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[Shin: And we're back!

Espeo: Things have been really crazy without the Master at the Tower…

Browns: We miss da Master!!

Greens: Us too's!!

Rose: Shin, would you PLEASE get these Minions under control!?!

Shin: Sorry Milady, but even a Minion Master can't fully control Minions. Only the Overlord himself has that kind of Power.

Doc: To true, but no one and nothing can control Quaver.

Quaver: Not true! There is one thing that can tame me!

Shin: Really? What!?

Quaver: Why music a course!!

Rose: Shin would you please hurt him…

Shin: With pleasure Mistress!!

Quaver: AAAAAHHHHH!!!]

NU: Dark Lord

Chapter 34: Night of the Bloodied Waves Pt.2


"Normal Speech"…

'Normal Thoughts'…

[Radio/Tower Heart In Use]…

"Jutsu In Use"…

"Demon Speech"…

'Demon Thoughts'…

"Inner Spirit Speech"…


(Nami no Kuni…)

Akore sat on a cliff waiting for Naruto like the good slave she tried, and often failed, to be. "You know sitting there won't make him come out any faster…" Sylnavas reminds with a slight frown as she watches the slave girl from a nearby tree branch.

"I know, but I'll wait for my master to return to prove I'm his most loyal slave!" Akore states while crossing her arms and Sylvanas rolls her bright red eyes. 'More like most obsessive…' She thought to herself while Akore looked down to the area where Naruto had gone silently. However, seconds later Akore leaned forward as something exited the cave, along with a dozen more something's following it. "Is it Master?" Akore wondered while leaning forward and placing her hands on the ground to get a better look.

Sighing, Sylvanas stretched her limbs out lazily and rolled off the tree, landing on her feet she then walked over to look down as well. Spotting the same figure climbing up the side of the cliff with what looked like Blue reptile like beings, Sylvanas raised one of her long eyebrows. "Are you sure that's Naruto?" She had to ask and Akore gave her a look in response.

"Of course I'm sure! I'm magically bonded to his power!" Akore reminds and Sylvanas rolled her eyes before watching the figure as he pulled himself up before them. However, upon finally seeing beyond that shroud he'd been wearing Sylvanas raised a brow, shocked that he looked so similar to an Elf…

"You can probably pass as my real son now, that's for certain." Sylvanas notes and Naruto gives a cheeky grin while his Blues pull themselves up and stand around their master obediently. "And what pray tell, are those little things?" Sylvanas then questioned while pointing to the blues and one bubbled slightly.

"We Minions!" It stated simply and Naruto nodded his head before walking over to Akore and pulled her up by her hair. Grabbing her Master's wrist and pulling herself up to lessen the pain, Akore rubbed her head as Naruto turned towards Sylvanas, arms crossed over his chest.

"We should head off to your people, I have an idea for how we'll siege Gato's fortress…" Naruto states and Sylvanas slowly nods her head before turning around, walking after her with the Minions Naruto closed his eyes in thought. Flanking Sylvanas on either side was her guards, and Akore was behind the Blues, the bubbling minions snickering as she griped about not being appreciated…



Tak was busy working on the evaluations for each of the Goblin Invader Force. Thus far, only Echo, Skoodge, Tenn, Zee, Skutch, Miyuki, and Nny. The others were complete and total dropouts from what she could tell. The other Females were more or less useless for anything other than breeding, and the other males were only smart enough to be soldiers at best. Oh, and it seemed that the PAK's still needed some work since Nny reported his was going on the frits.

"We should probably just start looking for the Arcaniam Smelter… not to mention get Echo back here to work on them with Giblet. It'd sure, save us a lot of time and trouble." Tak mused before making a side note of that on her evaluation, most of what she'd written for the half dozen other goblins saying they were "Completely and totally useless as Invaders".

"Tak, report!" Shin suddenly ordered while walking into her "Office" which in all actuality was just part of the servant's quarters that the Brown's had dug out for her to have some privacy when she was working. Not to mention the fact she was a Goblin and some of the human girls were just a little too curious about her biology for her to be comfortable around them…

"I've got seven useful Invaders, but the rest are completely useless idiots… they might make better soldiers than Invaders, but that's all I can really say for them." Tak explains casually while to Shin with a shrug, the young Minion-Master growling in his throat at the news.

"Great… all that training went in one ear, and out their asses…" Shin guessed and Tak snorted before covering her mouth at an amused laugh. "Any other bad news Tak?" Shin questioned and Tak reached to her side and pulled a notebook from her desk, then swiveled on her chair to look at Shin.

"It seems that the PAK's that were given to them still need some more fine tuning Shin. Invader's Nny, Canti, Red, Purple, and Spork all reported some defects with theirs. Some of the SIR Unit's, as you've taken to calling them, went psychotic as well, one of which was Tenn's and I had to calm her down and send her another to replace the insane one. The Insane SIR'S seem to have also self destructed, taking the Invader's bases with them. Most of them managed to get away without detection, though I think Invader Spork was eaten by a giant slug monster or something." Tak started to explain then took a deep breath and Shin grimaced visibly.

"Also, Vis-Lor, the Goblin chef has been demanding we find the Red's so he can start making hot meals again without getting someone to start a fire. Zim is demanding more ingredients for his latest idea to cause mayhem in Konoha. I think he's working on a brain eating land squid or something, actually might work if I didn't have the feeling it was going to eat his own brain, or at least try… poor thing's going to starve." Tak noted with a shake of her head and Shin nodded his own in agreement with her.

"Alright, now what good news do you have for me?" Shin demanded while rubbing his face with one hand and Tak flipped a few pages in her notebook.

"Good news… Skoodge located Castle Gromgard for us, he's also found what appears to be a section for Tower Forges, and upon searching he located a forge that made things out of Obsidian. He's also wondering if he should send it to us to add to our own forge or not. Also, Invader Zee found a few "Relics" in Sweetvale village that belong in Castle Gromgard, apparently, they are Overlord Spell Relics like we have here at the Tower only for different spells than what we currently have." Taking a breath once more, Tak looked to the next bit and grinned.

"Also, Echo has located a way into the "Nether-World-Tower" while exploring the former Glorious Empire and sent a request to have Grubber sent down so they could connect it to the Dark Tower, Frostcrag Spire, and Castle Gromgard, allowing us to use Four different locations that have Spells, Artifacts, and locations for easier conquering of the lands." Tak explained before breathing out a sigh of relief and Shin nodded his head slowly, a sly smirk soon crossing his features.

"How are we doing so far on Tower Items or Relics from the other locations?" Shin questioned and Tak flipped through her notebook once more.

"Well in terms of spells, thus far the Master has got the Fireball, Flamethrower, Tornado, Energy Spike, Chain lightning, and the Lightning Whip Destruction Spells. He has the Slow, Confusion, Evil Presence, and Power Drain Domination Spells. The Shield and Shock-Shield shield spells. The Transmogrify and Summon Mysticism Spells. And of course last is the Anger, Berserk, and Frenzy Minion Spells. The rest have yet to be located however our agents are still looking." Tak explained before breathing out and taking another breath of air.

"In terms of "Relics" as you put it we have all one Spell and Blood Relic for Castle Gromgard. All Six Minion Caches, Health Collumns, and Mana Pillars for the Tower. We've stolen everything we needed to complete Frostcrag Spire and even empowered it like the other locations for the Master's use. And also, since we've only recently located the Netherworld Tower we've still yet to locate any Minion, Health and Mana Totems. Basically, we need to link the locations together and locate the last of the relics for each location." Tak explained and Shin nodded his head with a wide grin, he could imagine his master being more than a little pleased with that…

"Next, we have the Tower's Steel and Durium Smelters, Castle Gromgard has its Iron Smelter and we're looking for the other Smelters for the Castle and all the Forge Stones that belong with the Netherworld tower as we speak." Tak finished before letting out a breath and Shin slowly nodded his head.

"I'm going to go get Grubber and have him work on linking up all of our new homes. With that done, and once we have all the items and relics, the Master will have access to three times the amount of power and Minions he's currently wielding! No one will stand a chance before his might!" Shin said to himself, then shuddered when he imagined such an evil power walking the lands…

"Truly, it'll be something to see." Tak mused and Shin nodded his head with a smirk. "But what are we going to do with all of them linked together, sure it'd be convenient and give the Master a power boost, but what else would it be useful for?" Tak questioned and Shin merely smirked at the Goblin girl.

"Simple Tak, We'll be able to move our forces over terrain with them linked all that much easier. The lands will also be linked to the Overlord once we do and become darker as he does as well! Now, then, what of our Allies, any new ones I should know about?" Shin questioned simply and Tak sighed before flipping a few pages in her notebook once more…



Envy, in Naruto's form once more, sat with Ayane in a tree, each watching as Zim attempted to sneak into the Aburame home to find something or other… The Two have been "Hanging Out" for lack of a better term, for the passed few months. Mostly, Envy was keeping an eye on the girl encase of betrayal, however, thus far she had no interest in betraying the Overlord. "Why is he going to the Aburame's anyways?" Envy suddenly questioned and Ayane leaned back while reading a book.

"He says that they have to have chemicals because "How else would they have that evil Death Bee"…" Ayane replies flatly, one eye twitching in annoyance while Envy snorts and tries not to laugh to hard.

"Evil Death Bee?" Envy questioned and Ayane nodded her head.

"Apparently one of his machines was annihilated by some random bee… and now Zim has decided that once he's finished with the village, he'll start his war with The Bees." Ayane explained flatly and Envy snickered with an amused grin stretching across his features.

"That little green zit can't do anything right! Now he's even being bested by bees!" Envy laughed out lowly and Ayane shrugged her shoulders, calmly turning a page as one of her eyes looked to her book.

"Might want to quiet down Envy, sis will be here any moment now…" Ayane reminds and Envy grimaces before flipping higher into the tree. Looking up with one eye, the girl followed him, soon sitting on another branch and calmly sitting back as she read over her book silently.

Bellow them, Sakura herself looked out from a bush and then looked around before stalking towards the Aburame Compound. She had a net strapped to her back this time and smirked as she threw a grappling hook over the side of the wall before pulling on it and scaling it. Quietly making her way over the wall the girl looked around for Zim… then saw him screaming as he ran from a swarm of Kikai Bugs…

"THEY WANT TO EAT ZIM'S DILISCIOUS BLOOD CANDIES!!" Zim screamed loudly and Sakura blinked and looked at Zim oddly.

"Well… that one was new…" She noted before shaking her head and reached back to take hold of her net. "Alright Zim, this time I've…" She started to say, only for Zim to trample her then jump from her and up to the wall. "Hey!" Sakura shouted angrily as Zim then screamed in pain as a Kikai or two got him. Growling Sakura throws another hook over the wall and got ready to climb it back to the other side. However, at hearing a buzzing Sakura turned and suddenly paled as another swarm of Kikai was heading straight for her.

Screaming the pinkette quickly scaled the wall, jumped to the other side and ran from the bugs as they swarmed after her. At seeing this Envy fell from the tree to the ground bellow, laughing and clutching his sides, tears of mirth in his eyes as he started to beat the ground bellow him. Shaking her head, Ayane made her own way down and then watched as the two swarms suddenly returned to the Aburame's home…

"So the bugs were some kind of defence?" Ayane guesses and Envy merely nodded his head while trying desperately to control his laughter.

"Those were wild Kikai, they attack anything near them unlike the domesticated ones the Aburame use…" Envy got out between snickers then took a quick breath. "Apparently, the Aburame leave them in their yard as security, but it looks like no one bothered to tell Zim or Sakura that little tidbit of info!" Envy said with a laugh and Ayane nodded her head in agreement before frowning.

"We should leave now, no point in us being captured by the Aburame if they heard all the screaming." Ayane stated flatly and Envy slowly nodded his head with a wide grin across his face.

"No matter how many times I see Zim or Sakura getting hurt, maimed, or just humiliated by their own stupid actions, it never gets old!" Envy said with a grin and Ayane merely shrugged her shoulders disinterestedly.

"They could do better…" She notes and Envy rolls his eyes before flipping back to his feet, then ran off, Ayane grumbling before following the Doppelganger into the forest to return to house 777…



Naruto sat in a seat within the Camp of the Forsaken with Sylvanas, his eyes were closed and his face still revealed. They had been hear for several hours now, his Blues were meditating around him, all quiet as there minds drifted off to other planes, somehow bringing Naruto's with them as he began to think faster and faster as they did that… he really likes the blues. "Naruto, what are you thinking about so intently?" The Banshee Queen suddenly questioned while looking at her surrogate son.

"Ideas for infiltrating Gato's fortress… have those Ranger's you sent out returned from that Ninja compound in the forest yet?" Naruto stated then questioned and Sylvanas nodded her head with a slim frown.

"Unfortunately the two Ninja aren't there, more than likely Gato pulled them back to his Fortress after he discovered someone had been bellow him." Sylvanas reported and Naruto's lips curled into a slight frown before he opened his brightly glowing blue eyes.

"What of his forces in the Village?" Naruto questioned and Sylvanas frowned.

"All gone. He seems particularly frightened by the threat you pose." She noted and Naruto slowly nodded his head with a thin frown still marring his features.

"Seems he's aware of who I am… it's the only reason for him to be this paranoid." Naruto mused aloud before a sudden thought came to him. "Unless he's more worried about that Dragon…" He noted and then licked his lips, thinking to himself about his options…

As it was, he was fairly certain Gato was more frightened of the Dragon's wrath than whomever let it loose. Probably even believe the Dragon had killed him… That would be his first and soon to be last mistake. Licking his lips once more Naruto thought of the fortress itself, remembering it in his mind while looking it over for weaknesses… 'All I need to do is get that bridge down, then the Forsaken can annihilate the rest of those idiots inside. I'll call for Azure, and then take on one of the Ninja myself…' Naruto muses to himself thoughtfully before opening his eyes and laced his fingers together.

'However, I'll only have one shot at getting inside unless I was tiny… no Minion I have with me is smart enough to locate the Bridge Controls to lower it and open the doors…' Naruto noted before snapping his eyes open and grinned slightly to himself.

"I'm not small enough… but a Minion is too dumb… so what if…" He whispered and then stood up, crossed his arms and looked to Sylvanas. "We attack tonight while Gato's men are disorientated. They've been without combat for a long while now, we shouldn't give them any more time to prepare for us." Naruto states and Sylanas frowned in thought before begrudgingly nodding her head in agreement with the boy.

"How will we be getting in then?" She asked and Naruto smirked slightly before looking to the Blue minions.

"It's time…" He rumbled out and grabbed one of them, holding him up with one arm, the Minion suddenly grinned and started clapping happily.

"Yes! Yes! Possess me!" It called out as the other Blues suddenly surged forward and raced around the young Overlord in a circle. "Possess me! Possess me!!" The Minion called out as Naruto's body started to glow blue, rising up to hover off the ground as a ball of Mana formed in his free hand. Roaring Naruto threw his arm and then Minion high into the air, the ball of light hitting it as all fell down soon after, sparks of lightning arching over the ground around him. The Minion he'd had hold of suddenly landed on the ground in a low crouch, a miniature yellow gem present on it's left arm, it's eyes glowing a bright amber gold now.

"What just happened?" Sylvanas demanded while kneeling down to Naruto's body, picking it up she noted it was completely still.

"Care for me Body Sylvanas-Hime, I's going to infiltrate Gato Fortress." The Blue suddenly hissed, it's own voice mixed with a distorted rumble of Naruto's own.

"Your… a Minion?" She questioned with a raised brow and Naruto in the Minion's form merely grinned.

"No exactly, I's just possessing it for little bit. Need get into Gato Fortress, none of Minions smart enough drop bridge and Open doors on own. So I's do it as one of dem. Bring Body wit you Sylvanas-Hime, protect it, I's no able control two at once so must leave it in you capable hands." Naruto explained then reported before looking over the Minions, the tiny terrors suddenly saluting as Naruto crossed his arms and rubbed the spikes at his chin. "Come! Tonight Gato fall!" Naruto exclaimed and the other Blues all called out in agreement before the Young Overlord then rushed off with them hot on his heels…

"That is the single most disgusting thing I've ever seen… Possessing one of those monstrosities… ugh…" Sylvanas got out, though inwardly admitted the diminished Size of the Minions made it easier for them to sneak into the Fortress… "Best not dwell on it, we have a battle to get too!" Sylvanas reminded herself as she got up and rushed off, one of Naruto's arms slung over her shoulders as she carried it with her.

Meanwhile Naruto himself ran towards Gato's Fortress with his Horde of Blue Minions following close behind him. 'First things first, get to Gato's stupid fortress and open the gate, then I deal with whomever this guy hired, then I deal with the little Halfling himself…' Naruto thought darkly, eyes narrowing as he and the rest of the blues came close to the fortress.

"How we get in master?" One Blue questioned and Naruto stroked the spikes on his chin once more, a slim frown across his lips.

"We's need's to figure dat out before we do anything…" Naruto notes while looking at the fortress, searching for anything that could help them… "Open window!" He said upon seeing one on the far side of the building, just above the rocks the fortress was built upon.

"So? Whats good a window?" Another blue asked and Naruto slapped his face before giving it a glare.

"Dum dum! We's swim to island, then climb rocks, we's enter through window!" Naruto explained and made a mental note to figure out why he couldn't speak normally when he was a minion. Making an Oh with its mouth Naruto bubbled in irritation before sliding down the side of the cliff. His blues following him the young Overlord turned Minion jumped into the water and halted…

'Weird… I feel… at home? Must be because I'm a blue right now.' Naruto mused before swimming towards the island fortress, his other blues following him. Coming up on shore Naruto pulled himself onto some rocks, and then helped his Minions up before they started to scale the side of the island.

"Master, what we do with Halfling that kill master mama?" One blue asked from the side and Naruto made a mental note to add to the "Overlords Guide to World Domination" that Blue's were also very curious Minions unlike their cousins.

"Not know yet, me make him suffer! He sin of greed… maybe I's make Venom punish him like he was sent to Hell!" Naruto muses and the blue grins devilishly, the others giggling like maniacs as Naruto soon comes to a stop beneath the open window. Shushing his horde, Naruto peered over the windowsill and saw a kitchen, a portrait of an extremely obese Halfling on a wall with the words "King Melvin Underbelly" under it on a gold plaque. Grinning at the picture, Naruto made another mental note to have it taken to the tower… he could always use a new dartboard after all.

Shaking his head of those thoughts Naruto noticed it was harder to concentrate as a Minion. In fact, now that he thought about it, he was somewhat as hyper as his old dobe self had been! Shuddering at the fact he used to act like a meager Minion, Naruto crawled over the windowsill and into the kitchen silently. Looking around Naruto spotted a meat cleaver that was just about his size and reached out for it. Taking the cleaver and pulling it out with both hands, Naruto then put it back with a shake of his head. Blues weren't good with physical force, all they had to fight with was Mana, and even then, their normal blasts were too frail to harm anything…

"Oh well, I no here to destroy anything like dis." Naruto mused to himself before turning into a doorway. Naruto slowly turned to look for anyone outside before grinning as he called the Minions into the room mentally. Instantly the chatter of the Blues came, some giggling, while others merely bubbled happily. Grunting and rubbing his chin once more, Naruto slowly walked out into the hall, and then swept his Minions into a hiding spot where he followed.

'I have to get to the front, then open the gate…' Naruto mused while watching out for guards, assured that there was none at the moment, Naruto slowly walked forward, his Minions behind him. Coming to a flight of stairs, the young Overlord climbed up them with his horde, keeping out of any human's sight. Stopping when he came to the top floor, Naruto looked around and then waved his Minions with him. Crouching down as he moved through the Fortress, Naruto suddenly stopped at a shadow coming from a nearby open door.

"Listen, I'm telling you the Dragon can't be reasoned with! It's loose now and it's going to kill me for keeping it locked up like I did! You've got to do something!" A voice said with obvious fear and Naruto raised a brow before moving the Blues into a shadowed corner and formed a Guard Marker to hold them. Crawling towards the voice, Naruto turned to look into the room and grit his teeth at seeing Gato. The mustached, sunglasses wearing Halfling was sweating visibly while pulling on the collar of his business suit. However, what truly made Naruto snarl was the fact he was looking into some kind of flaming portal, the Betrayer himself visible within its depths…

"Gato, I told you it was a bad idea to try and control that Dragon in the first place. And as far as me helping you is concerned, I think… well… your greed has finally gotten the better of you." The Betrayer said dully while Naruto narrowed his eyes on the man. While he was a cruel vicious person now, he still understood and rewarded true loyalty, Akore wasn't loyal to him, only to her Dark-Overseer, but those who were truly loyal to him, Like Zim, Rose, Will, and Shin, they had his undying, unyielding support…

"But I can't do this alone! I need you to help me sire! I'm going to be slaughtered by the beast before morning I know it!" Gato said in a panic, looking more like the timid Halfling he was born as than Gato of Gato Shipping… a pathetic salve trader and merchant of death.

"Then it's your own fault Gato. And do not forget that I've only helped you thus far because of our past… dealings. Besides, just sick your pet Shinobi on the beast, I'm sure they could at least damage it… slightly." The betrayer rumbled out dully, looking to his fingers as if interested in them for some reason.

"Those morons?! Are you fucking kidding me?! Yeah Zabuza is tougher than a run of the mill Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, or even a few Draenei and Naga, but do you honestly think a seven foot tall human with a few pint sized pals are taking down a fifty foot tall, sixteen ton, pissed as hell, angry as fuck Water type Dragon when he's a water user himself!?! They'd all be slaughtered in seconds by that thing!" Gato said with wide eyes and the Betrayer didn't even bat a lash towards the Halfling.

"Of course not… I meant have them damage it then have your hundreds of mortal soldiers go in for the kill, Gato." The betrayer reports calmly, his tone even as his blazing red eyes gazed at the Halfling impassively.

"That… might work." Gato admits while trying to control his breathing, a single hand upon his chest in some attempt to steady his head. "But that's still a mighty big "Might"…" He then reminds and the Betrayer shrugged his armored shoulders with clear disinterest in the Halflings plight…

"Whatever… just do it and leave me be. If that Dragon has finally dealt with those annoyances I sent you then fine. Kill it how you will while I try to pin it on that upstart Overlord Brat before the Dragon Council here in Aseroth." The betrayer states simply and Naruto's eyes narrowed to thin slits while the Betrayer vanished into the odd looking portals depths…

'Great… that damn armored behemoth is trying to turn my own kin against me! Even if its only a distant relation, they are still related to me…' Naruto inwardly growled, then considered trying to kill Gato before widening his eyes at the sound of someone approaching. Mentally cursing the young Overlord moved towards the hidden blues and peered out as a samurai like man walked into Gato's office.

"Ah good, you're here. I need a report on the current status of the base… oh and close the door will ya." Gato said as the door closed and Naruto growled lowly in his throat before rubbing his chin for a moment. Looking over the hallway Naruto then made his way passed the door and to the opposite wall. Peering around the area he grinned when he spotted an oddity with one of the walls. The wall looked normal enough, however he spotted a groove in it in the shape of a door.

"Secret passage… Halfling need learn better tricks." Naruto noted quietly before looking around, spotted an unlit torch above him and shook his head. Calling his Minions back to him, the young Overlord stood on one's shoulders and pulled the torch down, causing the Wall to shift and reveal a doorway. Quickly jumping into the passageway with his Minions in tow, Naruto found a stone and pressed it, the doorway closing behind them as the minion Overlord chuckled.

"Now we bring Gato to knees." Naruto mused as he rushed down into the passage with his Minions in tow. Stopping when he came to a treasure vault, Naruto and the other blues suddenly grinned evilly.

"Rob him blind, master?" One blue asked and Naruto considered it before grinning once more.

"Rob him blind." Naruto allowed with a nod of his head and the Minions started grinning widely.

"For the Overlord!" They exclaimed before diving into the gold and jewels, a pair of blues pulling a very large burlap sack out of somewhere and started to pile the gold, jewels, and treasure into it. Chuckling to himself, Naruto watched them do this, five of the Minions soon saluting to him once they had everything loaded into the sack. "Good, now let move out Minions!" Naruto orders and the Minions salute, five carrying the bag as Naruto makes his way deeper into the passageway.

Finding a dead end Naruto felt around before pressing into a rock and opened another doorway. Peering out of it, Naruto spotted the guards controlling the door / bridge and narrowed his eyes. Looking around and making sure he knew where the guards were Naruto swept his Minions out of the passageway and into the hall. Happily carrying their newly stolen swag the Minions followed Naruto to a corner. Peering down it and seeing a sleeping guard Naruto swept his Minions passed him and along the pathway towards the bridge controls.

"Zabuza-Sama, what do you think Gato is so… paranoid about?" A very soft voice questioned and Naruto peered down to the ground and saw several Nuke-Nin. One wore bandages over his lower face with a massive cleaver like sword, his Kirigakure Hittai-ate tilted on his head with a slash through it. Near him was two more Nuke-Nin, each one wearing a large gauntlet with chains linking them, gasmasks over their lower faces and horns on their own Kirigakure Hittai-ate's.

The last was the one he'd heard speak, he or she was wearing a pair of Geta sandals, a tan jumpsuit with a blue green hoari over that and a tan obi sash around her waist with a white Kirigakure mask with red swirls on it and his / her hair pulled into a bun while some came down to frame his / her face with gold clips…

"To hell if I know Haku… I'm just hoping it's worth sitting here and doing nothing…" Zabuza stated with obvious annoyance while Naruto smirked slightly before leading his Minions further towards the controls. Keeping low to the ground Naruto ordered a few of his Minions to attack the guards at the controls while moving to attack with them. Jumping onto the guards the Minions covered their mouths to silence them while the others stabbed them to tiny blades over and over.

Ignoring them, Naruto went over to the controls for the bridge and doors and kicked it. The bridge was released and fell down instantly, Naruto grinning as it feel down. "What the hell?!" Someone demanded and Naruto stabbed his own blade into the controls, opening the gate for the incoming Forsaken. Hearing someone coming towards them, Naruto swept his Minions into the room and then pushed the doors closed. Grinning Naruto then formed a guard marker to hold them all in the room to protect the stolen treasure.

"Now I make Gato pay…" Naruto said darkly, eyes shimmering evilly as he held up one hand and channeled his Mana once more. Seconds later, Naruto's real eyes snapped open as Sylvanas gave the order for her Forsaken soldiers to attack Gato's forces. Groaning and pushing himself back up, the young Overlord placed a hand to his head as Sylvanas looked to him with a smirk.

"Good work with the Draw Bridge, though turning yourself into a minion… disgusting beyond all reason." Sylvanas states simply and Naruto opens one eye and cracks an amused grin.

"Shin said the same thing when I found a way to possess them using a "Netherworld Alter" I found a few months back. Though I must admit I'm glad that with a little practice and a lot of patience I've managed to be able to possess Minions without one." Naruto offered before cracking his neck and pulled his Duel-Sword from his back and twisted it in hands, pulling the twin blades from it and held them at his sides. "Now then, if you'll excuse me Sylvanas-Hime, I've got a Ninja to take on and a Dragon to let loose on Gato's fat Halfling Ass!" Naruto said darkly before lunging passed Sylvanas, passed several Forsaken and into the fortress, eyes glowing ominously.

Looking around as the Forsaken ripped through the annoying humans, Naruto couldn't help but grin darkly. 'But why should THEY get to have all the fun…?' Naruto suddenly wondered before chuckling darkly, his grin spreading wider to show his longer than average canines. "AZURE!" Naruto screamed out with a grin, the ground rumbling beneath him as he did so. "It's time to unleash your fury on these mortal fools!" Naruto exclaimed before laughing loudly as the ground split beneath his feet, the giant blue water dragon rising up beneath him, the young Overlord standing atop its head.

"What the hell is that?!" One of Gato's thugs demanded with wide frightened eyes.

"Z-Zabuza-Sama… I-I've n-never heard of a D-Dragon Summon…" One of the two gauntlet wielding Shinobi stuttered out with wide eyes, Zabuza staring with a slack jaw as the beast in question roared down at them, one of it's claws lashing out at several of Gato's thugs, sending them flying into a wall as it then slammed it's other fist into another batch of the thugs.

"That's because there isn't one…" Zabuza states with wide eyes as the dragon then tilts its eyes upwards, unnoticed because of their crimson glow.

"Good day cousin." Azure allowed with his eyes looking towards where Naruto stood on his head. The said Overlord laughed once more before looking down on the battlefield. Gato's toy soldiers were screaming like girls at the sight of the enormous Dragon, some thought it only some mass Genjutsu, but the Shinobi merely looked on with wide shocked eyes.

"Yes, it is a Good Day my honored cousin! A good day to bring some death down on these fools!" Naruto says and Azure grinned also before roaring towards the Humans, his arms reaching out for the sides of the walls as he pulled himself from the hole he'd made. Fully revealed the massive blue dragon swung it's tail into the soldiers, Forsaken and humans quickly ducking while those who didn't were unlucky as the tail caught onto them before slamming them into a wall, the Forsaken that were caught shortly rising back up and leaving truly terrified humans.

"I'll deal with this human Trash Cousin, you have a score to settle if I'm not mistaken." Azure states and Naruto merely nods his head before clenching the Dual-Swords in his hands.

"Gato worked with a man in Aseroth Azure, this man wishes your death. If you die, the man will try to convince the "Dragon Council" that I'm attacking you all." Naruto states and sees the dragon he's standing on scowl deeply before narrowing its blood red eyes dangerously.

"Do not worry about me Cousin, it'll take more than these mere bandits to do away with me!" Azure ordered and Naruto twitched for a moment before sliding down Azure's body, then flipped off one of his hands to land in a low crouch. "Now mortals, for my imprisonment you punishment is DEATH!" Azure roared out loudly before breathing out a burst of lightning into a batch of the bandits.

"Shit! What the hell has Gato done to piss this thing off!?" He demanded before spotting Naruto as he ran through the battlefield. "Dammit… Haku, Meizu, Gozu, try and deal with those Zombie things, I'm going after whatever the hell that was!" Zabuza ordered and the three Shinobi quickly launched into action as their leader ran after Naruto, his massive sword slung over his shoulders.

The said young Overlord was dodging around swords and knives and all manner of weapons as Forsaken and Bandits fought one another. Azure's lightning bolts hit a little too close for comfort as well, making the teen grit his teeth and slid into a crouch, eyes narrowed. 'Dammit, can't he watch where he's shooting those damn lightning bolts?!' Naruto inwardly demanded while slicing the head off of a nearby bandit and then ducked a flying Forsaken as it was thrown off of a burly bandit.

"Actually, he's doing pretty well considering his size Naruto-kun, I should know after all, I was about that size myself. The fact he hasn't hit you by accident actually attests to how well he's watching what he's doing." Kyuubi suddenly put in her own two cents, making Naruto twitch before nodding his head. Looking around the battlefield, Naruto spotted the Mist Shinobi Zabuza heading for him and grimaced.

'Great, now I have to fight a fully trained and highly experienced Shinobi… this might not end well.' Naruto couldn't help but think before shaking his head and reminded himself that he was the Overlord. Crouching down and taking a stance Naruto watched as Zabuza slid to a halt across from him, eyes narrowed on the young Overlord.

"Just who the hell are you?" Zabuza demanded in a low growl while holding his massive sword at the ready.

"My name is irrelevant to one such as you. But I am known, as The Overlord." Naruto growled out and Zabuza narrowed his eyes once more while digging his heels into the dirt.

"So your not just some rumor after all… shit, I'm on the wrong side." Zabuza mused then muttered under his breath.

"There's no need to fight me you know, I seriously doubt Gato is paying you enough to deal with me, an army of the Undead, AND a pissed off Dragon…" Naruto mused simply, an amused smirk playing along his lips and Zabuza frowned.

"He hired me…" Zabuza reminded and Naruto nodded his head.

"And I've already taken the liberty of making off with a sizable amount of his fortune…" Naruto replies, buffing his knuckles against his shirt as he did so, Azure roaring and blasting another few of the bandits as he did so.

"Zabuza-Sama!" Haku shouted as he / she rushed to his side, panting heavily and looking more than a little ragged. "Zabuza-Sama, these monsters… I can't kill them… I've pierced them with enough Needles in the right spots to kill twenty men and they still just keep coming!" Haku said fearfully while turning to watch as the Forsaken started to rip the needles from their flesh, Meizu and Gozu rushing to their leader as they tore a Forsaken in half, the undead soldier merely putting himself back together.

"Shit! These things won't stay down!" Gozu cursed while his brother shook with wide eyes, Zabuza grunting under his breath before turning to a still smirking Naruto.

"What are those things?" Zabuza demanded while looking around at the insanity, a few of the Forsaken now using flaming Arrows while Banshee's started to enter into the fray as well.

"This is the army of the Forsaken, the army of Sylvanas Windrunner, former Elfin General and Banshee Queen…" Naruto replied with an amused look on his face, Zabuza growling under his breath as he watched the madness.

"Figures… we can't kill them cause their already dead." Zabuza muttered and then grunted before looking to Naruto seriously. "Here's a question Overlord, why the hell should I join you, you'll probably just feed me to your pet over there." Zabuza growled out and Naruto sneered in disgust and annoyance.

"One, Human's taste horrible, two, that's not my pet, he's my cousin." Naruto stated flatly and could swear he heard Kyuubi laughing her ass off at that comment, Zabuza paling at it and then reconsidered his options.

"Right… but that doesn't answer my question Gaki." Zabuza grumbled and Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"I won't kill you if that's what you think. I only wish to take back control of my lands, I may not be particularly fond of your race, but unlike your kind, I don't blame the whole of your species for the sins of some." Naruto growled out at the older Shinobi and Zabuza took a calculative look.

"Z-Zabuza-Sama, those things are coming this way!" Haku said with wide eyes as the Forsaken started to rip through the last resistance of the bandits with Azure's help. Growling and then swinging his sword onto his back, Zabuza walked forward and held a hand towards Naruto with narrowed eyes.

"I better not regret this Gaki." Zabuza stated and Naruto grinned before snapping his swords together and taking his hand.

"You won't Zabuza… I reward all who are loyal to me handsomely, merely ask and whatever you want is yours… so long as it is within my power to do so." Naruto allows smoothly and Zabuza grunted before nodding his head.

"What I wanted was for Kirigakure to be free of that Bastard Mizukage… fortunately he's already gone and a new one in power…" Zabuza said lowly before crossing his arms. "Instead, I'd like sanctuary for myself and my students here, we'll even train some of your soldiers in our arts." Zabuza offers and Naruto grinned once more, his will lines and eyes turning a burning red as he did so.

"So you wish it, so shall it be, General Zabuza." Naruto says before looking around and grinned darkly. "But for the moment… I some life-force I need to collect." Naruto mused to himself and held a hand into the air, the jewel on his gauntly glowing sinisterly as the Life-force from around the battlefield started to flow from the dead and collect at his location.

"What the hell is that?!" Zabuza demanded as Naruto finished gathering the Life-force, a wide grin on his lips as he looked at his still glowing gem.

"That was life-force… the spark of life… it will be useful for creating more minions." Naruto explained simply, an amused expression on his face as he saw the shocked look upon Zabuza's. Chuckling lightly at this, the young Overlord turned and made his way towards Gato's location. Grunting, Zabuza made a motion and Meizu, Gozu, and Haku followed the man as he followed after Naruto.

"General?" Zabuza finally asked and Naruto smirked towards the man.

"My armies are not Shinobi, we have Generals who are in control of massive squadrons of warriors. You will be given your pick of whomever in my village for you to take under your wing as your soldiers and students…" Naruto replied smoothly while kicking the door to Gato's mansion down with a wide grin. "Now to get that little Halfling and make him pay for killing my mother…" Naruto rumbled lowly and Zabuza raised a nonexistent eyebrow before shivering.

'Gato, your seriously screwed…' The man mused; suddenly very glad he'd taken the offer as he follows Naruto up a flight of stairs. Stopping, Naruto then snapped his fingers, an amused expression crossing his lips as he did so. "What are you doing?" Zabuza questioned and Naruto grinned towards the man.

"I told you I already have a sizable amount of Gato's fortune, what I didn't say was my Minions were keeping it safe for me." Naruto replied and Zabuza raised his brow once more, before gaping as the Blues ran to Naruto, carrying a sack of money roughly Naruto's height and twice his weight…

"Dear Kami-Sama… he had THAT much treasure just stashed away?!" Zabuza demanded while looking at the treasure and Naruto snorted.

"Gato is what is known as a "Halfling" a small, big footed, very stupid race. Gato is one of the Smarter ones and was once known as "Gato the Wise" a hero to his people before he became greedy and sold them all into slavery." Naruto explained casually and Zabuza gaped.

"I was working for someone who wasn't even human?" Zabuza demanded and Naruto nodded his head slowly. "Somehow… I'm not as surprised as I probably should be." Zabuza then muttered and Naruto shrugged his shoulders.

"I do have to admit Zabuza, for a Halfling, Gato is extremely evil and conniving, he also has no value for Human life other than as slaves." Naruto mused and then turned on his heel. "Now c'mon, before that annoying gnat manages to escape." Naruto rumbled and made his way towards the door he saw earlier, his Minions followed after him with the massive sack of gold and jewels.

"That was at the very least ten times the amount Gato promised us… and he's having those things carry it around without a care in the world…" Haku suddenly noted and Zabuza nodded his head.

"I was right, we were on the wrong side." Zabuza mused before following after the Young Overlord, spotting him as he kicked down the door to Gato's study. Inside the room Naruto growled seeing an open hatch and rushed over to it.

"Damn that little Halfling! He had an escape hatch into the sewers!" Naruto growled angrily while the Minions scowled behind him.

"Master! Can you hear me? I'm opening a Way-Point gate near your location, your minions won't be able to follow you into the sewers with that heavy sack." Shin suddenly told Naruto and he slowly nodded his head before watching as the gate opened up nearby. Instantly his blues took the sack of treasure to the gate and set it down, the sack vanishing soon afterwards. "UNHOLY SHIT SIRE! That's a lot of treasure!" Shin said with obvious shock and awe while Naruto merely jumped down into the sewers, his blues following after him.

Landing with a grunt Naruto looked around and then raised a brow when he saw a tiny glowing dot nearby. Walking over to it, the teen picked up a tiny person with bug-like wings, said wings being torn while green blood was leaking from its lips. "Must… must kill intruder…" The thing whispered quietly and Naruto frowned before walking down the path with the creature still in his open palms. "Rip his toe nails out… cut him… kill kill kill…" The thing whispered hoarsely while Naruto and the blues walked further through the sewers, Zabuza and his band behind them.

"Kami-Sama, that little maggot had an escape planned! I bet he wanted us to die here!" Zabuza growled while Naruto ignored him and leaned his head towards the tiny creature.

"Sire, that's a Dark-Fairy! They are also commonly referred too as "Unseelie". They are our own equivalent to the primarily light sided fairies. These little devils love nothing more than to cut, kill, dismember, and destroy! They are also small enough to make perfect spies and scouts, former Overlords found that working with them could be a blessing in disguise, even given their diminutive stature." Shin explained and Naruto narrowed his eyes onto the tiny Unseelie in his hands.

"Was the intruder a Halfling? If so, I wish his death as well." Naruto said and the tiny, fairy like creature looked to him, one of its eyes swollen shut while the other blearly looked towards him.

"You do… you help kill?" The Unseelie asked and Naruto nodded his head to it slowly. Taking a breath, the creature then blew onto Naruto, sparks of black and purple dust flowing over him, making him grunt in annoyance. "Not intruder now… ally… others not kill…" The Dark-Fairy said lowly before gasping and falling limp in his hands. Frowning, Naruto tossed the thing behind his back without a care, a Minion grabbing it and throwing it into its awaiting jaws and rubbed its stomach happily.

Making his way further into the halls of Gato's sewer, Naruto heard the sounds of s struggle and spotted Gato with a short sword, swinging it wildly into a batch of Unseelie fluttering around him violently. "Gato." Naruto rumbled lowly, his eyes glowing a demonic red before he rushed forward, pulling his Dual-Blades free and swinging both at the Halfling. Gato however saw him out of the corner of his eye and rolled out of the way before quickly scurrying down a long corridor.

Growling Naruto made to go after him only for the Unseelie to get in his way. The creatures fluttered around him for a long while before one in particular fluttered to a halt before him, arms crossed. As apposed to the somewhat non-descript Unseelie he'd seen earlier, this one had a very dark grey, near black, skin tone with ominous violet eyes and a feminine figure for a Fairy who was only around a foot tall, a pair of black antenna seemed to poke out of her short stark white hair, a tiny pointy black flaming "Crown" of sorts resided near the very back of her head, with four jagged bug like wings coming from her back and tipped the same violet as her eyes.

She was dressed in what looked like white segmented leather bikini, with a black sash wrapped around her waist twice with one flap coming out from the front and the other end from the back, her feet were covered by black Sandals with a sharp black metal flower adorning them, a pair of black metal greaves eloquently forged and worn over her legs with green gems visible below the knee, a pair of matching armlets and forearm protectors adorning her arms, however, residing on her back was an oddly black, spiky bone-like mass with a long "Spine" falling down and ending near her ankles, with two tiny black skulls over her shoulders finishing the outfit.

"Who the hell are you and what do you want?" Naruto demanded impatiently and the tiny Unseelie bristled towards him.

"I was going to ask the same. I am an Unseelie Queen and my name is Kiri. Now who are you intruder, and why do you smell like one of my soldiers?!" The tiny dark fairy demanded and Naruto growled low in his throat.

"I am the Overlord, your fallen warrior said I was an ally, not an intruder, because I want that Halfling's ass! He murdered my mother so I get first dibs!" Naruto growled at the fairy while poking her, the Unseelie frowning towards him snobbishly as he did so.

"We find him first!" She stated and Naruto growled before his hands started to rapidly clench and unclench.

"The longer we fight, the farther that Halfling Troll has to get away, why not forget it and get him first…" Naruto stated and the Dark-Fairy considered it for a moment before floating to him and sat on his shoulder.

"Fine then, go!" She ordered while pointing and Naruto glared at the Fairy before rushing down the corridor with his Blues following him, hearing another struggle Naruto looked to the Fairy on his shoulder and she crossed her arms. "Other Unseelie that have invaded our home, they must be up ahead." She replied and Naruto growled before pulling his Dual-Sword free and ran even faster.

"He sure is in a hurry…" Gozu noted and Zabuza snorted.

"With that annoying Fairy on his shoulder I'm not surprised." Zabuza commented and Haku blinked before looking to Zabuza.

"Zabuza-Sama… I thought you said Fairies didn't exist?" Haku questioned and Zabuza was silent for a moment before growling.

"Shut up Haku…" Zabuza growled out at him / her and both Gozu and Meizu snickered while following after the blues. Meanwhile, up ahead of them Naruto turned down another corner and spotted several more Unseelie up ahead. Gato was fighting these as well, batting them away with his sword before suddenly squealing like a pig and ducking down another hall.

"More Intruders!" One of the Unseelie shouted while pointing towards the young overlord.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" Another called out while holding a tiny sword out, several hissing in agreement as they flew towards him.

"I don't have time for this nonsense…" Naruto grumbled before suddenly grabbing a blue. Shaking the blue in hand for a moment while channeling some Mana into it's body, Naruto then threw it forward and watched it self destruct, taking the Unseelie with it and making the Unseelie on his shoulder grin.

"Die intruding Unseelie! Die die die!" She suddenly called out happily while clapping her tiny hands and Naruto rolled his eyes. Ignoring yet another race that seemed to have no redeeming qualities, Naruto made his way after Gato once more, turning down another hall to see him duck out of the way. Growling and rushing forward, Naruto stepped on what appeared to be a tiny house.

"What the hell?" Naruto questioned and the Unseelie grunted slightly before pouting, arms crossed over her chest.

"Gnome house… Unseelie at war with the Gnomes." She grumbled out and Naruto raised a brow before spotting something making its way out of the ruins of the tiny home. What he saw resembled a bushy brown beard with arms, legs, and a bulbous nose, a tiny hat on the top of its head. The annoying creature squeaked up at him for a moment, shaking a fist wildly while Naruto just stared. As it continued to squeak, more gnomes came out of more houses nearby.

"It seems that you've stepped on one of the Gnome elder's home sire…" Shin stated and then listened as the gnome continued to squeak at him. "I'm not too good at translating gnomish sire… but, I think he's either declaring war on you… or he's trying to marry you off to his pet dormouse…" Shin then stated and Naruto hoped for the former in this case. Watching silently he saw the gnome run up to him and then kick him, only to fall over backwards…

"That's clearly an act of aggression Sire! It cannot be tolerated! Exterminate those squeakers!" Shin growled out and Naruto instantly agreed with his current Minion Master. Lifting his right foot up and over the gnome, Naruto then stomped down, crushing it instantly. "Here's a little Fun Fact about Overlording Sire, everyone is equal under the heel of your boot!" Shin said with a laugh and Naruto chuckled to himself while the fairy on his shoulder laughed at the way he killed the gnome.

Hearing the annoying squeaks of the gnomes as they ran at him, Naruto just swept his blues into them to let them fight. Making his way passed that, since he really didn't care and because the Gnomes were more pathetic than a blue, and continued after Gato. Turning down another corridor, Naruto spotted Gato once more, the fat balding Halfling making his way towards and exit. 'Oh no you don't!' Naruto inwardly growled before throwing one of his Dual-Swords forward, the weapon spinning through the air before nailing the Halfling runt in his left leg.

Screaming in pain and falling forward, Gato tried to drag himself out of the sewer, only for Naruto to place his boot onto his back soon after. Grinning down at the Halfling, Naruto then yanked his sword from his leg, making him cry out in pain. Chuckling Naruto then put his two swords back together and sheathed the Dual-Sword onto his back. "P-p-please let me go! I won't ever sell another slave again I promise! I'll be good; I'll give Nami-no-Kuni its money back! Hell I'll give all my own money to orphans! Just please let me go free!" Gato said pleadingly, only for Naruto to grab him by the ankle and pull him upwards, then swiftly kicked him in the face.

"Maggot. This has nothing to do with any of that… I'm here because sixteen years ago, you and your little band of 'Heroes' murdered my mother!" Naruto growled out angrily and a look of shock and ear formed over Gato's features at seeing the boy's glowing, crimson red eyes.

"No, no no no no! Sh-she didn't have any kids! He would have told us if she did! Fay would have taken him in if she did!" Gato said while backing away from the boy as he stomped ever closer to him.

"He didn't tell you because everyone in my family is an Overlord by blood… he didn't tell you because only my family can truly command the power of the Dark Tower and it's minions! He didn't tell you, because he wants that power for himself, and to get it, he needed me dead…" Naruto said darkly before grabbing the front of Gato's suit and lifted him into the air.

"P-please don't kill me…" The Halfling managed out in a squeak and Naruto narrowed his glowing eyes on the maggot.

"No… you won't die… But you'll be begging for death before I'm through with you." Naruto hissed out and the Unseelie on his shoulder grinned evilly while looking at Gato, then stuck her tongue out childishly.

"Dammit! Why can't you hold still!?" Zabuza suddenly demanded while throwing a Gnome from himself and then stomping on it, Meizu and Gozu each crushing one in their gauntleted hands, while Haku seemed fine and gnome free.

"Because I really wanted to catch this worm…" Naruto said darkly before watching as his Minions came forth and started to call out happily. As they did the boat behind them in the water was destroyed by Azure, Sylvanas sitting atop his head with Akore at her side, both jumping into the sewers soon after.

"Master!" Akore cried happily while latching onto Naruto while Sylvanas merely looked at the white haired boy seriously.

"We really have to have a talk about all these friends and relatives of yours, not to mention running off on your own in the middle of a battle. Do you have any idea how long I looked through bodies before Azure out there managed to tell me you ran inside!?" Sylvanas demanded in a low hiss and Naruto flinched slightly before rubbing the back of his neck.

"Uh… no, not really Sylvanas-Hime. But at least I managed to catch Gato…" Naruto offers while holding the said Halfling up and Sylvanas rolled her eyes.

"Boys…" She mumbled and Zabuza snickered while walking over to Naruto.

"Whose she, your wife?" He asked tauntingly and Naruto gave him a disgusted look.

"No! That happens to be the woman who raised me, not to mention the Banshee Queen herself!" Naruto stated simply and Zabuza stopped his snickering and paled when he turned to see an annoyed Sylvanas…

"I'm shutting up now…" Zabuza mumbled while backing away and Naruto rolled his eyes before glaring at Gato.

"Alright then, now we return to my tower to deliver this little maggot his well deserved, long overdue punishment!" Naruto growled out before turning his head and watching as a Waypoint gate opened up nearby.

"Sire, I would suggest convincing Sylvanas to bring her troops to this location to come to the tower. Afterwards I'll send some Minions to take control of Nami-No-Kuni for you. The Feudal Lord shouldn't be too hard for us to get rid of, and with the knowledge that it was you who killed Gato, the people of this land will surely follow your rule!" Shin offered and Naruto nodded his head in agreement with the tiny grey.

"Sylvanas-Hime, go and get your troops, bring them here and walk onto that platform. It will bring you to my tower, my Minion Master will be the one to show you the way to your peoples new home." Naruto explained and Sylvanas nodded her head before turning to Azure, the dragon nodding its head as she jumped onto it.

"Once I am finished here, I will speak with our kin Cousin, I will try and convince them to stay neutral, if not fight with us, in the coming war." Azure offered and Naruto nodded his head, the Dragon then making his way back up the side of the ciff to the burning fortress above. Sighing Naruto looked to Zabuza and his band and then to the whimpering Gato.

"Just step on that pad and you'll be taken to my Tower… and hurry up, I haven't been there in months and would really like to sleep in an actual bed." Naruto grumbled and Zabuza looked to his companions before walking forward and stepping onto the pad. Vanishing in a shower of sparks he was followed by the rest of his group. Looking to Akore for a moment, Naruto then gave a look to "Kiri" and wondered why she was still sitting on his shoulder.

"Aren't you going home?" Naruto demanded and the Unseelie shook her head.

"I don't want too. My people will follow me to your lands without question and you get our help. Besides that, your strong, stronger than most Dark Creatures I've met." The Fairy said as if it was the most logical thing in the world for her to continue sitting on his shoulder, now even lounging back and relaxing like he was some kind of recliner!

"Uh, Sire. I just remembered that most Unseelie can bond to Dark Creatures of exceptional power like Familiars. And now it seems you may have accidentally gotten an Unseelie Familiar in little Kiri there…" Shin explained and Naruto slapped his face, muttering a wonderful under his breath sarcastically before looking to his way home. Naruto walked to the pad as well, silent as he, Gato, and his servant were pulled away, back to the Dark-Tower at long last…




OC's / Crossover Characters…


Will: Male-13 years old-Tower Sorcerer.

Rose: Female-15 years old- Older Sister of Will, Strength / Skill user.

Haruno Ayane: Female-14 years old-Evil / Creepy Sister of Sakura / Puppet User.


Giblet: Brown-Tower Blacksmith.

Gubben: Brown-1 of the Three Stooges. Thief / Pirate Minion.

Mouldy: Brown-1 of the Three Stooges. Warrior Minion.

Goby: Brown-Tower Guard.

Grubber (AKA Gruby): Brown- 1 of the Three Stooges. Miner / Digger Minion.

Gnarl: Gray-Oldest Minion / OLD Minion-Master.

Jester (AKA Quaver): Gray-Tower Jester / Most annoying Minion ever born.

Shin: Gray-Tower Librarian / NEW Minion-Master.

Espeo: Gray-Spy / Scout.

Doc (AKA Jester): Gray-Doctor.

Hiss: Green-Tower Tailor.

Snake: Green-Tactical Espionage Expert.

Slash (AKA Stench): Green-Expert Assassin.

Venom: Green-Torture Expert.

Carnage: Green-Overkill Expert.

Zap: Blue-Tribe Leader / Medic / Spell Caster

Mortis: Blue-First Blue / Grave Keeper / Grim Reaper


Akore: Female Drow-Naruto's first Slave.

The Rogue: Female Dunmer-Mentally broken during Torture, she has no memory or personality / Scout.


Zim: Male Goblin-Goblin Leader / First Goblin Invader.

Tak: Female Goblin-Magic Expert / Military Tactics Expert / Invader Commander.

Skoodge: Male Goblin-Hand to Hand Combat Expert / Invader.

Echo: Male Goblin-Tak's Older Brother, Engineer / Invader.

Tenn: Female Goblin-Invader.


Envy: Doppelganger-Naruto's Replacement in Konoha and primary spy.

Gir: Golem-Psychotic Servant of Zim.

Tora: Half-Orc / Half-Human-Last loyal "Orc" from Azeroth.

Link: Wood-Elf / Hunter and Archer from Cyrodiil.

Kelda: Wood-Elf / Werewolf Queen from Cyrodiil.

Kiri: Unseelie Queen / Naruto's Familiar.

?? (?Lust?): Succubus / Informant / Sexy-Demon.