A special Christmas surprise for all my readers!

An eighteen year old Minerva McGonagall looked rather pale as she stood in the Charms corridor. What had she been thinking when she accepted a dare from Michael Potter? Having been friends with him since first year, she knew better than most how mischievous he could be. Only Michael would dare her to do this!

She gently pushed the tapestry of Baron Bottlebump aside and slipped into the secret passage that would take her to the Transfiguration corridor.

Minerva was incredibly thankful that all of the students had gone home for the holidays except for her, Michael, a first year Slytherin, and the Prewitt twins. She was staying because her parents had just been killed in an attack by Grindelwald, and Michael was staying because his parents were on assignment with the Aurors. As far as she knew, the Prewitt twins were staying because their mother was supposed to go into labor any day now. The twins were in their first year, and their mother had only just found out that she was going to have a baby girl this Christmas. Aside from the four Gryffindors and one Slytherin, only the teachers remained in the castle.

She was now waiting in a secret passageway for the right moment. That Slytherin first year wandered down the corridor, looking around suspiciously. What was his name again? Tim? Tom? He finally left the corridor, and not a moment too soon, either.

Professor Dumbledore had just left his office. Oh, she was going to kill Michael for this! She didn't even care if she lost her Head Girl badge for the murder; he was dead!

"Professor?" she asked, stepping into the main corridor.

"Yes, Miss McGonagall?" the handsome, forty-ish professor asked.

Minerva walked up closer to the man, then said, "Sorry for this, but…" she trailed off. She stepped forward, and before he could react, Minerva had grabbed his face in her hands and kissed him.

She pulled away blushing. "Sorry, but…" she pointed above them at the mistletoe, thankful for her foresight. "Happy Christmas, sir," she said, and turned to walk away.

For the first time in many years, Albus Dumbledore had been caught unaware. Also for the first time in many years, he was thankful that he had memorized Hogwarts, A History after he became a professor. It was because of this that he knew he wouldn't get in trouble for what he was about to do.

"Miss McGonagall?" he said, stopping the girl in her tracks.

"Sir?" Minerva replied, turning around.

Albus stepped closer to her, and gently pressed his lips to hers. Minerva gasped. Albus then deepened the kiss, and pulled her closer to his chest. "Happy Christmas," he replied when he pulled away.

Minerva and Albus then left in opposite directions, neither saying a word more.

- - -

Michael Potter smirked that July when he received Minerva's letter informing him of her and Albus' elopement.

"Next on my list… Augusta Lewis, and Earnest Longbottom," he said, walking swiftly to the fireplace to floo his other best friend, Earnest. "I think I'll just lock them in a broom cupboard until the screaming stops." Augusta and Earnest were polar opposites, and fought continuously, but he had a theory that they only fought to get each other's attention.

Sorry if you are annoyed because of the age thing. I just guessed their ages, so...