yes. Edward will be back any moment Rosalie. I need you to help me!" Her voice became pleading and I took a second to answer even though I already knew the answer.

"Yes Bella. Yes I will help you." With that I shut the phone and the line disconnected. I needed to prepare much. but i knew one thing. When they were home again i would be ready! No one would hurt the child!