A/N: Part three of Five. Kuwabara and Yukina's bit.

Winter Wonderland

By: Vindiya

Having Yusuke abandon him to participate in less manly things Kuwabara was left as the only other person standing alone with nothing to do. His eyes skimming around before he noticed that his sister was a missing as well as Kurama. A bit of grin crossing his face as he took one seriously amused guess as to why both were missing at the same time from the same place. Chuckling to himself he plopped himself down next to Yukina and draped an arm around her shoulder just as Kurama and his sister came back. If he had been paying attention he might have noticed that his sister looked a little flushed but he wasn't more interested in his pretty ice demon sitting next to him.

"Yukina-chan how about a Christmas kiss for Kazuma?" He asked taking her chin in his hand and turning her head to look at him.

"Kazuma...everyone's watching." She murmured her red eyes a little nervous as she felt Hiei's and a couple other's set of eyes focus on them.

"Bro, you're going to push a couple boundaries if you aren't careful." Shizuru admonished lighting up a cigarette and taking a long drag on it.

"At least I ain't dragging her outside to make-out like a couple of hormonal kids." He shot back over Yukina's head.

Shizuru on the other hand snorted and shook her head ignoring the hormonal kid comment. So they'd acted on impulse that didn't mean they were acting like they were younger than twenty again. She took another drag and let out a stream of smoke as she exhaled, "Try not nauseating everyone else if your so set on that kiss baby bro."

He sat there at a loss for a moment before rolling his eyes and returning them to Yukina's, "What d'you say babe?"

"Please Kazuma...I don't want to make anyone sick." She plead before standing and going to help Yusuke in the kitchen.

A derisive snicker came from Hiei's general direction drawing Kuwabara's attention making the man narrow his eyes in annoyance.

"Shut up Shorty."

"What for I didn't say anything." Hiei said cooly pushing off the wall and appearing before Kuwabara could stand up from his seat on the couch.

"I'll show you not saying anything. Just as soon as you eat my fist."

Botan's sighed and shook her head, "Some things never change do they, Koenma?"

"Does seem that way." He answers absently his eyes searching for Ayame and finding her standing a bit apart from the rest of the group. He was just about to get up when a bit of a scuffle broke out between Kuwabara and Hiei that ended in both landing face first against someone else. Hiei with his head planted in Shizuru's chest and Kuwabara with his lips smashed to Keiko's. Squawking Kuwabara pushed away from his friends wife and backed away real fast before Keiko could take a whack at him. Hiei on the other hand pushing himself up and looking at Shizuru blandly.

"That was your idiot brother's fault."

"Yeah I know." Shizuru muttered looking at her brother darkly before getting up and popping him on in the back of the head and beginning her usual tirade about how he should be able to fight better than that.