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Pit and Ike spent the remainder of their afternoon getting to know each other a bit more. They spent a great deal of time talking about their individual pasts, and what led them to become brawlers. And, of course, they spent time getting…acquainted with one another. Pit, being incredibly shy about the whole thing, did not want to progress beyond kissing. Ike, of course, understood, but was desirous of more. At around 5:30, they went down to the common room. Although Christmas dinner was not until seven, the two decided they wanted to mingle with some of the other smashers, particularly Zelda.

When they arrived at the common room, the two gazed around at some of the groups. Lucas and Ness were playing a game of Chess, moving the pieces with telekinesis and decidedly not looking at each other. When one would look up, the other would as well, both would blush, and return to their game. Suspended above the oblivious chess players was a sprig of everyone's favorite plant: Mistletoe!

Zelda and Snake were cuddling and whispering on a couch in front of the fire place. The two were plotting how to get Power Suit Samus and Captain Falcon together, and were also discussing with Falco and Lucario. Marth and Roy were in the kitchen, raiding the pantry, and were being constantly chased out by Master Hand and Crazy Hand. Beyond that, the common room was empty. It had certainly been cleaned up since the present opening this morning; gone were the veritable mountains of wrapping paper that had littered the floor.

Ike concluded that it would be good to converse with Zelda about whatever she and the other three were talking about. Pit pointed to the ceiling above Ness and Lucas, and whispered to his lover.

"They have no idea what they're sitting under, do they?" said a positively radiant angel.

The blue-haired Crimean looked and laughed at the sight. "I would assume not. Shall we…assist them?" chuckled Ike.

Pit grinned in the most devious fashion possible.

"I think we could manage that." said Pit.

As the two lovers made their way over to Zelda, Falco, Lucario and Snake, Ike shouted out in an embarrassing tone, "Ness, Lucas, look up!"

The two psychics were startled and jumped a bit. They looked at the angel and the Crimean, looked at each other, and slowly looked up.

The shade of red both of them turned is only comparable to that of crimson satin sheets.

Ness looked at Lucas, Lucas looked at Ness, and the two bore an expression akin to 'deer-in-the-headlights'. Pit and Ike turned away to give the pair some privacy, and sat down across from Zelda and Snake.

"…and of course, she's making things difficult because she's so naturally tough and not used to being chased. In fact, usually she's DOING the chasing." remarked the Princess of Hyrule.

"Who are we talking about?" asked a curious angel.

"Power Suit and Captain Falcon." replied four voices simultaneously. This was followed by immediate giggling from Pit, Zelda, and Falco. The other three merely glanced at those drowned in humor.

"Would Mistletoe be able to solve the problem?" suggested Ike, glancing back at the two psychics, who were now on their way out of the common room hand in hand.

"Unfortunately, Power Suit is far too smart for that. She has scanners built into her suit, and she constantly scans rooms as she enters them for things like that." answered Snake.

"Bummer." said Lucario. "What about writing notes to each of them from the other person?" he suggested.

"The problem there is Samus' participation. Will she even go if she gets a note?" said Falco.

The six thought for about a half hour, before finally coming up with a solution. The plan was to cause Samus' suit to malfunction, simultaneously with Captain Falcon's entrance. Falcon would fix the suit, and the two would begin to talk!

The plan was implemented, and sure enough, by the time dinner rolled around, the two were at least off to a good start.

"Alright, would anyone care to make the toast?" asked Zelda.

The smashers were finally all together and seated within the dining hall. It was approximately seven, and dinner was being served. All of the smashers had a single glass of a dark red wine, and the food was piled high upon their plates.

Ike suddenly stood up in front of the crowd. Usually more quiet and reserved, this was a bit shocking to the rest of the smashers.

"To friends, lovers, and family. May good health bless us all this coming year." he said, looking fondly at the angel beside him.

"Here Here!" came a rousing chorus of voices from around the table. The dining room was then immediately filled with the sound of chewing and good conversation. Ike was seated between Lucario and Pit; on the other side of Pit was again Sheik. Sheik and Pit discussed music for most of the evening; Lucario and Ike mostly discussed tactics for brawling. After three courses of dinner, dessert was brought out. For dessert, the Hands had created a series of towering cakes, alternating different flavors for each of the brawlers' favorites. Dessert was served with warmed milk; afterwards, the brawlers began to retire to their individual rooms. Ike took Pit in hand, and the two walked up the stairs.

"Nnh! Ike…!" said a positively squirming Pit. After arriving back at their room, Ike had veritably pounced on the angel, with the intent and fervor of a starving man.

At the moment, Pit was laying on his own bed on his back, with Ike lying gently on top of him. The Crimean was making a meal out of the angel's ear, and was holding back his own moans.

Ike sat back and began removing his cape, armor and tunic; the boots were long gone already. Pit sat up as well and began removing his toga, leaving only his black revealing shorts on.

The blue-haired warrior took one look at Pit's lean body and was consumed by a wave of lust. He immediately dove for the angel's neck.

"Ah! Ike, you're g-gonna leave m-marks! Dooooooooooahhhhhh…"

Pit was unable to finish his sentence, as the Crimean began twisting the sensitive nubs on the angel's chest. The pleasure exploding within his body was without limit, and Pit felt a torrent of feelings unleashed in his body.

Pit leaned forward and captured Ike's lips with his own. The two kissed for some time as they explored each others' bodies. Pit's hands were wrapped around Ike and were practically clawing at his back, while Ike's hands roved over the angel's abs, feeling the muscles twitch beneath his fingertips.

Traveling maddeningly slowly down Pit's body, Ike's lips and tongue were torturing the young angel. Pit couldn't help but let out several keening wails at the feel of Ike's mouth upon his body. Eventually, Ike reached the top of Pit's shorts, and proceeded to dive into the angel's navel. Pit had a layer of peach fuzz across this area of his body, and Ike rubbed his face into it. Unsurprisingly, the angel went into a fit of giggles, which dissolved into breathy moans as Ike began finally removing the garment. Ike sat back at the foot of the bed, gazing lustfully at the exposed skin. Pit could do nothing but blush, and stutter something out.

"You're s-staring at me…" he observed.

Ike looked at his love.

"Pit…look at me." He commanded.

The angel looked into the Crimean's eyes. He saw lust, but also care and adoration.

"You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, in this world or in Crimea. I love you." said Ike in a passionate voice.

Pit smiled and blushed some more.

"I think you are as beautiful as or more so than some of the angels I have seen in Heaven." said Pit with a smile upon his face. Pit reached forward and began unbuckling Ike's pants.

"Pit, are you sure about this?" asked a concerned Ike.

The angel blushed at the sight of Ike's enormous size.

"I've never been surer of anything." he replied.

Ike smiled, and grabbed something from the nightstand. He turned the angel over so that he was lying on his stomach. The Crimean began to rub the space between Pit's wings, and lowered his face to kiss the spot. Pit was rendered boneless by this move. Ike stroked along the wings, and continued to kiss between the shoulder blades of his beloved. Ike ceased stroking the wings in favor of preparing his lover for what was to come. As Ike prepared his lover, the only thought that flashed through his head was the phrase 'this is perfect'. The two began to move together, slowly but surely making their way to becoming one.

Pit lay awake, curled up in front of his lover. The two were lying on their bed after a very productive evening. Pit lay on his stomach, curled up against Ike's broad chest. Ike was fast asleep; he had been since shortly after they had finished. Pit was reflecting on all that he had learned since he had become a brawler. He decided that perhaps the best Christmas present that he had received was the answer to his prayers; Palutena had finally granted him his wish.