Beast Master

Chapter 1


She lay on the bench. A pair of demons had watched as she had her heart broken into pieces, when Sasuke Uchiha, a boy she had a major crush on, had left. They looked at one another- deep in thought. One of them climber over the bench, the other one soon following. The first growled softly, lowering to her neck, sniffing her, licking her neck, looking at the other one. The other beast was on the side walk, next to the bench. It sniffed her and licked her neck, looking at the other. The first one sneered, opening their mouth, revealing glistening white fangs, but the second one growled and snarled at it, putting a furry paw on its shoulder.

"Save it for when we get accepted, Bats." The first one hissed at him angrily.

"I wouldn't count on it- who would accept such a disobediant mutt like you?" The second one was calm.

"Shut up, bats. If we don't move, we'll scare her. Let's go." It said, before they both vanished.

( Several days later )

She was so depressed- it was terrible. She sat in her room on her bed, when the door bell rang.

"Oh good, you're both here! Sakura is up in her room." Her mother's voice could be heard. "Sakura, honey, come down!" Sakura got up and left her room, coming down the stairs, she saw a pair of hot guys at the door. Each in a nice suit and holding a different bouqet. "Sakura, this is Sasori and Tobi." The two boys bowed. "I'd like you to spend a week with them and pick on as your husband."

"Hello Miss Sakura." They greeted, the first one who had short red hair and grey eyes, wore a dark grey suit and had a red bouqet of a variety of roses, including black and blue ones, stepped forward. "I'm Sasori- Pleased to meet you." He said, smirking- he had really sharp canines. He offered her the flowers. "These are for you- they compliment your hair very nicely." He said, trying to charm her. But she was interested in the other one- he wore a pumpkin-colored mask with a long swirl (like a lolipop) and a single eye hole. The second one wore a navy blue suit and held a purple bouquet with a variety of rare and elegant lilies, but he seemed- nerovus, stepping forward and offering her the bouquet.

"I'm Tobi- Tobi picked these for you, Sakura-Chan." He said, making Sakura giggle. She accepted both bouquets. "Sakura-Chans mom said Sasori and Tobi have to compete for Sakura-Chan- to see who will be better husband for Sakura-Chan!" Tobi said, taking her hand, leaning down, his eye looking into hers. "Tobi- is looking forward to spending time with such a pretty girl as Sakura-Chan." He said, lifting up his mask slightly, kissing her knuckles tenderly. He pulled his mask back down and withdrew, Sasori glared at Tobi, but took her hand.

"I, also, look forward to spending time with you." Sasori said, kissing her hand as well, before withdrawing. Sakura looked at her mother.

"What's going on, mom?"

-10 minutes later-

"You arranged me to get married?" Sakura exclaimed.

"Yes. But your father and I have different views of the perfect man for you. You father picked Sasori who's mostly all about getting down to buisness. But I picked Tobi- he's fun loving and a complete sweetheart. You should pick Tobi too-"

"I can't BELIEVE you picked my husband for me!"

"Well, we wanted them to come when you were 15, but your father wanted them sooner."

"I can't believe you're just- giving me off to two complete strangers!"


"Tobi made rice balls for Sakura-Chan! Would she like one?" Tobi interupted, offering her a cute rice ball shaped like a flower. Sakura took one and bit into it, before blushing.

"W-Wow- this is really good- what's in it?" Sakura asked.

"Its a secret!" Tobi said cutely.

"I brought Sakura a home-made bento! I win Tobi, HA!" Tobi sweat dropped, as Sasori shoved Tobi aside and offered the bento to Sakura. She accepted it and ate some- she shuddered from the horrid taste. It was super sour and a bit bitter- but minus that, it was good. She forced herself to swallow it. "How is it?"

"I-Its really sour-" Sakura admitted, but smiled up at Sasori. "Add some sugar next time, and it'll be great."

"I'll remind Sasori! He good cook, but not good bento lunch maker." Tobi said, patting him on the back, offering her another rice ball. She accepted and ate delicately. Sasori sighed. Her mother shooed them out and back into the hall.

"So- what's with the trying to out do one another, Mom? Pride?"

"No, they're competing for your love. Either one if fine, but who ever you pick will be your husband and the other will be the best man. They're both sweethearts, so give them a chance, ok?" Sakura sighed, but nodded. "They have places in mind, so just- relax, ok?"

"Ok..." Sakura said, getting up and throwing on a coat- it was cold outside. Tobi crouched down.

"If you want, Tobi will give you piggy back ride!" She smiled.

"Sakura, let's go-" She jolted and looked a head, seeing Sasuke. "He smirked and held out a hand to her, which she took. Sasori smirked victoriously at Tobi, who glared at him.

"Cheater! Tobi thinks Sasori is a cheater for using his puppets!" Tobi yelled

"Look you cheeky little punk, if it makes her happy, its not cheating." Sasori hissed. Before Sakura punched the puppet that looked so much like Sasuke- She glared at Sasori angrily, making him shudder. Sakura went to Tobi and accepted his offer of a piggy back ride. Sasori sighed in defeat, looking to see if Tobi has as much pride as he- but Tobi's aura was pretty laid back.

"Tobi wants to take Sakura-Chan on a shopping spree! Tobi's treat!" Tobi said, making Sakura smile. "Would Sakura-Chan like that?"

"I'll love to!" Sakura said. Already, Tobi was winning her heart! Sasori felt a bit left out, but he'd perfect his puppets- that'd impress her.

-Late the Night-

Tobi had treated her to a shopping spree and taken them out to dinner at a cute little desert shop- and he paid for all of it. Sakura had gotten close to each of them. Sasori was a puppet master, and Tobi was part of a secret organization. She liked Tobi the best because he was carefree and lively. She also liked Sasori on account that he was professional.

"Wow! That was great, Tobi!" Sakura chirped, waiting for a cheerful reply from the preppy boy, but when none came, she stopped and turned around. "Guys?" She gasped to see the two boys were replaced by a pair of hideous monsters. She screamed, making both of them flinch.

"Sakura, please!" The taller monster said, the one next to it was shorter and furry. It whimpered. "Please- its us! Sasori and Tobi!" Sakura ran, making the taller one try to stop her. The shorter one growled, barking, before galloping after her and attacking her. Sakura screamed, staring at the monster.

It was like a huge dog- or some type of huge wolf. It wore a orange mask on the side of its head, its mane was wild. It looked at her, whimpering, before licking her face. It got off her and whimpered as she got up, putting its muzzle under her hand, resulting in her getting the impression it wanted to be pet. She hesitantly pet it, making it wag its tail happily. "Tobi, stop kissing up- she doesn't want a mutt like you." The dog growled and before she knew it, she was pressed against someone's chest. She looked up into the pale face of Sasori, his blood red locks in his eyes, giving him a devilishly dashing charm, as he held her hands gently. He smiled at her. "She'd rather have a gentleman like myself- right?" He asked, smirking, showing of glistening vampire fangs. "Now, let's have a look at that neck of yours, my dear- heh-" He purred seductively, unzipping her dress a little, pulling back the part of it that covered her neck. He let out a hungry hiss as he lowerd to her neck, ready to take a bit.

"Try again, Bats!" Came a husky growl, before the wolf head butted Sasori.

"UMPH!" Sasori said, before he fell to the ground 100 feet away. He got back up, letting out a horrid hiss. "Damn you, Mutt!" The dog, helped Sakura up, who had fallen. "I'm sorry we didn't tell you earlier, Sakura-Chan. But we're monsters."

To Be Continued ...