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Walk, walk fashion baby

Work it, move that bitch crazy

Walk, walk passion baby

Work it, I'm a free bitch baby

Lady Gaga- Bad Romance

Chapter 1

I slipped into my persona. As the first wave of cheers hit me, I focused on my walk, making sure to step one foot in front of the other. The cameras flashed wildly as I walked closer to the edge, the applause deafened me slightly and the applause fed my confidence. I reached the edge and hit a pose at the many people and cameras looking at me. I turned and got ready to do it all over again.

This, is my job, and I love every second of it.

When I was younger I hated attention. I hated being looked at more than necessary, and tried to blend in with everyone else. But that all changed when I took my first steps on the runway. Hearing everyone around me clapping and cheering sends an adrenaline rush through me that boosts my confidence and makes me feel beautiful.

My name is Bella Swan, and at twenty-one, I already have a successful career as a model. At the moment, I'm mainly a Victoria's Secret angel, but I also model for high fashion campaigns on occasion. Not only do I walk on the runways all over the world, but I also pose for magazine ads and on some occasion even covers. I work and walk with some of the best in the business, but no one could compare with my two best friends. Alice Brandon is my little pixie friend who never seems to lack energy for anything and has a serious shopping addiction, she has not let her height get in the way of her success, she is about 5'1 but has the confidence of a six foot tall person. Rosalie Hale is the envy of almost everyone. With her killer looks and body, she radiates confidence but is such a real person.

With as much success as the girls and I have had and as much as we're in the public eye, we still haven't found that special someone. Believe me, we don't have any problem at all attracting the opposite sex, but we have a problem finding the right one. Also, being a model reels in guys who are interested in getting fame or money which is another problem we come across.

Today was just like any other show, but it was a little more important. Tonight we're going to be in the winter fashion show which is hugely popular among the media and celebrities. Its going to be aired on national television and many prestigious guests are expected to attend. A normal person would be quivering with nerves at all the hype, but the girls and I feed off the nervous energy and only do that much more better.

As I sit getting my hair and makeup done, I can't control the butterflies in my stomach. I knew I wasn't nervous, but I didn't know what to make of this strange feeling in my belly. I felt almost excited. Like tonight was going to be special.

I looked up at the mirror and smiled at all of the people working on me. As much fame as I gain, I will always stay down to earth and not let it get to me. I always treated everyone around me with respect, even if it's just the custodian taking out the trash.

When makeup is done, I headed over to Angela who waits for me with my first outfit of the night.

"Hi Bella," she said excitedly.

"Hey Angela," I said smiling.

"Come here so I can get this on you" she said. I shrugged out of my robe and she helped me into a midnight blue pushup bra that had silver sequins on the straps. I stepped into panties that were the same style as the bra and then slipped into some heels. Angela helped me strap the heels on and then made sure everything was adjusted.

"Is the bra tight enough?" she asked.

"Perfect," I said smiling. I loved having Angela as the person who helped me change. She was always very professional and kept up with the hectic schedule easily.

"Have a nice show," she said, giving me a quick hug.

"Thank you. I'll try," I said, walking off to find Alice and Rose.

Rosalie was easy enough to spot with her enormous white wings. "Nice wings Rose," I said when I approached her.

"Bite me," she said. I broke out laughing and Alice came along next to us. She too complimented Rosalie's wings, but a little more genuinely then I did.

We were accustomed to wearing wings and had no problem with them, but honestly they weren't my favorite accessory. They were huge and threw you off balance and the straps chafed my skin and left it irritated.

Things backstage were always a little hectic. You had assistants and tech people running around making sure everything was set and on time and then you had half naked girls all over the place getting ready. It was complete chaos sometimes, but the girls and I did a pretty good job of keeping our cool and doing everything on time.

"Ladies! The show is about to start. Everyone line up!" Ben yelled. He always helped keep backstage under control. He's been the backstage manager for as long as I can remember.

We all stood in line hearing the music blast and getting psyched up. The line moved forward bit by bit and soon Ben was telling Rose to go. I danced in place to the music to hype myself up and winked at the camera on me. A few seconds later, I was finally told to go. When I turned, I felt the familiar adrenaline rush through me as I stepped in beat with the music. I loved how my clumsiness disappeared as soon as I strutted my way down the runway. I reached the end of the runway and posed. I almost did a double take when I looked out into the audience. I was stunned momentarily when my brown eyes locked onto green ones, but I quickly recovered and turned.

As soon as I was backstage, I broke into a little run as I made my way to Angela to get into my second outfit. She helped tie the blood red corset I was wearing then had me step into the matching panties. She helped me strap on my red heels and then fixed my hair and any smudges in my makeup.

I said a quick thanks as I walked back to the line. I was shaking with nerves of seeing that stranger again. I had no idea what came over me as my eyes locked with his. He was just like any other guy. I had to get a grip on myself and stay professional.

As I got closer and closer to begin my walk I kept telling myself to calm the hell down, but the butterflies kept invading my stomach against my will. I took a deep breath when Ben told me to go and turned to walk down. I kept my composure with every step I took and let myself get lost in my zone. I located the camera following me, and did a little hair shake. I was quickly knocked out of my zone when I reached the end of the runway as I noticed more details of this beautiful stranger. I blew a kiss without registering in my mind and then turned to walk back, but not before noticing a little smirk on his face.

I almost stumbled when I reached the backstage area. This stranger with messy bronze hair and green eyes was slowly embedding himself into my mind, and I had to stop myself because I can not afford any distractions from my career right now.

I joined Alice and Rosalie as we awaited to make our finale walk. When we were given the go, we held hands as we walked down and smiled. The finale was all about celebrating a successful show and just having fun. I instantly located my handsome stranger and expected him to be checking out all of the other beautiful models around me, but was pleased to see his eyes glued on me. We walked back and Ben congratulated everyone on another successful show.

I went to Angela, who already had a change of clothes waiting for me, and I gave her a thankful smile. I got into my simple black dress and slipped into my black Louboutins and gathered up my belongings. I hugged Angela goodbye and went to meet up with Alice and Rosalie to head over to the after party.

"Ready to go?" Alice asked as she and Rosalie walked over to me. I nodded and we walked out to where our black SUV was waiting for us. We tended to hire a car service for the big shows, so that we didn't have to worry about a designated driver. The sound of the engine being cut off snapped me out of my thoughts as our driver opened our door. I got out and made sure I had everything before linking arms with Alice and Rose as we walked to the entrance. A few pictures were snapped of us, and we were instantly let in and we walked into the loud environment. Bodies were gyrating on the dance floor and there were people laughing and drinking everywhere.

Alice and Rosalie went to go get a quick drink as my eyes started searching the club. I didn't want to admit to myself who I was looking for, but I knew.

I felt someone touch my elbow and when I turned to see who it was, I was a little disappointed to see blonde hair instead of bronze and blue eyes instead of green. "Hey, I'm Mike. I think you're smoking hot! Want to dance?"

I didn't want to be rude, but I really wasn't interested in staying here and talking to this guy. "Um, my friends are calling me so excuse me," I said as I practically sprinted towards the girls.

"Let's go dance," I said, pulling their arms and leading them to the dance floor. The song 'Hot N Cold' came on and we started to jump around to the beat and laughing.

"You PMS like a bitch, I would know," we all sang out loud and laughed afterwards. We danced on to the song, completely careless as to who watched. Whenever we went out, a few people took pictures with their camera phones, but all we cared about was letting loose and just having fun. The song changed to a hip hop song and we started playfully grinding on each other, noticing the guys' mouths water at the view. Eventually, a guy worked up the balls and asked Rosalie to dance. She accepted, which left Alice and I as dance partners.

"Hey Bella. Do you want to dance?"

I turned and restrained myself from rolling my eyes at the sight of that guy Mike standing next to Alice and I. Alice noticed the reluctant look on my face and came to my rescue.

"I'm sorry, but she's with me," she said, wrapping her tiny arms around my neck. He walked away and we burst out laughing. We danced until the end of the song and then I walked over to the bar, while Alice said she needed the restroom. I sat on one of the stools and waited on the bartender.

"A jack and coke please," I said when I got his attention.

"Make that two please, and they're on me." I heard an unfamiliar voice say. It was much too velvety to be the voice of Mike. I slowly turned around and was met with the green eyes I was secretly craving to see all night. I was stunned into silence as I lost myself in his sparkling green pools. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I processed the fact that my drink was placed in front of me.

"Hello. My name is Edward Masen. Congratulations on tonight, you looked beautiful," he said, the sweet velvet of his voice lulling me into a sense of calmness.

"Hi Edward. My name is Bella Swan. And thank you," I managed to say. I felt my cheeks flush with the intensity of his stare. I couldn't help my wandering eyes as they roamed his body up and down. He was wearing a white button down shirt that had the first few buttons undone to give me a peek of his chest and black jeans with a leather jacket.

"May I sit next to you?" he asked.

"Uh.. Of course," I answered lamely. I took my purse off of the chair next to me and he smiled and sat down.

"Did you come here alone?" I asked to start the conversation.

"No, I came with two other friends. I don't know where they ran off to though," he said pensively.

"I also came with two friends," I said. "Maybe you'll recognize them. They were also in the show tonight," I said. I started sipping my drink, loving the slight burn of the whiskey.

He was sipping his as well, his eyes on mine the entire time. He was bringing out something inside of me. Never have I ever felt anything like this. I wasn't used to men being so chivalrous, I was used to men being cocky and power hungry.


We both snapped our heads in the direction of a huge muscular man with curly black hair. My mind instantly went to Rose, and how this man was exactly her type. She loved muscular men.

"I've been looking everywhere for you! Remember that blonde from the show tonight? I just saw her but I lost her. Help me find her," he pleaded.

"Emmett, I'm busy." Edward said, giving Emmett an annoyed look.

"Just help me find the pretty blonde and I'll leave you alone for the rest of the night," he said.

"Hi Emmett, I'm Bella. What does this blonde look like?" I asked.

"She was fucking gorgeous. The best looking girl I had ever laid eyes on, and she wore a white outfit with huge white wings."

Then it clicked in my mind. He was looking for Rose. I debated for a few seconds on whether or not to give him a little push to Rosalie.

"Her name is Rosalie Hale," I said, looking out on the dance floor and spotted her. "She's right there," I said pointing at her. "Go get her tiger," I said patting him on the back.

"Thank you!" he said before taking off in Rosalie's direction.

"Is that really her or did you just want to get rid of him?" Edward asked while chuckling.

"It is her. She happens to be one of my best friends," I said feigning offense, but quickly broke into a smile.

We were silent for a couple of minutes, taking a bit more sips from our drinks. As I started gathering the condensation on my finger and licking it, I noticed his eyes on me and I felt my cheeks flame up. We talked for a couple of more minutes until Alice showed up at my side.

"Hey Bella. Are you ready to leave?" she asked. I looked at my cellphone for the time and was shocked to realize it was a couple of minutes until closing. The time flew by when I was in Edward's company.

"Yeah, I think so. Alice, this is Edward Masen. Edward, this is Alice Brandon."

"Hello Alice," he said. He waved slightly with his hand.

"Hi Edward," she said. She looked to me with a bright smile.

"It was nice meeting you, Edward," I said as I stood up and grabbed my purse.

He smiled. "It was nice meeting you as well, Bella"

As I turned to walk away with Alice, I felt a jolt of electricity and jumped a little. I turned and saw Edward looking down at his hand on my elbow with wonder, almost as if he had felt it as well.

"Bella, will I see you again?" he asked.

"You know where to find me," I said and threw a quick wink his way before turning back around and linking arms with Alice as we walked out. Rosalie was waiting by the door for us with a smile on her face.

We walked out and waited for our SUV to pull up. A couple of photographers snapped photos of us, but we just tried to ignore them and tried to carry on as normally as possible.

We climbed into the car once it arrived and everyone was unusually quiet as we made our way home. Our driver made his way along the streets smoothly and my thoughts were still back at the club thinking of Edward. He's just another guy, I shouldn't get my hopes up and think that he could be different. Usually every handsome guy ends up being the biggest asshole. I sighed and leaned back against the headrest.

We arrived home in no time and thanked the driver as we climbed out and walked towards the house. "Why is everyone so quiet?" Alice asked as we walked in through the front door.

Rosalie and I looked at each other and I noticed that she also seemed to have something on her mind. I wondered if like me, she was also considering taking a chance with someone we met tonight.

"I'm fine," I said to Alice.

"Me too." Rose said.

Alice narrowed her eyes, obviously not believing us.

"Look Alice, I'm really tired. I'm going to get some sleep okay?" I asked. Without hearing her response, I walked past the living room and towards my room. I threw myself onto my bed and closed my eyes, wishing all the confusing thoughts would just go away and leave me alone.

I stripped off my dress and kicked off my heels and fell asleep with just my bra and underwear.

I woke up the next morning feeling groggy and tired. With some effort, I dragged myself out of bed and walked to my bathroom. I took one look at my face and groaned at my reflection. I looked like a tired panda, my makeup smudged all over the place. I quickly washed my face, and then made my way out into the kitchen. Looking around, apparently I wasn't the only one a little off this morning. Rose sat staring off into space with a half eaten bagel on the plate in front of her and Alice was leaning against the kitchen counter, staring into her mug of coffee. I walked in and grabbed my own mug and sipped at it.

"What is wrong with us?" Alice asked out of the blue.

Rose and I looked up at her.

"Look at us. We seem so dead," she said. She turned to Rose. "Tell me what happened last night to get you so down."

"Nothing happened. I danced and had fun as always," she said. "I also met a guy," she said quietly.

"Tell me about this guy," Alice said.

"Well his name is Emmett and he was great, but I feel like he's almost too good to be true," Rose said. Rose has had bad experiences with men, making her very reserved. She preferred to love and leave them before they left her.

"Okay, Bella what happened with you?"

"Well I met a guy too and like Rose I also feel like he's too good to be true," I said.

"Girls, you won't know until you try. I also met someone last night and I have doubts, but I'm willing to take a chance and see if it can turn into something," Alice said. Rose and I looked at each other and then at Alice and smiled. She was right. We won't even know if we don't give it a try.

"Alright girls, cheer up because we have an event tonight," Alice said.

"The club opening is tonight?" I asked.

"Yes. And we have to look our best, which means we get to go shopping!" she said. Rose and I groaned as Alice pushed us to our rooms and ordered us to change. I changed into a comfortable sweat suit and then we were driving off to the mall in Alice's Porsche.

Whatever the chances are of love at first sight, I'm willing to take it.

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