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Rated T for violence.

This fiction comes into life because I notice it's a common thing to make fun of Neji for being narcissistic. So obviously, I had to take my own spin on it.

I was listening to "One More Soul to the Call" from Silent Hill: Homecoming soundtrack before I wrote it. It fits the mood.

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"Did you hear? Hinata's dead."

One o'clock in the morning.

Neji Hyuuga rose from his bed and made his way out of his room. He walked pass the kitchen and the living room and opened the door that connected his small house to the main house. He was, as the main branch said, made of impure blood and therefore weren't allowed to live with the rest of the Hyuugas. It didn't bother him. He hated the main branch anyways. He walked down the long hallway; the walls were decorated with portraits of generations of dead Hyuugas. His own father's portrait was near the end of the corridor, indicating that he had died most recently. He pushed open the door and stepped into the main house. Even though he wasn't allowed to live here, he knew the place well enough to know where everything was. He walked to the spacious kitchen and opened the knife drawer. He studied his choices and decided on a small paring knife. It would do the trick. He headed to the foyer and walked up the grand staircase that led to the second floor. His own house didn't even have a second floor. He strolled down to the right end of the hallway and stood in front of the oak-colored door. The room belonged to the elder of his two cousins. He turned the knob, knowing that Hinata didn't usually lock her door. A night light glowed by the bed. It was the only source of light in the room enclosed by thick curtains. Neji stalked his way over to the bed, making sure that he had closed and locked the door behind him. He stared down at Hinata. She was sounded asleep; her head tilted a little to the left. He pulled away the light purple comforter. She was wearing a white gown with flower imprints that was riding up to her thighs. Hinata stirred and rolled to her side, pulling up her legs to compensate for the sudden lack of heat. Her hand reached down her gown, obviously looking for her comforter. She opened her eyes and rolled toward Neji. She gasped, startled, and sat up immediately.

"N-Neji? Wh-what… are you d-doing here?" she asked. She spotted the comforter bunched at the bed end. She grabbed it to cover herself.

"Do you believe in destiny, Hinata?" Neji asked, quiet and unmoving.

"U-um… W-why are y-you asking me s-something like that… I d-don't k-know," she stammered. She pulled the comforter up to her shoulders and looked away shyly. With the soft glow of the night light, Neji could see the blush on his cousin's face. "U-um… We can t-talk in the m-morning?"

"What would you say if I told you that it is my destiny to become a god?" Neji asked. He took a seat on the edge of Hinata's bed. He brought a hand up and caressed her smooth cheek.

"A… god? I-I… I don't understand." She squirmed under his touch. The blush on her cheeks bloomed. She kept her glance on the hump of her knees.

"I'm to become a god, and your destiny, Hinata, is to become my first sacrifice."

"A…Ahh… Neji, y-you a-are s-scaring me." Hinata scooted away. She had always admired her strong cousin and would've loved for him to talk to her more often. But their conversation now was only freaking her out.

"Don't be afraid. Dying is the first step to living forever," Neji said, showing a rare smile.

"N-Neji…?" Hinata knew that something was off in Neji's head. She kicked the comforter off and got on her knees, trying to escape the bed.

Too late.

Neji grabbed her by her silky hair and threw her on the bed. Hinata shrieked from the shock. He pinned her down and straddled her slender waist. Hinata screamed, thrashing her arms and legs to no avail. Neji covered her mouth and nose completely with one hand. He pulled out the paring knife and raised it. Hinata snapped her eyes wide as the knife came down on her carotid artery. She tossed her weight in a futile attempt to throw Neji off of her. She jerked. Her foot kicked. The sharpened blade sliced through her flesh and severed her blood supply. She made a muffled cry as pain enveloped her. Neji twisted the knife like a screwdriver. Hinata choked on the blood pouring into her mouth. She couldn't find the right words to describe what she was feeling. It hurt more than her worst menstrual cramp, a lot more than when she fell off her bike in kindergarten, and even more than when her finger got caught in the car door. The pain of death welcoming her in its arms was slowly soothed away by a desensitization of her nerves. Her head felt dizzy. Her sight blurred. Her muscles relaxed, changing the frown on her face into a relieved smile.

"You're pure as the first flake of snow in the winter," Neji said, "And now, I will possess your purity."

Hinata sank into the mattress. Her soft eyes gazed up at nothing. Neji extracted the knife from her neck. He fixed her hair and smoothed her night gown. He interlaced her fingers and placed her fists over her chest. He cupped her face, still warm from her struggle, and placed a deep kiss on her tender lips. He could taste her cherry lip balm and the iron in her blood. He parted her mouth, inviting his tongue in to smear blood over the moist cavern. He sucked on her lips and swallowed her blood. He threw his head back and took a long breath of air. He had always wondered what blood would taste like. Now he did, though he wouldn't call himself a fan of it. He smudged the blood from the corner of Hinata's mouth.

"Sleep, Hinata," he said.

He climbed out of bed and pulled the comforter up to Hinata's shoulders. He made his way out of the room and back to the kitchen. He washed the knife in the sink before he put it back to its original place in the drawer. Then he returned the way he came and went back into his house. He got into bed and heaved a sigh of accomplishment.

One down.

Six more to go.

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"You ask me if I have a god complex. Let me tell you something: I AM God."


Boyue's Note: So yeah! I hate to say this, but I most likely won't continue this piece if I don't get feedbacks. For those of you who know me, you know that I like to have multiple projects going, and if no one likes this piece, then I'm not going to bother and spend attention on it. If I do continue, next chapter will have more explanation of what the heck is Neji doing. T-T;;

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