Zack knew for a fact that he was trembling. Trembling so much that his dagger fell right out of his hand. Again, he ran his fingers over Angeal's cheek, his heart skipping a beat with the slightest touch. This was all just a dream, wasn't it? He couldn't have been in the war. He couldn't have been on top of his mentor right then and there with his shoulder bleeding from the wound that the man had given him; nor was his dagger out and lying on the damp soil.

No…they weren't trying to kill each other right now. It had to have been a nightmare.

It had to be.

Zack heard himself laugh again as he stared down into the older man's face. He suddenly stopped and realized what he had done only a moment before. He touched Angeal's shoulder, his lips quivering. "I…I shot you…I'm…but you…" Suddenly, Zack felt something bottling up inside of him. He then grabbed Angeal's collar forcefully and brought his face closer to his own.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO, ANGEAL? IS THIS YOUR IDEA OF HONOR?" Zack couldn't lower his voice. For a moment, he didn't care about giving away his exact location. "The hell are you even doing here! Wha—this-! This isn't even like you! This isn't like you at all! Angeal, we're not your enemy—I'm not your enemy!" Zack watched Angeal's eyebrows come together. That triggered something. Angeal slowly raised his hand up to Zack, grabbing his shoulder. The soldier tried not to wince and kept his eyes locked on him. "You disappeared without saying a damn word to any of us! And I was waiting for you to show up but not as my enemy!" He suddenly paused. He licked his bottom lip. " We…we can stop this; you don't have to do this any-!"

That was when Zack flew into the nearest tree. His own dagger was forced into his stomach, Angeal pressing his entire body against him. Zack could've sworn that he heard the man breathe in deeply before twisting the blade. He dragged it to the right a little, causing Zack to grip tightly onto his shoulder. Angeal pulled the dagger out of him and turned his back to him. Zack could feel himself slipping too quickly. His body slid down until his bottom hit the drenched ground. Hell he couldn't even hold his head up anymore. He thought he heard Angeal murmur something but his hearing was starting to fail him. Zack could suddenly hear faint gunshots in the distance but it wasn't enough to keep him awake.

Fuck…this…this wasn't happening. He forced his lips to move and his hand slowly started to reach for the blurry figure.

His body hit the ground and he lost consciousness.

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