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\\A single tear fell from his eye.

In his mind an image of his brother formed from his memory of their final battle; both of their bodies were covered in blood. It was raining, the sky mimicking the emotions of the atmosphere. The thunder's loud booming echoed in Sasuke's mind alongside his thoughts. 'Why didn't you tell me?!'

The lightning was blinding and it made him shield his eyes. When he looked up again his surroundings were a drastic contrast. A warm feeling encased him and he felt the presence of a strong chakra. Eyes stared wide at him and their power over took his own.

His dream began to fade without him being aware.//

He closed his arms tighter around a comforting warmth. The aromatic fragrance of lavender calmed his senses and he drifted in between wake and sleep.

A soft touch graced his hand and immediately the Uchiha opened his eyes. It took a few seconds to take in his new surroundings, but once he did his heart began to beat faster than he would ever reveal.

How had this happened?!

He glanced above him and saw he had lost his way into her room. Stupid wall. He must have rolled over in his sleep and during the night. Geez, what a place to get comfortable.

Hinata's head turned toward him, her eyes glaring daggers. He wanted to disappear, but his arms were wrapped around her.

- - -

Hinata awoke calm and warm. She checked her leg to make sure it hadn't moved, but when she looked down she was greeted with a sight she never could have dreamed. Circling her waist were two toned arms, holding her secure.

Needless to say she was surprised at the very least. What did he think he was doing? One kiss and all this? Who did he think she was? Not to say she didn't like it. She would never admit it, but it wasn't so bad being held in such a way. It was even kind of...relaxing.

Either way she had to put him in his place. She could feel his breathing change as his heart changed rhythm against her back. He was waking slowly, time to speed things up. She brushed his hand ever so slightly with hers. She could feel his heart beat.

She turned her head toward him, her eyes angry, but when she saw his face she was stunned. His Sharringan was activated and a tear stain trailed down his cheek.

Sasuke looked away from her stern eyes. He just couldn't take anymore right now. His mind was swirling.

"A-are you okay?" Her eyes softened to neutral and she asked with genuine concern.

He closed his eyes and tried to clear his mind. What had the dream meant? Later he could meditate on it, the current matter needed to be delt with.

Hinata shifted her body slowly and carefully to not disturb her leg until she was on her right side facing him. She placed her fingertips on his temples and sent out small therapeutic chakra pulses to ease his tension.

Slowly his mind eased and the memory faded into his subconscious. Focusing on the pattern of his breathing and taking in the relaxing touch and aroma surrounding him Sasuke was able to find himself calm once again.

"Thank you."

Until yesterday, he would have never thought to use such courteous words. He would have never been as comfortable around her as he was now either. Just knowing she was like him in one way or another seemed to make things easier.

Gently he pulled his arms from around her trying not to shift her position. After rolling over he sat on the edge of his bed. "We need to get that wall fixed." he grunted plainly and stood. What she could see of his face was emotionless as ever. She decided not to comment.

She listened to his footsteps as Sasuke left his apartment and entered hers, the respective doors opening and closing. The quietest of sounds could be heard from her kitchen and in a few minutes he came back to her room with an herbal tea ordered for her healing regimen. He brought in a small folding table for her rest the teacup on and to leave the teapot in reach. Sakura had instructed her to not walk on her leg for twenty-four hours after she had healed it. Around ten more hours to go. He left the long way around without a word.

Hinata sat up, turned to face the table and placed her left foot on the floor, her right still on the bed, a perfect ninety degree angle. In time with the sound of his door closing she lifted the cup to her mouth and sipped. She was still trying to understand what had happened but she wasn't having much luck. Sasuke didn't seem to know either. As if on cue she could feel his eyes on her and she set the cup down. What she once may have considered to be scorn she now believed to be interest and perplex.

He walked back to his room and she caught his eye. The injured ninja sat in a position that was to say the least unorthodox yet seemed content and maybe even comfortable. He simply turned away and stepped into his bathroom for a shower deciding it was just one more trait of hers that he'd learn not to be surprised by.

With the shower on, the water hitting his back and neck steadily, he finally began to loosen up. Slowly and carefully he began to recall and pull apart his dream and the feelings it had sent through him. Something told him it had been important and there was a reason that even after locking it away it was still easily accessible as it had been the moment it came to him. Sitting there in its cell, waiting for him, waiting to be dissected, all voluntarily, except for one aspect: the eyes. The eyes that had stared into his very soul, they alluded his gaze now and stayed hidden.

He sighed and turned off the water. Today's mission had been reassigned to Hinata's care. There weren't enough medics to send one to care for something so trivial compared to other cases. It was considered a D rank but required more advanced medical care than a Genin could provide. Sasuke, having been trained by Kabuto to a certain degree for the care of almost any injury, and still being a Genin whether his skill reflected it or not, qualified him for the job. He knew it would take time to gain the trust of Konoha again, but it would all be worth it in the end.

After drying off he dressed in the boxers and pants he had brought into the bathroom with him and opened the door while drying his hair with a hand towel.

Her eye darted to his form as she heard the door open, her head turned as little as possible. The first thing she noted was that he was shirtless. The Uchiha's build was easily admirable in this state, the curves of his biceps, his muscular chest and abs. When he turned around to face the dresser she could see his shoulders were strong and his back well toned. She took a rather diluted sip of tea; she was salivating. As she realized this she adverted her gaze from his body, just catching the sight of a shirt slipping over his head.

"Is there anything you need?" he asked, voice static as ever.

Hinata finished the rest of the tea in the cup and set it down before speaking to him, facing him in profile. "I would like to know what happened earlier."

"I said "need"." his voice hardened.

"Some answers." she retorted not shaken in the least.

She returned her attention to the tea and poured herself another cup draining the pot of its contents. It was downed as if it was a shot of sake, the cup placed back down gently on the small table.

"You know, I pretty much have all the time in the world." she pressed.

"And if I don't feel obliged to share?" If she thought she was stubborn he'd give her a run for her money.

"Well there doesn't seem to be anything I could do about that in this state, but considering the position I was in without my consent I think I'm entitled to at least a simple explanation."

But she did have a point.

"Hn. ...I can't say I know why it happened myself."

"If you say so." She laid back on her bed again and swung her other leg up to be more comfortable.

"I'm bored."

Hinata looked over to find Sasuke sitting on his bed, legs crossed, meditating, and just rolled her eyes. What an exciting baby sitter. This'll be tons fun.

Sasuke was at work on unraveling one of the seals restraining his chakra. He was trying to work out all of the symbols and strands in the web and untangle them all to be able to release it. Concentration was key, but the girl was making it difficult. She was singing 100 Bottles of Beer....in Spanish....

"Ochenta y seis botellas de cerveza en la pared.

Ochenta y seis botellas de cerveza.

Tomar uno, pasan alrededor.

Ochenta y cinco botellas de cerveza en la pared."

His eyebrow twitched and a vein was pulsing in his forehead. She seriously needed to find something else to occupy her time.

After even more verses he still wasn't getting anywhere. His concentration was slipping more and more as she got a little louder each round. He finally snapped.

"Shut up already!"

"Sesenta y nueve--but I've only passed around..treinta y uno botellas de cerveza...." counting on her fingers she said so innocently. Torturing him for thirty-one verses of the most annoying and pointless song in the history of the world.

"Deal with it."

"You. I'm bored."

"Sesenta y–" His hand was over her mouth.

"No more."

She shot him a fierce look. He removed his hand when he felt she wouldn't start the song again. "What do you propose I spend my time doing then?"

"Anything but that. I really don't care. Just nothing so annoying."

"Anything?" she raised her eyebrow with a sly, crooked smile and walked her fingers up his chest.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. He would only oblige to get her to shut up, but found himself actually wanting to kiss her, if even only somewhat. He had to admit he was surprised when he felt her finger on his lips.

"I was just asking. So eager." she chided mockingly. He pulled back the few inches he'd moved and scowled. "You like to play games, why not a round of shogi?"

"I do have a board – in the drawer there." she pointed. He stood on the bed and jumped over her landing on the floor with a soft thud. Opening the drawer he spotted the game and set it up on the folding table next to her bed. He went into the kitchen and when he got back with a chair for himself she was sitting up waiting for him to begin the game.

For the next few hours they tested each other in a battle of strategy and wits. It was a good time consumer, though every 30 minutes or so Hinata had to switch positions because her leg kept falling asleep. Moving pieces across and around the board until the other could make no legal move, they played a total of 3 games, the last Hinata won–making the score 2-1. Having won the best of 3 she decided to retire. Sasuke was a formidable opponent and thinking so much really took a lot out of her, so she ended up lying down again.

"What do you want for lunch?"

"I don't care. Anything but cup ramen." She had had enough of ramen as of late.

He ended up making them rice and chicken. Choices were limited, he had only shopped simply when he stocked his fridge and Hinata hadn't gone shopping yet. A plate was fixed for each of them and they ate in her room. Her plate was on the table and Sasuke held his own, keeping to himself. She sat up again to eat.

"It's good. Thank you." she complemented almost surprised, but one did have to know how to cook when traveling alone.

"Hn." he grunted in response as he chewed.

After that they ate in silence not really knowing what to make conversation of. When they were both finished he took their plates out and washed them, returning to a yet again bored Hyuuga.

"I really don't want to sleep in all day. I hate this there's nothing to do! Uuugraaguuh!"

"What a charming sound. Like birds singing in the morning."

"Shut it Uchiha." She pouted at him having nothing better to do.

"What's this?" he asked picking up her sketch book that had been tucked under the side table.

"Nothing!" she squeaked and reached out to take it from him only to realize she couldn't. Her leg was like a dead weight holding her back.

He opened the cover and began to flip through the pages of drawings. Hinata bit her lip nervously. She hadn't shown her artwork to many, just Team Kurenai and Neji. It was a private hobby of hers and she wanted to keep it that way. As his eyes graced each page his facial expression never changed in the slightest. Anything could be going through his mind at each moment. She waited anxiously, not sure whether she wanted him to speak or not.

"These are exceptional." As vague as ever.

"Can I have it back now?" she poked her fingers together as she eyed her book.

She drew a lot of birds he noted, and one picture in particular had claimed his attention and admiration. It was a black inking of a raven drawn in utmost detail. His fingers traced the strokes of the plumage. He felt the need to touch it, to verify it's two-dimensional form. It was so real, and it looked so much like the ones Itachi used in his genjutsu.

Eyes closed in reverie, Sasuke closed the book and handed it out to her. Hesitantly it was received by its owner. Now, she felt intrusive, as if she was interrupting something by taking it from him. She gently placed the book under her bed and waited with the silence. He stood and she looked up at him. His eyes were low as he left the room and out the door. Hinata awaited the accompanying sound of his apartment door opening, but it never came. He left.

His feet took him where they pleased, he needed to be by himself for a while. Entranced he walked, his mind empty of all things. After some time he focused his eyes to his surroundings. The shine. Again he was here, but for what purpose? Why did he feel the need to come here? A soft breeze rustled the greenery around him. He paced over to the stone and gracefully let himself down into the traditional seated position.

Hands gripping his knees his head bent down in frustration. The thoughts in his mind weren't making sense. He was losing control.

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