E/O Challenge for the word :Local

hmm...this one's hard...

Warning: 2 + 2 is sooo not five. I've learned in some cases you have to agree with the idiots.

Summary: E/O Challenge fic for the word: Local. A hunt in the making.

Disclaimer: I don't own em, couldn't copyright if I tried...I don't even know how to fill in dentist forms...forget major ownerships...


"Dean, don't rush me...this legend isn't even local lore! how the hell are we supposed to even know what this thing is!" Sam hurriedly whispered.

Twigs snapped underfoot as they huddled in the dark, Sam's notes open.

"I thought you researched!" Dean shrieked.

"Yeah, that was until the thing friggin' flew at us!..." Sam sighed. "Look just...hold on okay, it's not what we thought it was."


"Okay Dean...I got it wrong, if we survive, you can kill me." He hissed.

Dean regarded his brother, tight lipped and flustered. "Sam?"

"What!?" Sam lowered his voice, spoke softer. "What?"

"Calm down man, we'll figure it out..."

Sam tensed. "Not if it kill's us first..." He said as the creature swung down from the trees again.

OOHH..okay, I know some of ya would want more- I'm mean leaving em that way, so you'll get another chapter, same challenge word too :) one day :)