The Mystic Eyes of Harry Potter

Extracurricular Activities

Two days later

Exams were nearly here, in one week we would be tested on everything we've learned through the year. Though it wasn't that important to excel in all the subjects, passing would be preferable.

So, today being the last classes for the year, everyone was a bit noisy in the Defence Against The Dark Arts room.

Until the door burst open.

The boots were loud on the stone floor, cracking the tiny chips of the pebbles that broke free. Striding to the front was our new teacher, Professor Ciel.

Naturally, we shared the class again with Slytherin. They were all laughing to themselves about how this person could be a teacher.

"Good afternoon everyone." She spoke assertively, her accent was lilted with a bit of French, but we could understand her perfectly.

We repeated the welcome back to her, though some not as sincerely.

"I know that you have exams to prepare for, so this lesson will not be on your tests, so rest easy." She gazed at all of us, her eyes calming the class down, "As you know I've been brought in due to the... unfortunate circumstances related to the previous holder of this post." Her eyes glanced to me, and somehow I felt guilty under her stare. "The first thing we must know is what happened that evening in the forest."


This I did not expect. Am I supposed to bring back those memories now in front of everyone?

"Mr Potter." Professor Ciel nodded at me, "Please come to the front of the class."

I was frozen in my seat. Why did I need to tell everyone now? Hermione and Ron both urged me to go, which I found strange since usually they would be protesting this also.

Reluctantly, I got up and stood beside Professor Ciel.

She put her hand on my shoulder. I could feel the warmth in her palm through my robes, and then my whole body relaxing.

"Harry here survived death when he was a baby. A miraculous event by any means, not unnoticed by all factions around the world. A human able to repel the Killing Curse." She looked at me and in return I did the same, confused as to why she spoke to me directly, "He survived again, against a man possessed by the one who tried to kill him before, Lord Voldemort."

I saw shudders pass through the class from all the children from magical backgrounds, since that name was never spoken of lightly.

"Harry, could you tell us what you saw then?"

"Professor? Do I need to start from the beginning?"

"Just call me Ciel." Her tone was soothing, "No need, only from the moment you saw him."

Ciel stood to one side, surveying the class. I cleared my throat and spoke.

"I… I was with Malfoy in the Forbidden Forest, detention. I saw a clearing deep in the woods and there was a man crouched over a dead unicorn." I swallowed hard at the silent room, "We were already in the bushes and I had told Malfoy to wait before sending up sparks for Hagrid to find us."

"Excellent choice, Harry." Ciel nodded approvingly, before turning to the others, "Did he make the right decision?"

Some of the Slytherin were chuckling to themselves. Malfoy was still in the Medical Wing, being treated for shock, so he couldn't back up what I was saying.

I felt a rush of wind by my ear, as something large and silver flew straight at them.

Instantly, the loud thud showed a large knife struck their desk, embedded deep in, the red hilt still visible.

"You had something to say, children?"

Ciel approached them as they began to plead, either ignorance of what they said or for their lives, I wasn't sure.

Grabbing the hilt in between her clenched fingers, the blade was around nine inches long, but disappeared in a flash of light. She spoke to them.

"You were saying something? How you would just run out and fight?"


Somehow, Crabbe was the one she picked on. I smiled to myself.

"I suppose your childish hexes would defeat Lord Voldemort, the man who is said to have mastered hundreds of curses?"

Slamming her hand on the desk, cracking it in two, Ciel turned her back on Crabbe and the other cowering Slytherins to return to the front of the class.

"I'm sure you all appreciate how difficult it was for Harry to be in that situation." Her eyes were powerful, "He showed a maturity beyond his years, staying until the right moment for his fellow classmate send up a warning signal before escaping, whilst he confronted the intruder." She turned back to me, "So, what happened after that?"

I swallowed hard, "Well, P-Professor Qui–"

She interrupted me, "No Harry, it was Lord Voldemort, not your teacher. There is no shame in admitting this." Her smile was kind.

"O-Okay… Voldemort was drinking the blood of the unicorn. He cursed me and I felt… a lot of pain… I tried to get his wand away with Wingardium Leviosa, and then…" I paused, I wasn't about to reveal what I did, not to everyone in the class, "I killed him… It happened so fast I don't even remember how…"

I saw a spark of something from her expression, the sharpness made me twitch strangely…

"Yes… You killed Voldemort, never to return in our poor possessed teacher." Ciel turned to the class now, "You can sit now, Harry, thank you for telling us."

I was lucky; perhaps the teachers knew how Professor Quirrell died. Ciel certainly seems to know, or at least didn't want me to bring it up in the class.

"Unicorn's blood, from a holy and sacred creature like her, it is both a blessing and blasphemy." A book on Ciel's desk began to rattle uncontrollably, until she placed a hand on it, rubbing the other cover calmly, "It grants the person who drinks it a temporary boost in their life force. The cost is great however. By allowing God's Grace to pass your lips, you will incur His wrath in your life."

"Wow…" Ron just sat there amazed. "This wrath, what does it do?"

Ciel turned to him and focused entirely on his face, making him squirm.

Something tells me that she probably has some sort of Mystic Eyes too, unless all wizards and witches are like this.

She saw I was sitting next to him and loosened up considerably, "Their lifespan will be reduced, their death absolute, and most likely painful."

Ron shirked away, "I guess he did die painfully then…" He muttered to me.

I smiled wanly back at him before returning my attention to Ciel.

"Can anyone tell me of another creature that lives off blood?"

Hermione, as always, shot her hand up first, but a lot of other people did the same. Even I knew the answer to this one.

"Miss Grainger?"

"A vampire, Professor."

"Correct, 5 points to Gryffindor." Ciel smiled before she put her hands behind her back, "If you meet one, you will die for certain."

I could sense she was in an attack mode, the air around her tingling like static, and I pulled out my wand in a flash.

Several thuds impacted the room. I had managed to raise our desk much higher now, to block her massive blade.

"Mr Potter, please lower the desk."

Feeling a bit sheepish I did so, and saw that each desk has one of her long weapons impaled in them. They all missed their human targets on purpose, only the desk was injured. No one even noticed the deadly mood change in her before the attack.

"Sorry, Ciel…" I tried to laugh it off, but she grinned instead.

"It looks like your near death experience has elevated your survival instincts and reaction time. That can only be good for your health."

As she went around everybody's desks retrieving her projectiles, she spoke to us, "In the time it took me to throw these Black Keys, you would all have been killed instantly. No need for spells. Curses or shields are ineffectual. Your necks would have been broken, and your bodies left to be sucked dry."

Snapping her fingers, the book behind her cracked open and pages upon pages flooded the class, only to form a haphazard picture on the blackboard.

"Vampires are the most common name for them. Famous in both the Magical world and to the Muggles from all the movies and lore about them." Her eyes froze all the jitters in the class, "Truly, they are the most dangerous creatures on this planet."

"The Dark Lord could kill all of them!" One boy shouted from the Slytherin section, though his voice remained anonymous as the others crowded into one area, making it impossible to tell who said that.

"Lord Voldemort would last not ten seconds. Even he would know his limits." Ciel smirked, as the pages on the board drew the outline of some human like creatures, "There are several stages to becoming a vampire. Once you are bitten by one, and the vampire gives you his blood, you will most likely die and become one the Dead. A familiar – a simple puppet – made solely to drink blood for its master."

The image of a gory human shambled across the pages on the board, then biting another drawn human.

"If your soul was not destroyed, then you become a Ghoul, eating other humans to regenerate your disintegrating body." More disgusting pictures were drawn as something came out of its grave in a cemetery, "Once it has reconstructed its brain and body, it is one of the Living Dead, and needs blood to restore its intelligence."

Some of the girls in the class, Hermione included, turned their eyes away from the graphic images behind Ciel as they morphed into more ugly deaths. I felt my skull tighten as I kept my eyes glued to our teacher and the unfolding movie.

"They finally become a vampire after a hundred years, and can create their own Dead. Still under control of their master though…" The pages on the board were splashed with red while more sheets flew out from her book on the desk, surrounding us.

"Then, there are the 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors…" The room suddenly became dark, and I swore I heard Ron scream beside me. The pages produced bursts of white light before gallons of blood splashed themselves on us. Numerous laughs echoed in the classroom.

I stood still, soaked in wet vermillion, the putrid stench of rotting corpses around me.

Wait when did I stand up?

I kept eye contact with Ciel, who was now staring at me exclusively. I could tell that everyone else was hiding beneath their desks, asking for her to stop and crying for help.

But I dared not blink against her words.

"And finally, the True Ancestors, those who were vampires from the beginning…"

The unearthly roar from the pages shook the floor as I couldn't bear to avoid flicking my head up to see a crimson, smiling Moon.

Silence returned to the class as the pages slipped away back into the hardback book of hers. The blood naturally was an illusion of sorts and had vanished from all of us.

I helped Ron and Hermione up from the floor. She was shaking and grabbed me tight, hugging my arm for all her life and sniffing away her tears. Ron tried to keep his teeth from chattering so much by pressing his hands against his jaw.

I saw something in Ciel's gaze, a sense of understanding from her light sardonic smile. I was the only one who could withstand the cacophony. The only one who could face her even when everyone was retreating into themselves, wishing for a quick death.

The only one to stand up and fight.

"Since you have thirty minutes to go here, I'll let you get on with your revision for the tests. Just recall, if you hear of any strange disappearances in your area, or of bodies drained of blood, then you must let us know."

As she returned to her desk and whispered to her book, patting it on the front cover, she put it to one side as she pulled out a scroll.

No one was really in the mood to revise; their nerves had been shattered already.

The rest of the class passed by in silence, no one even risking mumbling to one another as Ciel did scan the class as she paused her writing.

I spent the rest of the time watching her movements. Small, precise stabs into the ink, her mouth moving slightly as if having a conversation, the blue peaceful eyes which were once cat-like.

Our eyes met again, and she stopped moving for another few seconds, furrowing her brow at me, before relinquishing and returning to her work.

That was when I knew that she was far too interested in me and my circumstances.

I had to be on my guard from now on.

30 minutes later

The moment the time was up; Ciel stood up and told everyone the class was over. The rush to escape was immediate, not to get to another class, but to get out of there as quickly as possible.

A few minutes passed in silence, since there was no class for Ciel to attend to, she remained there and continued working.

A person opened the door and entered, not awaiting a greeting from her.

"How can I help you Headmaster?" Ciel asked without looking up from her scroll.

"I just thought I'd come and see how you were settling in here." He angled his head to the door, "I see you have just had class with Harry Potter and his friends."

She paused, before sighing and lowering her quill.

"Yes, it was a joint class with Gryffindor and Slytherin." She continued after looking at her desk, "As you can see I'm doing well here."

"I also noted that the pupils were… rather pale shall we say?"

Ciel shrugged, "Harry seemed fine to me."

The elderly wizard chuckled to himself, "Yes, well, I believe he is far beyond his peers in terms of inner strength, as well as his uncanny ability to completely kill any deadly opponents when he first lays eyes on them."

Ciel said nothing as Dumbledore gave her a calculating look, before sighing, "I understand you wish to pass on the warning related to the Dead Apostles, but there is no need to terrify the poor children. You've done this to every class so far, but this was the first time with the youngest members of the school."

Ciel looked down, "I… I understand. Perhaps I was not thinking straight. I asked Harry to speak of what happened to him, to serve as the best lesson for everyone else, to be prepared." Her face fell further, "I suppose that I wasn't thinking straight…"

Smiling, Dumbledore leaned across her desk and put his hand over hers, "Elesia, this is not like twenty years ago. You are not that person any more. I promised you sanctuary here when Beauxbatons turned you away."

Ciel closed her eyes and tried not to meet his kind gaze over his half-moon spectacles.

"Unfortunately, it was too late as you know. I only heard rumours of what happened in Vatican City…" She started, and slowly he let her go, "I will not patronise you. I simply have no way of knowing what pain you went through there." He looked to his side, "Unfortunately, I had no influence at the time to ensure your safety. As you know, the Church hardly welcomes our kind there."

Ciel shook her head, "It's not your fault, Albus." She stood up and walked to her books behind her, "There was nothing you could do back then. I learned quickly of the pain and suffering the people or my village went through." Her smile was tinted with her long gaze, staring into the past, "I took that month of a thousand deaths as my penance for my multitude of sins committed."

Stopping her movement suddenly, she faced Dumbledore again and slammed her hand down on the table hard, "You know why I am here, there's no reason to treat me so kindly. You know what my orders are, and have always been. Nothing has changed."

He nodded back, "Of course I do, my dear Elesia."

He moved closer to her desk to pick up the book which created all those images. The large engraved cross on the cover was glowing slightly. He thumbed through the book, not really taking in all its contents, instead reading the emotions generated from the holy tome.

"However, whilst your orders have not changed, you have as a person. I may not be from the Church to oversee your actions, nor have any ability to monitor you during your mission, but I have faith that you will do the right thing." He held up the book, "You and your partner." Addressing the book directly, he went on, "Protect her well, Seven."

Handing it back to Ciel, who stood there in shock, she accepted it, "H-How did you…?"

Dumbledore smiled, "Not everything is a secret to me, Elesia." He folded his arms behind his back, "I will not question your movements this summer, even if they bring you to Harry Potter. I trust your judgement in these matters. I know you will not act out your orders without thorough investigation."

Turning around, Dumbledore waited at the door.

"If you need any assistance whatsoever, or a friendly face for a quiet talk, my door is always open." He bowed lightly, "Take care of yourself, Elesia."

Ciel watched him depart and close the door as she slumped back into her chair, staring at her papers without any life behind her blue irises.

"I'll try…"

Groaning, she planted her hand into her hands.

Kings Cross
A few weeks later

The end of exams was a time to celebrate, and somehow I feel that I did well despite everything that went on before.

With all our might, we tried to excel in the few classes left before the tests began, to gain as many points as we could for our house.

In the end, Gryffindor won the house cup, no thanks to Hermione winning those last 5 points from Ciel. That was the final turning point against Slytherin. Snape didn't have the time or will to grant any extra points to Slytherin in his Potions class. He was still visiting Draco every waking moment, I guess what he saw in the forest really affected him.

Nevertheless, Draco was able to at least sit his exams, though I think he took it literally, not having moved a quill throughout the tests.

But now, that was all finished for our first year. We were congratulated by Dumbledore, and again he mentioned the fight between me and Voldemort, much to my chagrin. The last thing I needed was more attention.

So here I am, back in London.

Face to face with Petunia, tapping her foot on the ground with an unnerving rhythm.

Hermione was striding out with me, clutching my sleeve tightly when she saw the look in her vile glare. Her parents were holding onto her trolley further away.

Ron was also shakily walking on my other side, his own family stayed back at his request.

We had passed the portal into the Muggle world, so we couldn't really talk about the school and other forbidden topics.

It was all against my will, but they wouldn't have it any other way.

Hermione stepped forwards first, "Don't you dare hurt Harry again. He's not going to do any more of your assignments any more."

She tried her best to give a stern expression, but it only looked like she was trying to figure out the answer to a tough question. Her cutely scrunched up face was not really capable of true anger, not yet at least.

Petunia merely peered down at her, not even lowering her face to view her before speaking, "What do you know, little girl? It is in his blood. There is no way he can refuse what his own body craves."

Hermione shook, her arms trembling. Her face was red too, and her eyes watery.

"F- Fine…" Ron stood next to her and put his hand on her shoulder. His own voice was beginning to break, a sign he too was scared, "If you must t-train him, and 'assign' Harry some 'essays', don't give him too many. It isn't good to have too much work to do for s-summer."

Keeping his words low, he managed to make it seem benign to listeners, but we all knew what was implied.

"It is out of my control. I get the subjects to 'study'. If Harry wants, I can complete some of them for him. However, he will never learn those lessons." Petunia widened her eyes at him, then at Hermione. Their flinches were slight but they didn't run away from her, "You must both care for him a great deal; you wouldn't even budge from my 'intent'."

Closing her eyes and relaxing her posture, she just gave me a bored and disappointed look. Her body manner and expression was now that of a bored housewife coming to pick up her unruly child, or nephew, from school.

"Fine, I won't tax him too much this summer. Whether you like it or not, he must be educated." Taking my trolley, she sharply twisted her head at us, "I'll take your bags, and you have five minutes, Harry."

Pulling the trolley with her, Petunia strolled off as if they just had a pleasant conversation.

Ron wiped his forehead, waiting until she was out of earshot, "Harry, you need to be careful around her… I almost wet myself… What did she do?"

"You know what, the same thing I can, but I think she put a lot of killing and intimidation into her Eyes then." I breathed out slowly, "I told you it wouldn't make much difference."

"It doesn't matter, she listened to us." Halting her shaking by sheer will, Hermione snapped her head to me, "Promise me Harry… You are not to kill any humans, not one." Her eyes were still wet, "And if you must, kill only five creatures this summer. No more." She held my hands with her own, "Please… You can't keep doing this to yourself. You'll end up like –"

Cutting herself off in mid-sentence, I knew what she was about to say.

I'd become nothing but a ruthless killer.

It would start with killing demons, then dark creatures, then peaceful ones, and finally humans.

The only person I knew who vaguely matches that description, aside from Petunia, would be the murderer of my parents.


Even then, from what little I know, he has a lot of intelligence behind him, he isn't a mindless predator. Regardless, I don't want to become like that either.

"I promise that much at least, Hermione." I tried to smile, but it seemed insincere, unsure of my own self, "I don't want to become another assassin. I still want to go to school, go on field trips, visit new places, and meet new people. I don't want to live in that world that Petunia is in."

Whatever it was I said, it appeared to placate her fears, and her returned smile made my heart beat harder. She wiped her face with her sleeve from under her robes, "Good, I knew you wouldn't want to become like her."

She turned to Ron and grabbed his hand, pulling it over hers which was still clasped to my own.

"Hey!" He protested feebly.

She ignored his meek exclamation, "Harry, you promised us this, so we promise to you that no matter what, we'll be there for you. We have our owls, Royal Mail – that's Muggle post, Ron – and even if I have to walk up to your front door and ring your bell, I will find out how you are doing during summer."

Ron, flushing further nodded in agreement, "Yeah mate, you told us everything, the least we can do is hear you out, to talk about this stuff, since no one else can. Well, maybe your aunt, but she doesn't seem to be the best judge of morality…"

We all chuckled at that line, lightening the mood a tad.

"Thanks everyone…" I really was happy; this is what it meant to have friends finally. "I'll do my best to contact you. I hope you both relax too in your own ways."

They looked at each other and nodded, "We will." Hermione answered, as she released her hand. Ron did the same, "See you in September, Harry."

"Take care…" Ron said, as he waved at his family, letting them know he was going to them.

I waved to them and nodded at Ron and Hermione, "Bye…"

Somehow, my heart was feeling the closeness of this friendship, but my brain was telling me one other major factor, which threatened all of this.

I lived with Petunia.

Disregarding my errant thoughts, I placed my fingers on the frame of my glasses and smirked, settling my distracted mind.

If there was a need to, I could easily force my opinion upon her, whether she liked it or not.

Only then will we know whose killing technique was truly better.

Two weeks later

The fields of pasture grew deep orange as the sun passed the horizon, the cows slowly retreating to rest elsewhere warmer.

Crouched in a tree, I waited. Petunia was above me, scanning the environment.

"The village is two miles away. We leave in three minutes, once the sun is fully gone."

I nodded back. The enemy I was going to face would be different to the others, a fairy creature which took up residence in a mound nearby.

Humans, as they do, disturbed the area, and it has now been on a killing spree.

The time had arrived, so I rushed to the village, prepared for a battle.

The deaths were noticed for the sheer number, which were noticed by Petunia and her other colleagues. People weren't simply massacred, most died in their sleep, as if suffocating, but no real cause of death was established. I'm guessing there were other factors in this as well, but whatever it was, I'm here now.

Petunia determined that this village would be next on its list. Seeing as the home of the creature was a hundred miles away, it has been very wide in its range of deaths. No one in this village has died unexpectedly yet, so this is the only place it could go. Petunia said it was an ancient warning to keep away from her home, by scaring all neighbouring towns.

"Away from the streets, head in through the trees."

Following her orders, we shied away from the artificial lights for the blackness of nature. We held fast for another thirty minutes until even the street lamps went off. This being a village of only a couple of dozen people at most, there was no need for their lighting to be so extravagant, hence their scheduled shutdown.

And then I saw her.

I had to marvel as her translucent, golden body swayed with the wind. She possessed a crown with blue gems encrusted in it, and her face was both serene and regal. I was fascinated by how tall she was, over three meters at least, which just goes to show that I've been watching too many Disney movies in the past. She didn't even hide, simply walking – or was it floating? – down the main road.

She was the perfect example of a Sidhe.

Petunia as always gave me a background of the species. Originally from Ireland, the Sidhe are one of the fairies of the land. This one made it across the sea to the English Isles and settled here. Once she found a good home, she made it her own.

They are a peace loving people, helping out humans back in the days when history was first and slowly being recorded in books, though most of their feats and legends have been long forgotten. Indeed, as with this one, she was dressed like a queen, her flowing dress a pale silver colour, though still as translucent as the rest of her. The sound of static, similar to a swarm of bees, is a sign that they are approaching.

However, when angered…

Progress being what it is, a survey was done of her patch of land, and some minor building work done for an electric pylon to connect another town to upgrade to a better connection for the National Grid.

Petunia said those old warnings, as if emulating that era ago, would not be heeded since there is no one of this time would be able to understand it.

Therefore she had to be stopped here, before her tendencies would result in the deaths of hundreds of people. There was no negotiating or bargaining.

She had to be killed once and for all, for the protection of humanity.

The Sidhe was nearing a house and paused at the doorway, before bowing slightly and beginning to phase through the entrance.

My first task was to lure her away from her future victims.

I stepped onto the road, the loud crunching of the cobblestones creating enough of a sound to attract her attention.

She stopped, before looking at me. Her face showed no surprise or shock. Her attention drifted to me, as her form got closer, much faster than I expected.

I ran back, away from the homes, jogging lightly before glancing behind me.


I swore as I ducked under a swipe from her arm.

She was too fast, could it be teleportation?

No, not quite, her speed was god-like, but only in pursuit it seemed.

We were now near a patch of forest as she circled me, somehow cautious that I managed to avoid her attack. It was not like the troll's clubbing, but at a speed impossible to avoid.

For normal humans that is.

Taking this one short moment in the battle, I pulled off my glasses and tucked them into my pocket. Wielding the knife, I readied myself.

Her arms elongated and became sharp knives of their own, and she commenced slashing towards me. It was all I could do to block her blade with my own, the clashes creating sparks and sounds of metal hitting ice.

Wait… Ice?

I leapt back and saw the ground was slowing freezing around her. The morning dew of the countryside became the frost, and even colder wind chill breached my clothing.

I had to act fast before the battleground became disadvantageous to me.

Lunging in, I swept my arm across her blocking blades, aiming for the lines in them. Sliding by on the wet grass, I also lopped off her arm at the shoulder as insurance.

Then I felt her scream.

It wasn't a yell that echoed across the hills of Cornwall, but one that resonated and reverberated within my eardrums. Her telepathic cries were stopping me from thinking properly and my senses were muddled.

Her skin changed from golden shimmer to a cerulean blue, and I felt her change from the way the ground suddenly froze, each blade of grass now a spiky icicle. This was a massive difference and potentially fatal if I were to fall or slip up.

Towering over me, her face now showed a smile, and teeth like hypodermic needles, oozing some form of glue. It could only be poison as her mouth now started drooling copiously.

Slamming her remaining blade arm into the ground, I felt a small rumble before my side was ripped up.


I couldn't help but exclaim my pain; a chunk of flesh was torn away. The area around me was that of crystal spikes a metre tall, and all razor sharp by the ease they sliced into my side and now my arm.

She floated up by several metres into the air, and then shot down at me, her blade aiming for my neck.

I couldn't die here in this simple field.

Calculating my chances, I waited until the time was right, and cut the lines of the crystals, shattering them completely, before staring up at her and throwing my blade at her, though intentionally off-target above her.

This new angry state of hers showed more emotion, and I could see her puzzlement in my suicidal actions.

As her eyes were fixed on my approaching knife, I pushed up from the ground, using the darkness and own of strength to arrive over her head before she realised it.

Grabbing her scalp with both hands, using the forward momentum from my jump, I twisted it until I heard a small crack.

Pulling my knife from the air, which now arrived in the palm of my hand from my predicted trajectory, I dug it into the line in her neck, then down her torso, slicing straight through the lines there.

Leaping off her dying body, she landed in her own trap of icy grass and crystal, splintering them as she ground to a halt.

Meanwhile, I had landed smoothly away from her, gradually coming to a stop after digging my hands into the earth, my shoes and trousers covered in mud from the damp mossy dirt.

Petunia was approaching me, alert for the Sidhe lying on the ground.

"Kill her. End the suffering."

I saw that the cuts I inflicted – while impossible to heal from – were not fatal and she was struggling to breathe. She looked desperate; to kill me or to survive, I couldn't decide what was running through her alien mind.

I put my glasses back on and whispered an apology to her, before plunging my knife down into her skull, jerking my wrist to spiral the edge against its innards, cracking that beautiful blue gem of hers in the process.

Her movements ceased, and her arm fell to the ground as the life left her body. I watched as her essence melted away like water, seeping into the soil until nothing was left visible. Even her projected crystal shards had dissolved, the magic now broken as its caster had perished.

I breathed a sigh of relief as Petunia watched me carefully.

"Not bad, you weren't toying with her too much. Not too many wasted movements and though unprepared for her environmental control and magic, you persevered." Her smirk was insulting, "Throwing your own weapon away though? A risky strategy, what if she could follow your movements and intercepted your flight with her blade? The only thing which could block it would be your own skeleton, which as you know is a rather fatalist attack."

"Okay… Fine…" I accepted her criticism. The throbbing at my side was returning, "Could we go now? I'm beginning to hurt a little."

Petunia tutted and walked away without helping me. I hobbled after her, eager to get some painkillers or a bandage at least.

That was until I felt an arrow of ice spear my shoulder.


The heat from the battle was replaced with a freezing influence and my body slowing to a crawl. My blood vessels were chilled and I felt even my heart become harder to pump the warm life fluid to my arteries.

Petunia was rushing back to me now, but before she could intervene, someone else blurred in front of her and used a large sword to break the spear apart in one slice, before pushing me and planting some paper on the wound.

Applying it to my side also, the pain was numbed to the extent I could stand up normally now.

My body warmed up fast and glowing white pages stuck to my injuries, healing me gradually.

Angling my head back I saw ten – no, make that twenty – Sidhe appearing from the trees, only for two of them to be felled by six blades thrown at them, each one hitting a vital point.

Thinking back, they weren't swords or knives, but something I had seen before.

Black Keys.

Holding my tender shoulder, Ciel put her face close to my own, "Harry, can you move?"

Those eyes were large and deep, and for once I felt that these were what they really looked like. Her pupils were dilated from the dark, a slight pale blue patch on one iris, and her eyebrows curled upwards as they neared each other, with her forehead displaying barely a wrinkle of worry.

I swallowed and nodded back, before feeling an intense seething fury from behind us, I spun round quickly, "W-Wait, Petunia!"

My aunt had two knives raised in a crouched stance, ready to leap on Ciel like a wild animal, snarling with such viscosity even I had to step back from her. She twirled the blades into a reverse grip to make it easier to stab and slash her, before I managed to interrupt her thoughts.

"Petunia, this is my teacher at school, Ciel…" I was nudged further back as my teacher held out an arm in front of me, shielding me from the sight.

"She's from the Church!"

I saw Petunia's after-image fade away, another sign of her intense speed again.

Or a better way to evaluate that last thought was the fact she was now less than a metre away, after first refracting back into the visual spectrum to launch her first thrust.

"They must all die!"

Uncaring of my explanation, she leapt at Ciel, who expertly parried the knives with her own Keys. Their clashes went on even as the Sidhe sped closer from the opposite end, firing more of their ice arrows.

Deftly dodging the projectiles, Ciel and Petunia laid into one another, beginning to cause injuries to each other, scrapes and cuts appearing on their arms and legs.

Feeling a surge within me, I lowered my glasses, sandwiched between my aunt and teacher in a death match, and a large group of Sidhe hell bent on revenge.

Choosing for myself, I turned sharply to face the nearing horde of Sidhe. Their lines glowed red to me, much like their furious visages.

Whoever I killed must have been their mother, or leader. No matter what, she was important to them.

And they would die to kill her murderer.

So, why not oblige them?

Running at them, I directed my efforts at the closest enemy, and decided to forego the hassle of toying with my prey, instead plunging headlong into the poor cannon fodder, slicing his arms off before diving into his gelatinous body, slashing the lines from within.

Now coated in its blue bodily fluids and flesh, or whatever it was made of, I removed the legs of the next one, spinning constantly until she was just only her head left, the rest of her body chopped into mincemeat beneath her.

By now their attention was full on me, and I felt the hum of magic growing around me. Cursing to myself, I pounced on the nearest Sidhe, narrowly avoiding the crystal shards that sprung up around me, carving a hole in his chest for me to escape through.

But it wasn't enough, there were too many of them. As they levelled their bows at me and the earth began to tremble from the combined magic of six of them, I knew that there would no safe ground for me any more.

That was until two figures took out four of them in one fell swoop.

Black Keys pulverised the face and chests of two of them, whilst the other person vanished and reappeared into view after tearing open gashes where their throats would have been, and gouging out their eyes too for good measure.

Landing in front of me, Ciel and Petunia were on guard for any movement, their backs to each other and me.

Smiling at them, I faced away from the twosome to face the Sidhe, creating our final counterattack formation.

"I made a promise to Hermione…" I couldn't hide it any longer, Ciel already knew far too much about this side of me now, "I would only kill five creatures this summer. My quota is almost full, I can only take out one more."

I raised my blade at one Sidhe I selected at random in front of me.

"I trust you can take care of the rest?"

Ciel chuckled, "In a heretic country of Protestants… I find myself fighting the remnants of the Old Faith, the blasphemy against Christ from the generation of the Druids." Holding six Black Keys in between her clenched fingers of both hands, she spoke louder, her blades glowing silver, "Arise, O Lord, in thine anger, lift up thyself because of the rage of mine enemies: and awake for me to the judgment that thou hast commanded."

Petunia stood there, a completely neutral pose, the arms pointed straight down to the ground, but her daggers angled sharply upwards at an acute angle, still being held in their reverse grip.

"Abominations against humanity, creatures of the night, our kind will never mingle with your own. Millennia will never change this fact." Bending her knees to the extreme, arms raised above her head, she growled, "Be joyful, for tonight was your last feast of souls. Your deaths were predetermined from the beginning."

I just focused on my last target for some time, and spoke exclusively to her. This time, she moved back a bit, finally realising she had messed with the wrong person.

"Be sliced by the blades of summer snow, fragile thing."

I smirked, whilst idly handling my blade playfully.

Time to dance…

That second, the earth and tufts of grass flew up into the air as we all launched ourselves into the fray on this quiet, moonless night.

Author's Notes

Umm, wow, most of this was a surprise to me too! Looks like the characters just want to write themselves out. I think Petunia is becoming a bit like Ryougi, which is a frightening thought…

In case anyone is interested, Harry just before he kills a demon has been using Nanaya Shiki's quotes from Melty Blood. And Ciel is naturally quoting the Bible too.

Till the next chapter.