A/N: So its Christmas Day and I thought I'd do a few ditties, this is the first of a five chapter Christmas Celebration the Tantei and Koenma will be taking part in. Each chapter will focus on one pairing but they'll all tie together. First up Hiei/Botan. Enjoy guys.

Chestnuts Roasting

By: Vindiya

Botan wouldn't have it any other way, running around prepping Genkai's for Christmas. Everyone would be there and that was how it should be. Even Koenma was coming and she'd been able to talk him into letting Ayame come with him. She deserved a break every now and again, the girl worked too hard for her own good sometimes. She had just put down the last platter of snacks when there was a shout from outside. Her purple eyes lit up as she ran out to greet everyone.

Keiko was there first, Yusuke trailing after her a tray of noodles in his hands. Kuwabara, Yukina, and Shizuru coming up behind them. The three of them greeting Botan and Genkai and Yusuke and Keiko before heading inside to hang up their coats. Genkai turned and entered her home after several minutes as they waited. Kurama arriving just as she was doing so apologizing for being late, something about he had to stay for a meal with his family before he could join them.

Botan smiled through the whole thing watching as Kurama moved to sit down next to Shizuru his arm sliding around her shoulders, both of them watching as Keiko and Yukina busied themselves with preparing tea and coffee, Yusuke and Kuwabara talking about something she couldn't quite hear. It had better not be about that case that they'd been assigned before the holidays, she'd kill them for ruining the holiday spirit with shop talk.

"Still not here, Botan?" A soft voice asked from off to her side, making her jump in surprise.

Swinging her gaze around Botan's gaze landed on Ayame standing next to Koenma in his adult form facial expression as neutral as ever while Koenma was watching probably wondering how he had let her talk him into this and that he had better things to do than celebrate a ridiculous holiday right now.

Shaking her head she forced her smile a little brighter, "Not yet. But he'll be here...I know he will be." her voice drifting off as she turned her gaze to glance around the snow covered ground around them.

Ayame nodded and and touched her friends arm before passing into the main room.

"You know the rules." Koenma stated simply as he walked by.

"KOENMA, WHAT NO DIAPER TODAY?" Yusuke shouted drawing a smile from Botan.

Rolling her eyes Botan leaned back against the pole holding the roof up. Her arms crossed over her chest as she watched. Laughter rang from the room where everyone else was gathered cozy and warm. She tried to ignore it still waiting for him, for Hiei. He should be here with them. Tied or not anymore he should be there to celebrate another year going by without incident. Sure they still had the small case every now and then, but it was nothing like those first years.

Snow fell from on the branches of the trees landing in a small powdery heap. She stared at it expecting Hiei to pop out of it. Everything was so still there was no way that could have fallen unless he had somehow made a wrong move. Smiling she stepped off the porch and walked through the snow to the tree. Looking up expected to see Hiei sitting in one of the branches, but he wasn't anywhere to be found in that tree.

"Where are you Hiei?" She murmured shivering slightly from the cold, rubbing her arms to keep warm through the the thin blouse she was wearing.

"Get inside before you freeze woman."

Botan spun around looking for the source of his voice. She had half a mind to believe that she had imagined it entirely but he was standing there. Really there, his usual cloak wrapped around him as he stared at her the same disapproving and haughty look on his face. But there was an underlying softness to his eyes now that Botan thought only she saw.

"HIEI!" She shouted lunging at him, rules be damned as she wrapped her arms around his neck kneeling in the snow.

She couldn't believe it, he was there and she was just beginning to believe that he wouldn't come. He struggled a bit to get her hands off of him so that she wasn't strangling him. Seriously that would look horrible for him, he'd gone up against demons like Bui and worse over the years, fought non-stop for days, and he would die all because some tiny little ferry girl hugged him a little too tight. The fox would never let him live it down when he finally went to hell to meet him.

"I was just beginning to think you weren't coming." She muttered turning angry eyes up at him.

"I shouldn't have."

"Yes you should have. Come inside, say hello to everyone else." She said standing and tugging on his arm toward the house.

The shouji screen door opening then to both Kurama and Shizuru coming out. Both pairs glanced at each other briefly before going their own way. Kurama and Shizuru off to the other side of Genkai's temple in order to talk or something and Hiei looking down at Botan eyebrow raised.


"Why what?" She asked pouting her lips some.

"Give me one reason why I should." He replied after a moment.

"Well you haven't seen any of them in a year." Her voice stern as she planted her hands on her hips. He was going to make this difficult wasn't he?

He shrugged and didn't say anything about that. Effecting for the most part that not seeing any of them for a year had been intentional. Narrowing her eyes Botan leaned down to stare at him on eye level.

"You should at least say hi."

Hiei stayed quiet looking away from her. It didn't really matter what she said he wasn't going in there at all. Did he really have to be a pain in the arse like that? He just had to go inside say hi and then he could disappear, it really wasn't that difficult a concept to figure out.

"Please Hiei, just come inside for a few minutes." She pleaded.

She was met with stony silence, making her lean down one last time. "If you go in there, I'll make it worth it."

That caught his attention his red eyes finding her purple one as he raised an eyebrow at her, intrigued. "Really?"

She nodded a grin crossing her face, "Shall I show you?"

"You should."

"Alright." Her grin grew as she leaned closer hovering for a moment debating for a moment if it would be okay to bend the rules just a little bit. Making up her mind she pressed her lips to his in a kiss for a moment before pulling back smiling broadly at him, "How's that work for you?"

Smirking Hiei cocked his head to the side, "It works..." And just like that he fissioned away appearing on the porch in front of the door into the room where everyone was congregated. Botan rolled her eyes and walked back toward the temple herself, this was going to be a great Christmas now that everyone was together again.