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"Daddy?" a small girl whispered in the dark "Daddy," the voice got a little louder "Daddy," Neji groaned and opened his eyes to see his three year old daughter standing next to his bed

"What is it little one," he tiredly asked. He had just gotten back from a mission and fell right into bed. He was just glad he made it home before the storm hit but now his little girl was waking him up and not her mother. Thunder boomed outside making the little girl wince and clutch her plush nightingale.

"I scared," she whined. Neji sighed, leaned over and scooped her up. She quickly snuggled under the covers with her father. TenTen woke when she heard her daughter whine on Neji's side. She smiled to herself; she knew her daughter was a daddy's girl. TenTen rolled over and snuggled on Neji's other side and lightly whispered into his ear

"I told you she's a daddy's girl," falling back to sleep. Neji wrapped his other arm around his wife and gave her a light squeeze

"I don't know what you're talking about,"

I found some old fluff that I wrote awhile ago. Hope you like^^