Beyond Forever

Okay since I had a couple of nice reviews I now have confidence. Thank you to those cool people so here comes another. This is what I think might have happened if Edward had come back in New Moon. Both of course in Edward and Bella's views. Chances are I am probably going to throw in some Charlie too.


His body was screaming at him, the agony became at that moment so intolerable that he made the decision. To go see her to apologize to beg for forgiveness and hope that she would grant it. As he stood up he could feel his body loosening the pain becoming less but not disappearing completely as he leapt to the ground and began to run. He wasn't surprised to see he was practically flying as he pushed himself faster. His dead unbeating heart swelled with joy as he took out his cell phone and dialed.

"When is the next plane to Port Angeles, Washington?" He asked as the joy became more and more potent in his chest.

"At 6:00 sir," said a soft female voice and he looked at his watch in delight. It was 5:00 he could make it. ( I know it's convenient but hey they deserve a little ease). Edward ran to the flight and just made it.

Once he was settled in his flight it was all he could do to stay calm. For the closer he got to Port Angeles the more his heart sang. When he got off the plane he heard his family's voices and grinned as he walked forward.

'He's finally home' Esme thought 'Oh he looks so happy.'

'About time he got back here' Emmett was thinking. "Left your car out back." Edward smiled and took off running to it. He jumped in and sped towards Forks. After 10 minutes of driving he found himself on the darkened street that he knew so well and ran into the backyard.

There it was, the window to his sanity, his soul, his heart and his very life. So he leapt up and held onto the sill. Sure enough there she was, as beautiful as ever. She was turned away from the window so he just hung there for a moment and waited an as if her subconscious knew how badly he needed it she turned over.

He drank in the sight of her, wet hair in tangles across the pillow, eyes closed and deep breathing. But her face wasn't peaceful, it was twisted and looked a little scared. That scared him so he began to raise the window ever so slightly.

Two scents met him as he did, one the familiar smell of Bella, so potent he smiled and that gave way to a soft growl as he realized the other one was wolf. A wolf had been in Bella's room, he growled once more. Just then a new set of thoughts found him.

'Hope Bella's okay after that jump today, damn bloodsucker, when I get my hands on.... BlOODSUCKER, OH MAN!' Jacob Black thought and sped faster. Edward growled and leapt off the sill, closing the window. When the wolf came into sight he was ready.

'Edward Cullen' he sneered in his mind 'What gives you the right to come back here?'

"I came to apologize to Bella," he sneered right back. How dare this mongrel interrupt him!

'Well why don't you just go back to your crypt? Want to see what you did to her?' And before Edward could respond he began flipping through images in his head. Bella lying on the ground looking up with such agony it broke his heart once more. Another of Bella just lying still her eyes open, not moving, just lying there. The final one that slightly resembled the Bella he saw now, dark circles under her eyes and too this and when Edward thought he was done, he threw in one final one of Bella wrapping her arms around herself when someone had said his name, the pain was so evident in her eyes it scared him.

'That's what you did to her, I am not letting you near her.' Jacob thought and to prove his point he shifted into a crouch and growled softly. As Edward shifted too a scream echoed through air. Instantly Edward was through the window and next to Bella. She was still asleep and screaming.

"What's going on?" He asked Jacob frantically.

'I don't know, she never tells me about them,' came his slightly subdued thoughts. 'But she has them almost every night.' Just then her eyelashes started to flutter.

"Ahhhhh" She screamed as she rocketed up.


When she woke up from her nightmare she shuddered and rolled over to lay on her side. Then she noticed something. Her closet door was open, biting her lip she walked towards her closet. She wouldn't let herself hope.

There was nothing. And she sighed and walked to close her window. Wait, her window it was open but she had closed it, she hadn't left it open since Edward, and she winced before she could stop the thought. She looked out eagerly but the there was only a soft rustle in the trees and then she noticed the large wolf stepping out from hiding. She sighed and said

"Jake what are doing?" He just looked up at her and gave her a wolfy grin. She rolled her eyes and then winced.

"Seriously Jake why are you here?" He just darted into the trees and came out 30 seconds later and leapt to her window.

"I was bored," he said by way of greeting. His head suddenly whipped around and a growl tore from his teeth. It reminded her of how Edward had growled at James and she wrapped her arms around herself to hold together. Jake noticed and held her tight only to hear another louder growl that she would have known anywhere ripped from the trees. She just her head away and without thinking she whimpered. Jake strode over and looked out at the window and closed it.

"It's okay I won't let him in just go back to sleep." She nodded suddenly exhausted.


Watching the mongrel close the window hurt like nothing he had ever felt. But He stayed vigilant in the woods and watched as dawn approached and the mongrel jumped out her window grinning at him. Then an image of Bella's terrified face wove its way to him and he growled. He ran home to change his clothes and picked up some roses too. When he got to school the truck was there and Bella sat in it. She didn't move as he pulled the Volvo into a parking space. Everybody watched at them as he got out and stared at the truck. Bella seemed to nod to herself and got out, she didn't even look at him. Once more he was hurt badly. Alice walked up to him and thought

'She'll come around' then she showed him a vision of Bella and himself under and an arch and a minister was there. He breathed a sigh and headed to class. There she was, sitting with a clenched jaw and staring straight ahead. He swore that he would never be source of her pain again.

"Bella" he said, fighting the urge to grab her and kiss her, just to once more feel the softness of her lips against his. She just glared at him and pulled out Romeo and Juliet. He wanted to convey everything he felt but her expression made him hold back. So he sat down and waited.


She was so acutely aware of him. Every instinct she had was screaming for her to grab and kiss him but she pushed them down. This was going to go on forever. Finally the bell rang and he scooped up her books and she took it back without a word. She gritted her teeth and walked past him. This went on all day until school was finally over. She walked out to her truck and saw him there.

"Bella," he said his expression said everything, "I am so sorry, leaving was the biggest mistake I have ever made."

"I don't want to hear it Edward I have to go."


"To go hang out with Jake." She suddenly found herself against the truck and Edward with his hands on either side of her. A growl sliding through his teeth.


She was going to visit the mongrel. She could get hurt. Werewolves were unstable and without thinking he growled and pinned her against the truck.

"No" he said instantly regretting the word as her eyes flashed.

"Who are you to tell me where I can and can't go." She yelled angrily.

"Bella he's dangerous." She shook her head.

"No he's not, he saved my life." Just then he heard Jasper and Emmet coming up and pulled away from her and she opened her door then got in.

"Bro you have to calm down" Emmet said. He nodded and walked towards his car.


He had no right to tell her who she could and couldn't see. She thought angrily as she punched the gas without thinking.