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NU: Dark Lord…

Prologue: Welcome to your Tower, Sire…


Normal Speech…

Normal Thoughts…

Radio/Tower Heart In Use…

Jutsu In Use…

Demon Speech…

Demon Thoughts…

Inner Spirit Speech…


(Konohagakure no Sato…)

A strange little figure walks down the snow-covered streets of Konoha, chuckling as he sees how dark and depressing the place looks. "Ah, almost makes me feel at home." The tiny figure praises with a devious laugh before stopping, a single yellow eye narrows as the tiny figure moves on, deeper into the dark bowls of the City. "Giblet, Moldy, Gubbin!" The person then calls out and three more tiny figures come from out of the ground and look around before pushing and shoving one another.

"Yes Gnarl!?!" They all question while trying to get each other in a headlock.

"I sense his power! Our master has finally arrived!" "Gnarl," said then glared at the three as they were on the ground, Giblet having Gubbin in a leg lock while Moldy beat on Giblets back… "Stop fooling around you useless sacks of slime and puss!" Gnarl snarled out at the three and they all stood at attention, Gubbin pushing Moldy to the side when he was two close to him.

"Yes Gnarl?!" They all questioned once more and Gnarl felt his single eye twitch in annoyance.

"I have sensed the new Master, I wasn't so sure from the Tower but I'm positive he's here! We must go out and find him at once!" Gnarl stated and the three other tiny creatures all grinned to Gnarl before rushing off to find their Master. "Wait you Fools! You forgot me!" Gnarl then shouted while running after the three idiots…


A blond boy of maybe twelve or thirteen lays in the snow, above him is a hole in the roof of an old building nearly his size and shape. The boy blearily opens a pair of brightly glowing blue eyes, only for the glow to fade after a single moment had passed… it faded, but it wasn't completely extinguished… Looking up and turning his head, the blond grunted in pain feeling his neck strain… The heavy footfalls coming towards him made him quickly half-close his eyes and look for whoever it was…

However, it seemed that by moving his head he had also put his field of vision away from whomever had pushed him from the roof and onto the building he crashed through… "Come out, come out, wherever you are…" Came a singsong voice while the blond prayed to anyone, anything that was listening to please come help him. "Ah, there you are." The dangerous voice came as the blond was then picked up and kept his eyes mostly closed, looking out through his lashes and hoping to catch a glimpse of his assailant…

The person he saw looked to be a warrior of some kind, maybe a Samurai with that armor, a loincloth like attachment with a scarf around his neck, both of those items colored jet-black, though the odd looking helmet with three long horns was definitely not a normal Samurai Helm as far as he knew, leaving his face was distorted by the shadows of his Helm and a black chain-mail facemask, thus the blond didn't get a good look at him. However, it was those eyes the man had that truly frightened the blond, these eyes were red as blood, and seemed to glow as brightly as hellfire…

"He ha ha ha, found you…" The man sneered at the blond before walking over to a window and kicking it out. "Nothing personal kid, but I can't have a brat like you spoil my plans for the future… This world only has room for one Overlord after all…" The man sneered out and Naruto wondered what the hell this guy was talking about, before he was then thrown out of the building into a wall across the street from the other building!

'H-he's really strong…' The child thought to himself before a fireball from behind pushed him through the wall and into another building. Upon bursting through the wall of the building, the blond went tumbling to the side before landing on his back and breathing heavily. Looking up the blond slowly wondered why the man wanted him dead, and what he meant by only "One Overlord" in this world when he was just a kid! And if the guy attacking him WAS some kind of Overlord why did he even matter to him?!

He also wished he hadn't gone back into the Lost-Sector of Konoha today, he had been having a bad feeling about being alone all week, but like the reckless fool he was he ignored it in order to train more… You see, unfortunately for our blond friend this was the abandoned part of Konoha, once known as the "Guild" halls. This place supposedly housed the Guilds of Konoha. Fighter, Assassin, Sage, and Thief Guilds all once rested in this abandoned part of Konoha. They were closed down when the Shinobi of the village quit specializing in only one field and came together to form the levels of Ninja, but as a result they also lost all the most powerful skills and knowledge of the guilds high elders.

Recently, Naruto had found this Lost-Sector of Konoha, hidden under a massive Genjutsu he stumbled upon. Since that day he'd been exploring the place on and off, mostly after he went to school while also using it as a hiding place for when his numerous pranks would go awry. The supposedly "Lost Sector" of Konoha actually existed in a space just south of the Uchiha Sector and was completely surrounded by thick and high concrete walls. It honestly wasn't quite as large as the Uchiha's home however, though the massive Tower that sat at the base of a mountain and reached up into the sky more than made up for it, also making the blond wonder how no one could see the towers shadow in Konoha…

All thoughts of history were brought to a halt however as the strange Warrior suddenly stood over him before reaching down and lifting him up to face him once more. "Resilient… to bad, I wanted to make this as quick as I honestly could child… but your own cursed blood seems to want otherwise…" The man growled towards Naruto before lifting a massive fist and placing it around the blond's throat. The boy's eyes went wide at this; his assailant was really going to strangle him! Normally the people who tried to kill him preferred cutting him or trying to hack him to pieces!

However, just as Naruto was struggling for breath the man gave a roar of pain and dropped him. The blond coughed as he tried to regain his breath, then felt a patting on his back from a tiny hand. Ignoring this and looking up Naruto saw a strange yellow-brown creature in an old brown loincloth on the evil mans back jabbing a spear into his shoulder before being knocked back by the man. "Ah, so you're the other… I see you haven't changed one bit… still trying to hoard all of the power of the Overlord for yourself…" Another creature said, this one having only one eye and grayish colored skin…

"Gnarl…" The man growled out while the blond looked on with an absolutely confused expression while the strange yellow-brown creature the man had knocked away got back to its feet and growled towards the man. "How dare you have these Minions attack me!" The man roared towards the creature the blond figured was Gnarl.

"I "Dare" have them attack you because you're making a mistake! An even greater Mistake than when you tried to force the Tower-Heart to surrender its power to you!" Gnarl said with an edge in his tone as he walked forward slowly and with two of the yellow-brown creatures at his sides.

"Its power belongs to me! It should have known that all of its power belongs only to me!! I am to be the ONLY Overlord!" The man roared out angrily and Gnarl sneered towards the far fallen former Knight, his own soul corrupted and saturated in not only evil and madness, but also greed and decadence…

"Nay, you've lost all hope of being the Overlord now or ever… You lost it the day the Tower-Heart stripped you of all its power… HERO!" Gnarl snarled then sneered towards the, as the blond guessed, former Overlord who shook with obvious rage.

"You! You and that blasted Heart cannot keep me from my destiny Gnarl! I shall be the Overlord, I have killed all who tried lay claim to my Tower, pillaged the Tower and this city and scattered it's secrets to the winds over a dozen times, and of course I even managed to hide the Tower-Heart away! You and the Minions have no CHOICE but to accept me back as the one TRUE Overlord!!" The man boasted before laughing loudly, insanely as Gnarl could only sneer towards the man.

"You don't get it do you… you LOST all right to that Title by trying to take the Tower-Heart's power… you can never reclaim either your Title or our loyalty for that my former Master… We can be pushed around, beaten, sacrificed and chopped to pieces and not bother to care… but we shall not serve someone who would try steal the power, no, the very SOUL of our Home … Not only that but you killed our original Master, both of his daughters, one of which was your Mistress, all in your foolish attempt to gain more power." Gnarl stated with an angry sneer once more while then glaring at the now fuming man.

"Moldy, Gubbin, Giblet! Attack!" Gnarl then called out and the three yellow-brown creatures lunged at the man, one stabbing him in the gut, another jumping onto his back to stab him there while the last used a club which he slammed into the mans, right knee, shattering it as the man fell down to one knee. The man growled like a wild beast at this, ramming his left arm into the face of one of the creatures he knocked it into a wall where it looked around dizzily. The man then rolled onto his back, throwing another of the creatures away and leaving only the one with the club left to look on with wide yellow eyes. Chuckling darkly the man pointed a hand towards the tiny creature and a ball of flames went straight for him.

"Batter Up!!" The yellow-Brown creature suddenly yelled and threw it's wooden club into the flaming projectile, stopping it as the flames hit the ground and started to spread much to the shock of the supposed Overlord. Meanwhile, Gnarl had made his way over to the blond boy and looked him in the boys glowing eyes before grinning.

"He ha hah… The true Master has finally come forward …" He whispered to himself while the man from before roared and lunged at him and the blond. "Giblet! Stab his other knee, and then all three of you get over here! We have to leave now! Before we all become a barbeque with the new Master!!" Gnarl barked out and Giblet laughed loudly while lunging at the large man stabbing his spear into the back of the large mans knee, making him scream in pain as he fell forward.

The three Yellow-Brown creatures then made their way over to Gnarl, the one who had had the club then jumping on to the blonds back and waving towards the large man with an insane grin on it's face. "Bye bye!!" He called out with a laugh as they were then consumed by a blue shower of sparks and the man roared, lunging forward he reached out for them only to snarl when they vanished completely… he had failed… failed to stop the next Overlord… all because of that stupid little imp…

"GNAAARRRLLLL!!" The man roared before slamming his hands into the ground, breaking the boards he fell into the darkness below while flames continued to consume the building completely…



"You sure it's this one?" Came the tiny high-pitched voice as the blond from before shuddered before slowly opening his eyes.

"Rub some acid in his eyes, that'll freshen him up." Came a response from what sounded like Gnarl while the blond boy's glowing blue eyes opened to see himself surrounded by the faces of strange creatures.

"What?" The young blond boy questioned weakly while getting a good look at the creatures, the first looked like two of the others, it was Yellow-Brown, with a brown tattered loincloth, long pointed/slanted ears with large bright yellow eyes, clawed four fingered hands and three toed feet with spikes at their ankles, a small thin body with their spine/ribs visible even under their skin and scales on their elbows and knees, small spikes at the backs of their jaws, and their noses were more like a pigs snout, and sharp fangs completely filling their tiny large mouths while a long tongue stuck out of ones mouth.

Looking to the only other creature around, he saw a gray colored creature of obvious age, wrinkles and worn skin covering his body completely showed his age, with white hair on its eyebrows and jaw, a long white Goatee hanging from it's chin, the same nose as the other three creatures, two long tattered pointed/slanted ears with three golden earrings in the left one, this one only had it's left eye remaining unlike the others and was a duller yellow, he like the others hand clawed hands and feet, but he wore more clothes, a red cloth was draped at the front of his body with a dark cloak around his body with long slits for his arms, leather armor was left over his shoulders with thin bone's twisted into a collar around his neck and back while a twisted bamboo lantern hung down over his head for light of some small amount, last he has wrappings over his forearms and what looked like a loincloth beneath all of that.

"Who… what… where?" The blond questioned while looking around, the room he was in was simply put, massive, massive enough to house what looked to have once been a grand home, a pool of water sitting away from him with what looked like black marble leading to it. However, the place wasn't very well off, it had it's stone pillars torn apart, wooden beams had fallen down, the windows, if they had ever been there, were gone allowing snow to float in, old torches had been mostly destroyed, and after a cursory glance he also saw that numerous archways had been blocked while a chair, no, a throne he was sitting in had been mostly destroyed…

"Master, it's so good to see you! I am Gnarl, the Minion Master." Came the voice of the gray creature and the blond looked at him before grimacing in pain with a hand to his stomach. "I see the traitor injured you greatly master. Alas, if only we had the Tower-Heart or even the Whites we could heal you easily!" Gnarl said with a frown before slapping one of the yellow-brown creatures. "Giblet, go fetch Jester, he knows were some healing supplies from this "Ninja" villages are for our Master!" Gnarl ordered and Giblet nodded his head rapidly before rushing out and down a flight of stairs while Gnarl then shoved the other two creatures away from the injured blond.

After a good thirty or so minute, Giblet returned, with him was another Gray creature; only this one was obviously younger than the other, wore a loincloth with a green/red jesters hat and staff. "Welcome!" Jester said as he jumped onto the blond, making him grunt in pain while Jester laughed, only to be knocked around by Gnarl, Giblet, Gubben, and Moldy for hurting him.

"Fool! Do you have the healing supplies or not!? Our new Master is injured!" Gnarl snarled at the Jester who shook but nodded to the older Gray. Handing a bag over to him Gnarl fished around in it for a few moments before pulling out some disinfectant, ointment, and bandages. "Gubben, Moldy, Giblet, Jester, get our Master off his throne and lay him out so I can dress his wounds." Gnarl ordered and the four Minions went to work without question.

First, Giblet and Moldy jumped up behind the blond and pushed him forward, Jester and Gubben caught him as soon as they did and Giblet and Moldy then jumped down and grabbed his legs. The four then carried the blond forward carefully before placing him down on some level ground before Gnarl placed a pillow under the blonds head for some minor comfort.

"Excuse the state of disrepair of your tower sire, but a traitorous Overlord tried to overthrow the power of our Tower-Heart. In his foolishness he even lost his own power to the Heart. Ever since then however, that same former Overlord continuously murders our masters before we can find them! In fact, you were lucky to have survived as long as you did!" Gnarl explained before skipping off to the blond's side, while the boy groaned out lightly in pain. "Hmm… these burns may leave a mark sire… Wait what's this!?" Gnarl said then questioned before leaning down, Jester and the other Minions coming to stare as well, pushing one another around.

What they saw was that the burns on the blond haired youths back was slowly healing, leaving not even a scar in its place as a small amount of steam rose from the burns. "Hmm… that looks like the old "Hero" bloodline…" Gnarl mused and one of the three yellow-brown creatures looked to him.

"Hero! Does that mean our Master is good?!" Giblet questioned and Gnarl snorted loudly at the other creature's words.

"Not exactly Giblet. The Hero Bloodline was called that due to the fact most people who had it were actually Hero's. However, many were also the most evil, vile, twisted villains to ever walk the face of the world! But barring himself of course, I thought that our original Master destroyed the last person with that Bloodline for sure…" Gnarl said to himself, and then had an evil grin cross over his face. "Then again, this Master IS of his line so I should have expected him to have it as well…" Gnarl mused while adding the ointment to the blond's burns, making him hiss out in pain.

"Sorry for this Master, I would rather not cause you pain but it's necessary if we wish to heal you." Gnarl apologized while then wrapping the blonds wound with the bandages and then disinfecting his other wounds before wrapping them as well. Jester however then checked on the blond boy's legs and looked to Gnarl with wide eyes.

"The master! His leg is broken!" He said and the Minions all started to run around screaming under Gnarl slapped them.

"Go fetch two sturdy pieces of wood. We need to make a Splint." Gnarl stated while Jester checked his arms, then his neck.

"We need a second splint for Master's right arm Gnarl! And a brace for his neck, I think the traitor may have broken it!" Jester called out and Gnarl gnashed his teeth together in pure fury before barking out orders to the Minions who obeyed his orders to fetch what was needed to heal their new Master properly. Once the "Three Stooges" were gone Gnarl turned to look at Jester with a raised brow.

"How did you know how to check for broken bones? Even I don't know how to do that…" Gnarl questioned the mumbled and Jester grinned widely to his superior Minion Master.

"I have to check myself for broken bones and the like all the time with every New Overenthusiastic Overlord! HA HA HA!" Jester said before laughing loudly and Gnarl blinked, that did make some amount of sense, it also explained why he had all of those healing items with him…

"Well, keep up the good work Jester and I might promote you to personal physician for the Master and when he gets one, his Mistress in the future." Gnarl stated and Jester grinned before running around shouting out happily about never being punched, stabbed, chopped, smashed, kicked, or slapped ever again! Gnarl tuned this out while making his way over to the blond boy who looked up at him and winced.

"Don't move Master, it seems that the Traitor may have broken your neck. You're very lucky to be alive but I wouldn't try to move just yet." Gnarl stated while the Three-Stooges came back and laid out several pieces of wood with a thick Leather Gaiter on the ground as well. "Hold still master, this might hurt a little but we need you to heal properly if you're ever to assume your rightful place as our Master." Gnarl said while looking to Jester and telling him to help him set the blonds bones back into place.

As the tiny Gray did, Naruto suddenly screamed out in pain, while Gnarl had the Three-Stooges move to hold the blonds, head and arms down so he could hurt himself further, while he and Jester held his legs down. Jester and Moldy then traded places as Moldy held his leg down and Jester moved his right forearms bone back into place, the blond screaming out in pain once more as soon as he did. Gritting his teeth, Giblet then moved to hold his arm while Jester wrapped the Neck brace around the blonds throat, then pulled on it and heard a light pop as the blonds neck snapped back in place but the Neck Brace was tight enough to keep him from moving it before he had healed.

"Master… Master can you speak?" Gnarl questioned as he moved to the front of the blond and then ordered the Minions to rest him against the throne, where his back would come in complete contact with it. The Three-Stooges and Jester did as ordered, picking him up then slowly turning to where he was facing up then moved him against the throne in the room. Jester then moved the pilling and placed it against his back so they could set him down in the throne, once this was done the Minions all stood back.

"Master, can you speak?" Gnarl questioned and the blond looked downward and Gnarl made an O with his mouth. "Until he heals we need to take extra care of the Master, Giblet, Gubben, Moldy, Jester. I want all four of you to head out into the forest, Jester, you know something about Healing herbs that humans use right?" Gnarl questioned and Jester nodded his head with a grin on his face. "Good, then help those three fools and find some, focus on ones for a regeneration Potion so that Master can move within the next few days… with his Hero Bloodline however, I doubt a Potion would need even that long to take full effect…" Gnarl ordered and the Minions moved out of the Tower once more, leaving Gnarl to waddle over to the blond.

"Pardon me for not asking you this earlier Master… but do you have a Name?" Gnarl questioned and the blond twitched.

"Nar…Naruto… Uzu… Uzumaki… Naru… Naruto…" He managed and Gnarl nodded before raising a brow wondering what it meant he asked as much. "Sw… swirling… Male… maelstrom…" Naruto offered and Gnarl grinned, a hurricane sounded like the perfect name for an Overlord, raining death, destruction and carnage down on all the helpless little fools out there!!

"Very well then Master, welcome to your new home. Welcome to your Tower, Sire." Gnarl said with a low bow and Naruto looked around the ruins of this so called tower and wondered what the hell he had gotten himself into this time…




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