Okay my little gems, this waaaay late challenge fic is for the word raw, which I loved so I did a little extra because of my lateness

E/O challenge fic for the word: Raw. Double drabble.

Summary: An excuse for some Limp Sam and worried Dean, set early season one.

Warning: I'm in a teary mood...:) And I couldn't help but use two of the challenge words...you'll be seeing 'Keen' shortly.

Don't Hold Back

"Sam..." Nervous.

A sniff was his only answer.

"Sammy?..." A stutter.

"Dean...just...not now okay, I..I can't..." Sam's face was pinched, his eyes too bright, too wet.

A stray tear streaked his cheek, his eyes fluttered shut. Then clenched.

"De-ean-n." Sam sobbed, his chest hitched, he hicupped Dean's name. "Jess..." A whisper. A plea...

His whole life in one. Single. Breath.

Dean clucthed Sam close, his hands splayed on Sam's neck, his back. Sam's head hid into his chest, his hands making fists in Dean's shirt.

"I know Sammy. I'm sorry...I'm..." Dean didn't know what to say, he knew what that kind of emptiness and loss felt like.

Sam shuddered under his hand.

Sam made a low keen in the back of his throat, mumbling "Nonoono...no...no...not Jess..."

Dean just held him tighter, he'd never seen Sam so stripped of his defences, so vulnerable.

So raw.

Sam's head on Dean's neck now, he sniffed and raised red rimmed eyes.

"Tell me...this isn't r-real...it's a dream..." Sam begged. Those goddamn eye's pleaded. "Dean...?"

And Dean's heart broke all over again.


Another double drabble to come :) I did like these challenge words.