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Another Saturday night, alone. I was getting used to it, but that didn't mean it sucked any less. It had been about six months since I'd left Jessica. She was a nice enough girl, but maybe that was the problem; she just had no fight in her. I needed someone spunky, someone fun, someone who wasn't afraid to give back what I could dish out.

I know, you're already thinking... hey, Bella, everyone gets bored in relationships. Well, maybe I'm the hold out, but I think that's a total fucking lie. Sure, it can happen, if you get lazy and you stop paying attention to your relationship. If you care for someone and take the time to care for yourself, showing them how much you love and cherish them, I think it's possible to still be a hot couple in twenty years, thirty years, forty years, whatever. Yep, that's right, I want to be one of those old grannies still chasing skirts and having fun. That doesn't mean I won't settle down someday – can't you chase the skirt of the one you love?

You know what else I hate? When people start to form opinions about me based on the fact that I'm a lesbian. Just because I like chicks doesn't mean I have to behave like a dude. I like to get dressed nicely, I like to smell good, I shave my legs (and my pits!). I'm not looking for a woman that wants to be a man, I want a woman that's all woman. I have nothing against people that are the complete opposite of me, I just ask that you not prejudge me.

I could be your sister, your best friend, your cousin. You might never know about my private life unless you get to know me, or run into me at my favorite local haunt, Paper Moon. In fact, only my closest friends know I'm gay, and perhaps a family member or two. It isn't that I hide who I am, I just don't bring it out in public at every opportunity.

I am, however, well known in the community.

"What's up, Katie?" I said as I winked at and hugged my favorite door girl. She gave me a peck on the cheek and a swat on the ass as I walked in.

"Not much, B. I see some things never change. You're looking good tonight... on the prowl again, I take it?"

"Thanks, babe. When am I not on the prowl?"

"Touché. Enjoy the night! I saw some fresh meat come in lookin' almost as good as you."

"Thanks for the tip. See you in a while."

I made my way to the bar first. I would need a good solid drink to get this night going in proper style. I was grateful for Kate's comment; I had put slightly more effort into what I looked like since it was Saturday and I had more time to get ready than the usual Friday nights. It was nice to know the effort was worth it.

At 5'7", I was tall enough to be confident, but not "too tall" for heels, so I pressed the limit with my 4 1/2" black patent leather peep toe Jimmy Choos. My hair, a soft brown shade with some caramel highlights, was pulled up in a messy bun at the base of my neck, and tendrils of hair curled to frame my face. My makeup was flawless thanks to my sister, Rose. In high school, she spent countless hours teaching me the finer points of makeup application and now that I was in a well-paying job, I could actually afford decent makeup and clothes.

My dress was black with a halter top and a slit up one side that reached my hip. The back was basically non-existent, plunging into a butterfly cutout detail at the base of my spine. I knew I looked good and I was ready to find someone to go home with. I was too tired and frustrated to look for Ms. Right that night, I was okay with Ms. Right Now.

"Hey, Victoria, baby. How are ya?" I smiled at the bartender.

"Bella! It's been, what, a whole week?" she asked with a wink.

"You know, I gotta find some way to pay for these drinks you overcharge me for..."

"What can I get for you tonight, Bella dear?"

I smirked. I could feel it in the air, it was going to be a good night. Maybe even a great night.

"A Pink Pussy, please."

Fucking Stoli was my downfall, always. V looked at me and laughed, shaking her head.

"Plenty of that in here tonight. Maybe even enough to satisfy you for once. Give me a minute and I'll have your drink up."

"Thanks, doll."

I turned around to survey the club. Where oh where might the fresh meat Kate was telling me about be?

"Here ya go, Bell. See anything you like yet?" Victoria asked.

I turned back around to grab my drink.

"Not yet. I'll keep you posted. See anything good from there?"

"Hell yeah, but you know we don't go for the same types."

"Too true. You always go after the manly girls. I don't get what you see in them. I want a soft, pretty girl I can fuck."

I could feel myself getting a little wet just thinking about it. The last time I'd taken someone home (the weekend before), she wasn't that great. Shy, reserved, new. I kept trying to give the new girls a chance, but sometimes you need someone who's been around a few times and knows what they're doing, you know?

Victoria laughed and motioned. "I see a few of your type out there... Go get 'em."

I smirked, gulped my drink down, and turned to make my way onto the dance floor. I moved between two tatted up ladies in white wife beaters to the middle, where I had the best view. I wasn't judging, I have a tattoo, its just not where most people can see it. No tramp stamp for me, although I admit I've seen a few hot ones that I wouldn't mind licking. Mine is simple, on my right flank, almost to my hip, all black ink, and small. It reads "acta non verba" - action not words. I briefly considered "Ad eundum quo nemo ante iit" ("To boldly go where no man has gone before") across my lower abdomen, but thought better of it – perhaps not everyone has my sense of humor.

I spotted another regular to the club and groaned internally. I knew she'd come chat me up as soon as she saw me; we'd a short fling a while back. What can I say, I was desperate that night. Sure enough, moments after I spotted her, she spotted me.

"Baby, where've you been?"

"Oh, Tan, you know me. I've been around."

We exchanged pecks on the cheek and I danced with her for a minute. She moved closer and brought her mouth to my ear.

"I've missed you."

Sigh. When will she learn that the no calls and no visits means no Bella?

"Tanya, I thought we talked about this? It just wasn't working with us."

I tried to let her down easy. Thankfully, I still had enough patience (and not enough vodka yet) to handle her politely. I could see her body slouch a little into itself.

"Hey, don't be like that. You'll meet someone, I know it. Just because it didn't work for us doesn't mean there isn't some great girl out there for you. You deserve someone that loves you, babe, not just someone great in bed."

I winked at her, trying to lighten the mood a little. She laughed and we danced together for a bit, a little closer than we had been. When the song ended, she kissed my cheek and made her way back to the bar for a drink.

Fuck, I need to find someone before I end up three sheets to the wind and back in bed with Tanya.

I moved around the dance floor and as I was about to give up and get a second drink, I saw her. Wait, did she see me? What-the-fuck-ever. We saw each other. She looked straight into my eyes and shot me a crooked smile so wide I nearly threw her down and fucked her right there. I was stunned momentarily, and believe me when I tell you, Bella Swan does not get stunned. She walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my waist, pulling me closer, slowly swaying to the beat of the music.

She was small, tiny even. On a good day, with heels, she was probably 5'5". Her head fit perfectly in the crook of my neck. I could only imagine where else her head would fit perfectly.

She was beautiful. Fucking stunning. What she lacked in height she made up for in looks. Her face was an angel's, pale skin contrasting with her short, coal black hair. She wore a deep red dress that hugged her curves in all the right places. She was smaller busted than I was, but she was perky and tight in that little dress. I wanted to rip it off, taste her, lick her, make her moan. She was wearing less make-up than me, and she smelled like a meadow of flowers.

I closed my eyes and inhaled her delicious scent, thanking whoever I could think of for the presence of this beauty in front of me.

When I opened my eyes, I realized the song had changed to something faster, so I took her hand and pulled her to the bar. She pouted a little, so fucking sexy when she pouts, but I kept pulling. I smiled to try and reassure her that we'd dance again, but I had to take her somewhere to talk first. I had to at least know her name before I began a checklist in my brain of the things I wanted to do with and to and for her.

Victoria was laughing before I even spoke, and I shot her the "don't fuck with this" glare. She put her hands up in the surrender pose and mouthed "I didn't say anything!" I shook my head and laughed, mouthing back to her "YET!".

"Ladies, what can I get for you?" she asked.

I looked at my new friend, then back to Victoria.

"Two Naughty Angels, please."

"Oh, I think I've already got two of those in front of me," V laughed. "Coming right up, Bella."

"Bella?" my muse purred at me, running a fingertip up and down my forearm.

"That's right, Bella. And you are?"

"Alice. I hope you didn't think dragging me off the dance floor and bringing me over here to order a cheesy drink was all you'd have to do to get into my panties. Oh, wait. I might not be wearing panties."

At that, she turned and walked away. Mother fucker. Now I definitely had to have her.

Victoria came back looking confused.

"Where'd your girl go?"

I downed one of the drinks and growled. Really, literally growled. "I don't know, but I'm about to find out."

I stomped to the dance floor and looked around anxiously, hoping I hadn't already lost my chance with the tease who just left me at the bar. She was dancing with another girl by the time I found her. Her back was to me, so I tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention.

"What the fuck?" I practically shouted.

She turned her whole body to me, ignoring the poor stunned girl she had been dancing with.

"Did you really think you could just buy me some poorly named drink and take me home to fuck? I'm not that kind of girl. Trust me, I'm worth the work. If you're just out here trolling for skank, I'm sure there are plenty of those around."

Her bracelets made a jingling noise as she flailed her hands while she spoke. Once she was done, she tapped her fucking Choo on the dance floor and it seemed like time stood still, as if everyone was looking at me, waiting for me to answer her. What the hell? This girl is making me nervous now? Jeezus Christ, pull yourself together, Swan.

I pulled her into me, lowering my mouth to her ear. I paused for a moment to think about my next move, something I didn't usually have to do. Softly, slowly, I kissed below her ear.

"I never thought you were a skank, beautiful. I simply wanted to take you to the bar and get to know you a little better. From the moment I first saw you, I wanted to lick you up and down and make you scream my name. If that might be something you're interested in, you know where you can find me."

I softly nipped at her neck before letting her go and turning back to the bar. Two can play at this fucking game.

Not two seconds after I began to move away from her, I felt her hand slip into mine and I stopped moving. She tugged and I turned around to see her standing there with that fucking crooked grin again.

"Let's dance. I want to see what kind of moves you have before I potentially waste a night on you." She winked when she was done speaking, and I could tell she was all mine, just teasing me for the hell of it now, the chase of the game.

We pressed against each other again and moved to the slow music. My hands roamed Alice's back and her fingertips tickled mine. Goosebumps dotted my skin and I let out a soft moan, pressing my upper body into hers. I felt my nipples harden and wondered if she did, too.

"What's it going to take to get you out of here, sweetheart?" I cooed in her ear, placing soft kisses around the base of her neck.

"I like to dance, sue me. I didn't get all dressed up just to take these clothes right back off. If you're still here after a few more dances, I'll be yours for the night. Do you have the patience to wait for me?"

"All night, if your game is as good as your talk. Can I wait for you at the bar?"

"Only if you promise not to take your eyes off me. I'm going to give you a little show. Would you like that, my sweet Bella?"

The words would not come out of my mouth, so I just lowered my lips to hers and kissed her with as much need as I could. She broke the kiss and I was cursing her in my head, not yet ready to separate myself from her.

"I'll take that as a yes," she said.

Fuck yes. I nodded and smiled before I turned to walk back to the bar. A show, huh? This should be good.

Alice had no trouble finding a dance partner. In fact, I realized after I walked away that there had been several girls hovering, clearly waiting for their turn with her. She moved slowly and sensually with each of them. I felt a sting of jealousy run through me and then marveled at the fact that I had rarely been jealous before.

I saw a tall blonde girl, one of the wife beater and tat crowd, come up behind Alice. She put her hands on Alice's hips and led her through the next song. Alice closed her eyes and leaned her head back on the girl's shoulders, swinging her hips to the blonde's lead. Mmm, those hips. I can't wait to taste those hips. Alice slid her hands behind her, up the blonde's sides and wrapped them around her neck, bringing Blondie's lips down to her mouth. Damn it, she's kissing my girl. Alice opened her eyes and looked right at me, winking.

I smiled and mouthed "tease" back at her. She threw her head back again and laughed, grinding her hips back into the blonde.

When that song was over, Alice turned around and danced face to face with a new girl. It was a slower song, so they were pressed up against each other, Alice's small hands woven through the girl's long dark hair. I felt the heat of jealousy wave through my body again. I shook my head and turned back to the bar, not wanting to watch them dance anymore. Why was Alice fucking with me like this?

Victoria noticed me and I ordered a water.

"What the fuck, a water? You feelin' okay, Bella?"

I opened my mouth to respond and felt fingernails running lightly across my bare back.

"She feels just fine to me." I could hear the playfulness in Alice's voice as she answered for me, placing kisses along my shoulder blade. She hopped up and sat in the chair next to where I was standing, looking at me with a pout. "You stopped watching."

"You were just torturing me!" I said. "A girl can only take so much." I tried to defend myself while playing it cool.

"How about we go back to your place now and see exactly how much you can take?"

I admit it, I nearly ran out the door with her. Thankfully, I was able to regain my composure just a little and not make a complete ass of myself.

I paid my tab with Victoria and we walked outside to hail a taxi. I always planned ahead when I was hitting the club, not wanting to drink and drive. I told the driver where to take us; my house was only a few blocks away in the Sugar House neighborhood. I loved living there. The house was on the small side, but once I knocked a few walls down to convert it from a four bedroom to a two bedroom, I was much happier.

We pulled up to my cute, little brick house and I paid the driver before we slid out, holding hands. I barely had the front door unlocked and open when Alice started attacking my lips with hers.

"Alice, let me at least get the door closed and locked, okay?"

As I turned and locked the door, Alice's cool hands were once again running along my exposed back. She moved them around to my sides and slipped under my dress, cupping my breasts, teasing my nipples. I rested my head forward on the door and let out a groan.

"Bella, I let you get the door locked... now it's my time."

As she spoke, she tugged at both nipples, almost to the point of pain, but teetering on the delicious threshold where it just felt good. I wasn't used to letting go like this. Usually I was in charge; I said what we did, when we did it, how we did it, then politely thanked them and walked them out the door, no matter what the time of day or night. But Alice? Alice could stay. Especially if she kept touching me like that, and I had a feeling it was only going to get better.

I moved a little and she released me, sliding her hands along my skin the until she had them out of my dress.

"Would you like a glass of wine?" I asked, turning to face her.

She cocked her head to the side and looked at me curiously.

"Really? You worked all night to get me here and now you want to sit by the fire, have wine, and talk?"

I laughed. "Okay, point well taken. How about we take off these shoes and get a little more comfortable, then?"

"Now that sounds like a plan."

Her crooked grin was back in all its glory and I couldn't help but think about those lips on my body. I nearly skipped to my bedroom, Alice trailing behind me.

"Make yourself comfortable on the bed, I'll just be a minute."

I walked into my closet, thankful that I loved lingerie. I was going to pick out something nice, very nice. I slipped into an off-white lace and silk chemise. It barely covered me and I felt like I was spilling out of the top, but it didn't really matter since I was sure it was coming off almost as quickly as I had put it on.

I turned the corner to the bedroom and saw Alice was already spread out on my bed in her bra and panties. I could see her through the black lace of her outfit. The pink lace and bow accents were cute and playful, just like I imagined she was. I lingered in the doorway for a moment before making my way to the bed. I drank her image in and locked away the memory for a little replay later, once she was gone.

I could hear her purr of approval as I walked toward her. "You. Are. So. Fucking. Hot." Each word she uttered was punctuated by brief silence, the sex dripping from her voice.

With each step, I could feel the tension and desire building in me. I climbed over the end of the bed, slowly kissing her feet, taking my time and placing soft, gentle kisses on each toe.

What the hell? I don't linger on women, I devour them and send them on their way.

I kissed the arch of her foot, knowing how her feet must've felt after having been stuck in their own personal torture chambers for the evening. All the dancing she did couldn't have helped. I rubbed circles with my thumbs along the soles and slowly traced my fingers up her calves. I paused there to rub and massage her legs. I looked up and saw her head was tilted back, mouth slightly open and she was taking short, shallow breaths. Mmm, this is how I want to see Alice all night. I went from using my whole hand on her calves to lifting my hand and fingers so that just the tips were tickling their way up to her knees and beyond.

When I got to her thighs, I spread her legs apart slightly to get a better view. I could see through the lace that she was swollen, waiting for me, ready. Her pussy was bare and already wet. I moved my face closer, breathing in a short breath before placing a wet, open-mouthed kiss at the apex of her warmth. She thrust her hips softly into me and I moaned against her.

"I thought you said you weren't wearing panties, Alice? Should I punish you for lying to me?"

She laughed. "I said I might not be wearing panties. You're welcome to punish me anyways, though..."

"You are a naughty little minx, aren't you? Teasing me all night, making me work for it." I began to place soft nibbles against her left thigh, working my way back to her pussy. I brought my hand up and tapped her center, gauging her reaction. When she moaned, I knew I was on the right track, so I used a little more force the next time, slapping my hand down right where I knew her clit was, then rubbing up and down the length of her.

"You like that? Just wait, I'm going to have you screaming my name by the time the sun comes up."

"Please..." she almost whispered.

"Please what, Alice?"

"Please don't stop what you're doing," she begged.

"Oh, I don't plan to, sweetheart. Lift up those delicious hips, please. I want to get these panties off and taste you."

She raised her hips and I dragged her underwear down her body slowly, making little noises the whole time to let her know just how turned on she was making me.

"Okay, bra next."

She sat up partway and unclasped her bra, letting it fall down her arms.

"I'm suddenly feeling a little underdressed at this party," she teased.

I moved closer, kneeling in front of her, and explained that if she wanted my clothes off, she was going to have to take them off. I almost instantly regretted it.

In a move I'm sure was designed to tease me as much as I had teased her, she ran her hands up the insides of my thighs, moving to the outside edge as she reached where they met my torso. I lifted my body up slightly when her hands got to my hips, letting her slide them around to my ass. She grabbed me, pulling me toward her, and I landed with my hands on either side of her shoulders.

I leaned over her and kissed her hard. I was so done playing around. "Alice, if you want to undress me you better do it quickly because I'm moving back to where I was in about ten seconds."

She let me sit back up as she slid the cool silk up and off my body, throwing it to the side. She leaned in and took a nipple in her mouth, sliding her soft wet tongue around it as she sucked. I gently tugged at her nipples, then moved my hands to push her back to a laying position. I smirked at her and kissed lower on her torso, making my way back down.

I went slowly, worshiping her body the entire way with licks, touches, sucks, nibbles, and caresses. I could hear her soft breathing and the lower I got, the quicker the pace increased.

I slipped back between her legs, moving them apart. Lifting her feet, I shifted them so that her knees were bent, feet flat on the bed. She was exposed and open to me, and it struck me just how vulnerable she was right at that moment.

I ran my hands back up her thighs and used my fingertips to spread her lips. I blew a soft breath against her clit before burying my tongue inside of her. I wanted to get as deep as I could, tasting all of her sweet, tangy juices. Withdrawing my tongue, I began to kiss her lips, sucking them into my mouth one at a time, nibbling softly as I let them slip back out.

One of my hands was still at the top of her pussy, keeping her spread open, and I shifted myself slightly so that I could rest on my elbows. Bringing my right hand up to slide a finger into her, I teased her. Slipping just the tip of my finger in and back out, I then ran it up and down the entire length of her slit, before dipping in to her again. When I brought it out again, I joined it with another, slowly fucking her.

I lowered my mouth to her clit and kissed with wide, wet kisses. My fingers were still working inside of her as I snaked my tongue out to flick her clit. Wraping my mouth around her clit, I sucked it into my mouth. Watching her writhing against me, I knew it wouldn't take much more for her to come, so I began to stroke her g-spot on each slow movement of my fingers back out of her. I let my teeth scrape lightly against her clit as it slipped out of my mouth.

"Mmm, Alice, you are so sexy right now. I want you..." lick "to come..." lick "in my mouth..." lick "please."

I ended with my tongue pointed against her clit, circling faster, and moving my fingers in and out of her quicker. She arched her back and I could feel her muscles contract around me and it made me that much more wet. She screamed as she came, and I continued to gently lap at and kiss all around her as I withdrew my fingers. Turning my head, I softly kissed her thighs, licking now and then, and began to make my way back up her body.

Stopping at her breasts, I licked circles around her nipples and blew, watching them harden again. I didn't want to bite or nibble or hurt her in any way, even if it was just being playful. Somehow, in the middle of going down on her, I'd shifted from fucking her to making love with her. It scared me until I saw the look of adoration in her eyes.

Lying next to her, I curled my leg up and over her body, with one of her arms stretched out underneath me. I slid my arm beneath her and the other was tracing lazy circles between her breasts, reaching out to gently caress her nipples now and then.

She leaned her head down and kissed me gently, her hands roaming along my neck and down to my breasts. She teased and pulled my nipples until they were hard and I was arching into her touch.

"Sweet Bella, you were so nice to me, I want to be nice to you, too. I know your type, though, and I bet you have some fun toys around here. Where do you keep your toys, Bella?"

I pointed to the nightstand on her side of the bed, since that's where I kept the frequently used toys. I had a naughty box in the closet of course, but we'd make do what what we had at hand.

Alice rummaged around and came out with one of the beautiful glass dildos I'd bought online. I liked them for their ease of use and sterilization, which meant they could safely be shared.

"This looks interesting. This is a sex toy, not a piece of art, huh?" She laughed, waving it around as she sat back up on the bed with me.

"Oh, I promise. It's a glass dildo. Have you ever played with them?"

She shook her head no.

I extolled their virtues to Alice, going on about how they warm up with your skin or can be warmed with water. They're typically smooth and slick, though mine had a curved head at the top and red glass hearts on the shaft which provided a nice texture.

Alice got an excited look in her face as she played with it, stroking her hand up and down, even bringing it to her lips. When she parted them and slid it in, I let out a guttural groan; for the first time in my life, I wished I had a cock to slide into her wet mouth.

Her eyes flicked up at my sound and she smiled broadly. "Jealous?"

"More than a little."

She ran the still damp tip of the dildo across my nipple, then down my torso. Laying back, I closed my eyes. My legs automatically spread for her as I felt the smooth surface of the tip glide across my torso and stop. I opened my eyes when I felt Alice shift on the bed; she was leaning over my body, but not quite in the way I wanted her to.

She turned her head to look up at me and asked, "Acta non verba?"

"It means action not words," I explained.

"I know what it means. It's just an... interesting expression to get tattooed forever onto your body."

"It's a long story, but I tend to think of it as my life philosophy."

"I like it."

She smiled and turned back to my body, kissing each word. Her head was blocking my view, so I was surprised when I felt her fingers teasing my opening, running up and down my slick slit.

When she was done kissing my tattoo, she moved herself between my legs and ran her tongue from one hip to the other. I bucked into her, trying to get her to move lower.

"All in good time," she said with a laugh.

She placed a kiss at the top of my trimmed mound and worked her way lower, never quite kissing exactly where I needed. She moved from the top down one side, licking the outer edges of my lips and across to the other side.

"Alice, stop being such a fucking tease." I was in no mood anymore.

"What do you want, my pet, my sweet Bella? Should I dip my tongue in and taste just how sweet you are?"

She flicked her tongue across, still on the outer edges of my lips. I saw her set the dildo on the bed beside me and she brought her fingers back to tease my pussy. She began to massage and rub my lips, letting the very tips of her fingers slip between them, into my wetness.

"You're already so wet, Bella. It looks like you enjoyed my pussy almost as much as I'm going to enjoy yours."

I moaned and she wasted no time pushing a finger into me, moving her head lower to take my clit into her mouth.

She barely breathed out a "fuck" as she raised her head again and moved a hand to grab the dildo. I lifted my hips up to meet the tip of it as she slipped it in slowly, so fucking slowly. Once the base was at the outside of my pussy, the shaft buried all the way inside of me, she brought it back out and began thrusting it into me quicker.

"Bella, you are such a sight to see when you're getting fucked. Are you even more beautiful when you come? Will you come for me as I lick you and fuck you, sweetheart?"

She returned her dirty mouth to my clit, licking and sucking as she fucked me faster and harder.

"Oh god, Alice, don't stop," I whispered.

"That's not going to do, Bella," she said, lifting her mouth from me again. "I want you to scream. I want everyone to know who you're with tonight. Let go, let me hear you."

I thought about resisting her. Who the fuck was she to tell me what to do, to make demands on my orgasm? But fuck that; I was way too far gone to worry about it, so I did exactly what she asked. I let go, pressed in to her face, and put a hand on the back of her head to keep her exactly where I wanted her. She thrust the dildo all of the way inside of me and began tapping the end, which made it hit just the right spot. I screamed so loud I knew the neighbors would hear, and I couldn't have cared any less.

"Oh fuck, Alice."

A string of profanities followed as she continued her lapping and sucking, nudging in the perfect spot, keeping my orgasm rolling.

When I regained my ability to breathe again, I couldn't help it, I began to laugh. Not light little giggles, mind you, this was belly-rolling near-sobbing laughter. I only laughed harder when Alice withdrew the dildo and it made a funny little popping sound from the suction, which then made her laugh.

She came up into my arms and we laughed together for a few minutes. I hadn't felt so free, so happy, so relieved in a very long time... and the night wasn't even over yet.