Title: Hostage Negotiations
Summary: School never was fun. This event just makes it worse than before.
Pairing: Scam/Sam

NOTE: This is a two shot. The next chapter will be up in a couple of days.



Chaos ensued between the students in each classroom. Teachers and students ran around in frenzy, locking the doors and the windows and pulling the blinds down. Everyone crouched down behind a desk or a wall where no one could see them, hoping that the danger would pass. There were a few students who, of course, took our their phones and began texting, whether it be to their parents or their friends.

Then, the lights went off and everyone became silent.

Not even a footstep could be heard in the hallways.

Everyone took shaky breaths, including Sam, who wished she could do more than sit there and hope. She knew she had to call Jerry and tell him what happened, but too many people would hear her.

Maybe the danger will pass.

She knew that was an idiotic thought. She herself faced danger on a weekly basis; danger doesn't go away until you make it go away.

Doing nothing did exactly that: nothing.

Five minutes passed with Sam's hands shaking to call Jerry.

Maybe Clover or Alex called him.

She had no idea. Of all the days for her phone to die on her… Neither Clover nor Alex were in the same room as her, so she was on her own here.

Barely anyone moved, knowing that this time it was real. This wasn't a drill.

It was real.

Sam sighed quietly, and then looked up to find one student walking as if nothing was happening. He walked towards the front of the room, where the teacher was. She quietly told him to sit down, this wasn't a game, but he pretended not to hear her. She told him the same thing again, but he ignored her. The other students around the teacher began trying to pull him down by grabbing his legs, telling him that he'd be the death of them all.

Sam looked towards the front of the room where the commotion was happening, and Sam realized that she didn't recognize this student. Although she couldn't see the face, she didn't know too many people in this class who were well built. He was in their class? She brought her head forward to try to get a better glimpse of him, and sighed when she saw the face. It was the face of one of the football players, Zach, who usually joked around in class with the other two players who were in there.

What is he doing? She thought as she saw that people had a hard time getting him to budge. The teachers sighed and stood up from her spot, and walked closer to the student who backed up from the teacher to the middle of the room where everyone had a better view of him.

"That is enough!"

The student began to chuckle while students looked at him perplexed. Did he not realize that he should be quiet and sitting down where no one can see him?

"Yes you're right."

Sam's eyes widened as a horrible thought came to her.

That's … that's not Zach's voice.

"Enough is enough."

That's, that's not him!

"Zach" took his hand out of his pocket, the same hand that was resting in his pocket since he stood up.

And with his hand, came out a gun.

A string of curses came out from the mouths of most students, while most stood up and proceeded to run towards "Zach". He laughed again when the teacher tried to get the gun away from him, but he only held his hand up and kept it far away from the teacher's reach.

Zach's not that tall.

Sam herself had stood up and was walking to Zach from behind. Many students were telling her to sit down, but she knew what they didn't: she was a spy who was more than capable of fighting.

As if he knew she was coming, "Zach" grabbed her arm from behind and pulled her to him, and then whacked the teacher on the head with the gun, knocking her unconscious. Girls screamed knowing that the danger outside wasn't as dangerous as the danger inside.

"Don't move or I'll shoot.'

The students stopped in their tracks when the barrel of the gun met Sam's neck as he pulled her closer to him, her back touching his chest.

"Zach, listen man." One of his friends started to say quietly. "You don't have to do this."

"If I was Zach, no I wouldn't."

That voice… it's .. it's…

"But I'm not Zach."

Expertly giving his other hand the gun all while holding Sam in place, he reached for his neck and began pulling at the mask that was there. Brown hair replaced blonde and soon Sam herself began gasping as she realized whose hands her life was in.

And she grew deathly afraid knowing that he wouldn't hesitate to kill her.

"Who… who are you?", asked someone in a terrified voice.

"Ask her." He said smirking, pushing the gun deeper into her skin. "She would know."

Outraged, she cried, "No I don't!" She gasped when his hold on her became tighter, making it hard for her to breathe.

His lips touched her ear and he whispered, "You know very well what I can do to you and your silly, little classmates. I suggest you shut up."

She kept silent but continued to struggle, and he smirked knowing that alone, she was no match for him.

"All right, listen, whoever you are…" One of the "tough" guys started to speak, hoping they could gain control of the situation. "Let go of her… we'll do whatever you want, just let go of her."

He leaned against a desk, dragging Sam along with him, and scoffed. "I'll tell you now that I'm not an idiot and stupid tricks aren't going to work on me."

"W-what do you want?" One of the cheerleaders asked from the side, hiding behind her friends.

"How nice of you to ask." He said smirking. He dragged the gun up Sam's cheek and to her forehead, and spoke again. "I want my questions answered, and a few secrets to be revealed from WOOHP. You all," he said, pointing to them with the gun, (and smirked when they flinched and moved back), and spoke once more, "may not know who they are, but she does." He said, poking her in the forehead with the barrel of the gun.

Sam sighed, knowing that Scam would stop at no end to reveal her own secret.

"I don't know what you're talking about!"

Denial was a wonderful thing, even though the two of them knew it wasn't true. She could tell by the way his hand gripped her body tighter that he wasn't pleased with her answer, and he could tell by her glare that she wasn't happy with the hints he was giving away about her identity.

"I'm sure you don't."

She hated the way his voice was laced with mockery and an underlining tone of deceit. What she needed to focus on was getting the rest of the kids out of here and getting rid of Scam.

Scam smirked again, feeling a sense of fulfillment as he held his enemy at gunpoint, knowing that with one little push he would get rid of her forever.

But he wouldn't do that. No, no, he was having too much fun to do such a horrible thing. He would get her to reveal every secret WOOHP had, as well as her own secrets.

And her not telling wouldn't be an option especially since surely, she cared for her own classmates, did she not? She would be responsible for the death of 30 of them.

"Now, listen carefully." Scam started to say, once again dragging the gun down Sam's face to her neck. His eyes drifted towards the few students who were trying to peek through the windows. "I am fully aware that there will be a SWAT team outside this room in about… five to fifteen minutes or so, give or take, but I'll let you be the ones to tell them that I've rigged the walls of this classroom to shoot whoever is in target range. You," he said, motioning his head towards the cheerleader who had spoken before, "Take out your phone, and give it to Sam over here." The cheerleader nodded, wincing when Scam pointed the gun at her, and shakily she took her phone out of her purse, and then slowly walked towards Sam and handed the phone to her.

"Take the phone Sam."

Sam sighed and took the phone, nodding towards the cheerleader, Stephenie, as if to say that it's okay.

"Now call WOOHP."

Sam froze with the phone open in her hand. WOOHP. WOOHP?

"Call WOOHP or I'll shoot that girl over… there."

He moved his gun to face another girl hiding behind in a corner, who screamed when the gun was aimed at her. Scam smirked. "What's your name?"

The girl opened her mouth to speak, thinking that he would shoot her if she didn't comply, and said, "Ange—"

"Oh wait I don't care." He said, interrupting the girl, and then glanced at Sam. "But I'm sure Sam does, right Sam?" Sam sighed and closed her eyes, wishing the nightmare to go away. "Because if nameless over there dies, it's all Sam's fault because Sam wouldn't do what I said.


Silence was all that could be heard. No one would want to blame Sam, but they knew that many would if the girl died.

"Now call WOOHP Sam."

Sam sighed, knowing that she would have to sacrifice her secret in order to let everyone go out alive.

She shakily picked up the phone—

"You're just a coward!"

Everyone's eyes turned to a boy in the back, who was slowly stepping forward.

"Anthony—", another girl started to say, trying to stop him from trying to be a hero.

"You're hiding behind her!"

Scam raised an eyebrow. "Did you hear that Sam?" He asked, turning his head towards her. "He thinks I'm a coward."

"Anthony, shut up." Sam said through clenched teeth. "He'll kill you."

Scam nodded. "Yes Anthony." Said Scam in a mocking tone. "Listen to the girl who's IQ is much higher than yours."

Anthony's face turned red. "SHUT UP!"

"What witty comebacks—"

"SHUT UP! YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A COWARD!", roared Anthony, who was more than ready to attack Scam. He ran forward and was going to lunge at him when—



Screams filled the room as Anthony fell to the floor clutching his shoulder. Whimpers came from his mouth and Scam chuckled, staring at the barrel and admiring it.

"Oops, my bad. I missed."

"How could you do that!" and other similar cries filled the room. Sam elbowed him in the chest, crying, and screamed, "NO!" She struggled to get out of his grasp again, knowing that other students were going to get hurt because of her, and she couldn't live with that. She kicked and hit him, yet it was no use, since Scam wouldn't budge.

Scam scowled.

"All of you should shut your mouths unless you want me to give him a matching bullet on the other side."

Everyone quieted down immediately, save for Anthony who was still whimpering.

"Now call WOOHP Sam." He said through clenched teeth. "This is the last time I'm going to say it."

She nodded and quickly called WOOHP, and a secretary spoke into the receiver, who said, "Welcome to WOOHP Accounting Offices, may I help you?"

Sam felt a few tears fall from her eyes, and shakily she said, "T-This is Agent Number 738S-9388S." She gulped. "This is emergency number 115, p-password RFG0293LPO, and I need to speak with the boss immediately."

"One minute please."

Sam gripped the phone in her hand, the barrel of the gun feeling even warmer than her skin than before.

"What's the code?"

She knew this was regular procedure for when an agent called WOOHP through a cell phone, probably for reasons that their X-Powder wouldn't work or they didn't have access to it. She would have to speak a memorized code for a few seconds while a voice recognizer would scan the wavelengths of her voice.

She sighed. "TRH92F203DVBM27394ESWL00284812."

She never thought she would have to use that code.

Why didn't Scam make me use my X-Powder? It would have made things a lot easier.

As if he read her mind, he whispered into the ear she using for the phone.

"It's too much fun to hold you as a hostage… I don't want to let you go, now do I?"

Again with the mockery. She hated that word now.

"Confirmed. Welcome Samantha. I will connect you to Jerry."

She sighed again, tears streaming down her cheeks. She didn't even bother to look up at the other students, who were probably giving her looks of confusion, looks of betrayal.

"Sam? What's going on?" By the sound of his voice she could tell that he knew something was wrong, especially since she wasn't using her X-powder to contact him.

"Jerry, Scam—"

"Hi Jerry!" Scam said, interrupting her explanation. "How's life been?"

"Scam! Where is Sam?"

He smirked, pushing the gun against Sam's neck. "Sam is safe in my loving embrace. She's also at gunpoint but don't worry! She's perfectly safe."

"Let go of me Scam." She whispered through clenched teeth, but he ignored her and continued to speak to Jerry.


"Listen carefully Jerry." Scam said, voicing his hatred of him by placing all his anger into his name. "I have 30 students, including your precious Samantha, and an unconscious teacher since she was more bothersome than anything, at gunpoint. If you want them alive, I expect to hear 31 secrets of WOOHP. One real secret equals one living human. I'll be nice and count a royal pardon for myself as two people. And don't think I won't kill them. I'll be more than happy to get rid of 30 annoying brats."

Jerry was silent.

"Let me go Scam."

"You'd rather me hold someone else at gunpoint instead?"

She grew silent as well.

"Well Jerry?" Scam said, hugging Sam closer to him. "Stop trying to think of a plan. Stop trying to tap this line. I'm in a fucking classroom. It's not hard to find me. If you don't answer in the next five seconds, I will shoot Miss Nameless over there." He said, pointing to the same girl in the corner who started screaming."

Scam glared at her. "Shut up."

"5, 4, 3, 2—"

"Okay!" Jerry said quickly. "… What do you want to know?"

"No, first I want a royal pardon for all the crimes I committed in the past, and one for all the crimes I will commit in the future. Two people."

But not in the present… Sam thought. "Jerry, say yes."

Jerry gulped. "Four people. Those are two different pardons which require four people to go free."

Scam sighed. "I suppose I can't argue with that, right Sam?" He said, giving her a fake smile. She was going to say nothing but he pointed the gun at a boy in her class, and she quickly nodded.

"All right Scam. Full pardon for crimes you committed in the past and full pardon for crimes you … will commit… in the future. Now let four kids go."

"Hmm… Scam thought, putting his head on Sam's shoulder. "Do you mind if I do so Sam. Of course not." He said, not giving her a choice. "My dear Samantha… I'll be so kind as to let you pick the four people who can go free."

She pursed her lips. "How kind of you." She looked at the class. "Anthony…" She said, referring to the guy who was shot before. "Um… Angela." She said. Angela sighed in relief. She was the girl in the back corner who Scam kept pointing his gun at. She looked around the classroom, mentally conversing with the students. Most (guys) motioned their heads towards the girls. "Uh… Stephenie and…" She shrugged. "Riti."

The four people (with Anthony being helped by one of the girls) moved towards the front of the room.


Everyone grew silent, afraid that he would go back on his word.

Scam lifted one leg and placed it over Sam's legs, since she was, at this point, sitting on his left leg. He put the gun in his left hand and it pointed upward, aiming for Sam's chin. His right hand went into his pocket, and he pulled out a small remote and pressed a button.

Instantly, 30 guns, (10 on each wall), came out of the walls and pointed at the kids who started screaming again.

"Try ANYTHING," he threatened, "and those guns will sense it and shoot."

He stood up, bringing Sam up with him, and walked towards the windows. "Open it." He said to Riti, who nodded and tried to open the window with her shaking hands.

"Try anything and I will push you out."

She began crying and nodded, opening the window.

"Tell the people down below that everyone is being held at gunpoint right now."

The Indian girl did as he said, and they had to wait ten minutes for the police and firefighters to bring some tarpaulin out and unravel it so that the students could jump on it. The three girls did, (although they needed a ladder for Anthony), and Scam went back to his previous sitting area, with Sam in tow.

Jerry, being on the phone the whole time, asked with anger, "What else Scam?"

He smirked, knowing fully well that all control was in his hands.

"Now, I want full pardon for all my crimes occurring in the present. I know this little witch here," he nudged at Sam, "was thinking that I hadn't said that."

His mouth drifted closer to her ear. "I know you."

She gulped, blinking. Ignore him. Ignore him. Ignore him. She chanted in her head.

Ignore his close proximity.

Jerry was silent again, knowing that they had lost their chance to catch Scam.

He gulped.


No! Sam thought, but there was nothing she could do. With her and her classmates held at gunpoint, there was nothing she could do.

"Two more people Scam."

He shrugged. "Nah, I'm tired of getting up. Sam agrees with me, right Sam? Of course she does."


"Make me two more offers and I'll reconsider my decision."

Sam sighed, knowing the fact that they, meaning her and Jerry, could not trust a criminal, especially Scam of all people.

This is hopeless.

"… What offers would you like?"

Poor Jerry. She thought as she heard how strained his voice was.

"Access to all of WOOHP's technology. It cannot be tampered with, it cannot be bugged, because trust me when I say I will know and that I will not hesitate to come back," he said, gripping Sam's body tighter, "And kill your precious Sam."

I hate him!

Jerry sighed. "Deal."

He needs more time. I have to stall him.

"That counts as two people, right Scam?" She asked him, trying to let Jerry do whatever it was he needed to do.

But when he turned his head to face her…

She didn't know what happened. As if time stopped itself, she couldn't move her eyes from him, as if some unnatural force was at work and was pushing her to him.


He said nothing as he stared back at her. The class could not see how mesmerized she was by his face, his stare, his eyes… she couldn't tear her own away from his for some unknown reason.

Stop. Stop!

It wouldn't stop.

His lips curled into a smirk, and he opened his mouth to speak, breaking whatever connection they had made.


She tossed her head away from his, focusing her gaze on the ground. "Four people are enough to get off your lazy ass."

She couldn't stand how there were 27 people watching his next move.

His mouth was pressed to the base of her neck, letting her feel his the smirk that had donned his face. He dragged his lips to her ear, and whispered into it.

"That's not good behavior for a person held hostage.

Oh God…

"Especially when you know what I'm capable of…"

She closed her eyes and wished the nightmare to go away.

"Listen to what I say if you want anyone in this room to stay alive."

He was her nightmare.

"You may not care for your own life as much, and that's because you're used to taking risks. You know how to get out of a situation like this alive."

She needed to wake up.

"But they don't."

He was right; she needed to wake up from her stupor, get out, and help them.

"For all you know… you could end up dead at the end of this day, whether it be dying fighting, or dying in my arms."

Even if this was a nightmarish situation, she needed to do her job.

"That's part of your job."

She was a spy.

"But you know what?"

She needed to stop fooling around and stop Scam.

"I don't have to kill you Sam."

This may have been a nightmare…

"So I won't."

…But this wasn't a dream.

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