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E/O Challenge fic for the word :Raw

WARNING: they hug! and it's...sadly another double drabble (runs from the challenge rules)

Set one year after Dean's deal had ended- (Take it if you want for season four, or just that Dean never went to hell, no spoilers anyway)

"Dean, where the hell have you been? It's after eleven!"

You only went out for food...

The motel door shut, the latch locked. Dean smiled.

"It's Christmas Sammy!"

Sam nodded. "Yeah, you've been gone hours man, what the heck took-"

A bright red bow appeared in Sam's face, under a neatly wrapped box.


"Open it." Dean smiled.

Sam hesitated, took the present. Dimple's flashing.

"Great minds think alike..." Sam reached under his bed and pulled out a green and blue wrapped rectangle with a little tag.

To Dean, the best big brother a guy could ask for

Sam x

"Thank's man!" Dean beamed.

"Well said last year, you wanted a christmas and..." Sam faltered. "At least now I don't have to worry about you checkin' out on's not our last christmas, that's a hell of a lot brighter."

Dean laughed. "No I'm not leavin' you bro, now c'mon open it."

In unison, ripping paper and tearing into their presents.

Sam stopped, looking at the picture frame before him.

Himself at seventeen, with their dad outside a shabby bar in West Texas holding an arm around each other. One of the first times he'd gotten drunk with their dad.

In the glass he saw himself smile, the difference of how he looked then and now.

"How...where did you get this?" Sam's eye's teared.

"Dad's lock up...with a bunch of other stuff."

Sam left the photo on his bed and walked upto his brother and swept him in a fierce hug. Exhaled a deep sigh.

Dean patted Sam's back.

Dean finished the last layer of paper from the envelope and ripped it open.

He frowned, reading the envelope inside, and glancing at the two ticket stubs.

"What's this?"

"You said...once, you wanted to see the Grand Canyon. I don't want you to go through life...through this and not get to live at least one we're going."

"Thank's Sammy...I'd like that." Dean nodded, squeezed Sam's shoulder.

"Now where's the vodka..."

Sam laughed.

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