Beast Master

Chapter 4

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Sakura stirred slightly, under the covers. It was so cold- had she opened the window last night? She opened her eyes and saw Sasori, lying next to her. She grinned. "Good morning, my beautiful Cherry Blossom. Did you enjoy last night's performance?" He asked, grinning, showing her his fangs, and she sprung out of bed and fell off onto the Persian rug beneath it. "Sakura!" He said, leaning over the edge of the bed, looking at her, as she shivered on the ground, screaming, covering herself.

"Why the hell am I naked?!" She demanded, and scrambled over to the cloth of a table, and wrapped herself in it.

"My dear, you're naked because of the transportation here. It strips you of clothing. You were so tired after wards, you fell asleep in my arms, so, I thought it best that I just take you to my room and we just curl up and sleep." He explained. "Please, don't be mad at me-"

"Why is it so cold here?!" She demanded, as a pair of men came into the room, followed by a pair of maids.

"I was ill-informed on the weather, Sakura." Sakura flinched away as the maids reached for her. "They're only trying to help, Sakura-"

"I'm cold, I don't know where I am, and I'm NAKED (and you are too!)." She snarled in displeasure. "Get away from me!" Sakura whimpered, and she looked at Sasori, who was already clothed and up, the males making the bed. Sasori had his eyes covered, as the maids dressed her in a thick dress and a heavy fur coat.

"Are you still naked?" Sasori asked, lowering his hand. "Ah, good, now, to the throne room, Sakura!" Sasori grinned, looping her arm with his, and dragging her out of the room, handsome boys and beautiful women, lingered in the halls, staring at them as they walked by. Out of fear and the sense that anyone of them would have no hesitation in stabbing her to her death, she clung to Sasori's arm. Sasori looked back at them, "ENOUGH! Back to your rooms!" They cringed, and fled, before Sasori shared his own cloak with Sakura. "Come, let's continue." Sasori said, pushing open a large pair of silver doors, revealing a beautiful throne room, two chairs at the end. He sat in the larger one, gesturing to the smaller one for her, and she sat down, sinking down several feet in the plush of the chair's seat, its arms plush as well, the back of it, reaching almost as high as the back of Sasori's chair, the back of it gold plated, but in the center it was plush as the rest of the chair. Sasori's, on the other hand, was made out of a strange, black stone, no soft material anywhere on this throne of his, and when light was shinned upon it, it turned crimson. Sasori looked at her. "Sakura- is your chair uncomfortable?"

"No, it's really soft- and warm." She said, and took off her coat, and Sasori laughed.

"Sakura, you're sitting on Falor, not your chair." Sasori said, and she gave him a questioning look, before the chair MOVED, and she yelped in surprise, as it raise up, Sakura falling over, landing on something. "Good thing I caught you in time, eh, Sakura?" She looked up at Sasori who grinned.

"Master Sasori, welcome back." A low rumble, greeted Sasori, and Sakura looked back, seeing a large, white beast, on two legs, standing behind Sasori and Sakura, who lay on a black marble floor. Sasori got to his feet. "Master, is this the girl you are combating over with the Werewolf?" Sasori nodded.

"Yes. Falor, this is Sakura. Sakura, this is Falor, my right-hand man." Sasori introduced, as he helped her to feet, Falor offered w large, padded and clawed 'hand' or it couldn't be considered a 'paw'- not with an additional opposing thumb. He shook her hand, grinning, revealing sharp fangs.

"Its an honor, Milady." He greeted. "Please, forgive my hideousness. I do wish I could take a more- suitable- human-like form, but this is the best I can muster, Mistress. Maybe, if Master Sasori helped me with my humanoid transformation, then I might come out as an equally handsome human, as master Sasori." Sasori laughed, and Sakura blushed gently.

"Now, now, Falor, there's no need for flattery. Your natural form is good. Sakura, Falor is a Hybrid, Sakura. His parents are different, and he's a Leader of a Clan of beasts that dwell in the Mountain my Castle lies. With his Clan and my own men, we keep the castle safe."

"…But you're a Vampire. Isn't it always safe?" Sakura asked, and Falor shook his head, tossing his dreadlocks from side to side.

"No, Mistress, there are others who dwell in these mountains. We call them Singers. They are competition for Vampires, but just like Vampires, they burn in the sun. They attack during the night, interrupting out sleep, but they pry on the tainted blood of vampires. My family and I have been eternally loyal to each Vampire King, and this Castle serves as our home as well." Falor explained, as Sasori went to his seat. "Have you noticed that the Castle walls and floor are made entirely out of this black substance? It's called Vampire Crystal- We mind it from mountains long, long ago. When the sun dances on its surface, it doesn't harm the Vampires, because it turns crimson- the sun light doesn't reflect off it." Falor said.

"Indeed. The Singers may feed on Vampires, but their blood nourishes Vampire young." Sasori added. "They want the Castle so they don't have to suffer the Sun."

"Wow. I'm sorry I thought you were my chair." The both of them laughed, and Sakura was slightly confused.

"If you want, I will be happy to be your chair." Falor said, but tucked his arm into his torso and gave them both a deep bow. "Alas, I do have urgent matters to attend to, making only enough time in my schedule to meet the Mistress and welcome the Master back. I will take my leave now." With that Falor turned and walked out, the last thing Sakura saw was a flick of his snow white tail, as it vanished around the corner. The Singers- were really that bad? Or was it Sasori and Falor at fault? Sasori went back to his throne.

"I know- It's cold here, and its probably not the best place for you, Sakura, but, I'd like it if you considered about, possibly, making this place your permanent home. D-Don't get me wrong, you have all the time int he world to decide, but until then, make yourself comfortable." Sasori said. "Would you like some furs for your chair? They'll keep you warm better- if you want some thing, just say so."

"I- want a separate room from yours." Sakura told him, and he was silent. A servant entered the room, but they both held eye contact, even as the servant knelt down next to Sasori's cold throne, offering up a silver goblet to him on a silver platter.

"If that is what you desire, so be it." Saasori finally, answered, her left hand goign to where his heart was supposed to be, clutching the fabric over it, as he took the goblet with his right hand and drained it of its mysterious contents, while she went over to him, and he let out a sigh of relief and satisfaction when he was done. There was a smudge of whatever he had drank, on the corner of his mouth, and her motherly instinct took over, while he gave her a confused look.

"There's a bit left over, here-" She murmured, before an invisible force, threw her to the floor and she writhed and turned and pain. It was as if there was a fire, wrapping around her spine, in her body. Her chest became so tight she couldn't breath, and the muscles around her heart constricted, as she convulsed on the floor. Everything was silent, even as she saw Sasori yelling, she couldn't hear anything, and her vision dimmed even though her eyes were wide open. She hugged herself, trying to ease the pain that stomped up and down her spinal cord as she gasped for air, unable to take a full breath of oxygen.

Her hand felt warm, suddenly, all the problems began to disappear, and she saw Sasori, crouching in front of her, his mouth on her finger. He pulled his mouth off the finger and seductively licked the tip of the finger she had wiped his mouth with. "Hey, be careful next time." He said, never breaking eye contact with her. "Singer's blood is toxin to humans- but only a little came in contact with you. My saliva should have gotten rid of most of the toxins, but go wash up anyways, alright? They got a herbal bath prepared for you in your new room." He informed her, helping her up to her feet. The maids helped her to her new room and locked the door, helping her undress, before helping her down into the 'bath'- an in-ground water basin, about 7 or 8 feet deep, with a foot of bricks that stood out from the wall, towards the center, that serves as sitting benches, and the entire thing was filled with hot water, scented oils, and strange blue and black water lilies gave off an intoxicating but calming scent.

"Mistress, does the bath suit your tendencies?" One of the maids asked, "Mistress, I've prepared your night clothes for you- I'll set them on the ivory table." another said, "Mistress, take your time, there are guards outside the door, so if you need help, call one of them, or summon one of the maids waiting outside." another told her, before the two bowed and left, thwe one who asked the first question, remained. Something slithered into the water as Sakura sighed, and wrapped around her, and she gave a scream. "Milady, what's the matter?!"

"T-There's something on me!" Sakura whimpered, as it slimmed its way up her back, before the maid pulled it off, holding a cute, small, blue, octopus in front of her.

"Mistress, its just a Acupuncture Octopus! there's no need to fear it! It simple soothes sore and knotted joints and muscles!" The Maid told her, worried, and Sakura sighed in relief. "Its part of the healing process, so please Mistress, let the octopus sooth you." the Maid begged, and the octopus wiggled its short little legs and blew bubbles form its little snout and went, "Vhee!" and Sakura nodded, letting the Maid put the octopus back int he water, and it walked across the surface and squirmed onto her back, soothing the sore muscles that she had used in training, and she let out a sigh of relief. the maid light some incense, and sat on her knees in a corner, waiting for orders, probably. The octopus squealed and giggled as it relieved the points on her body where stress had accumulated. When it was finished, the maid took it and left the room, and Sakura hugged her knees to her chest, wondering what had happened just a few minutes ago. She washed up and got out of the bath, drying up, and changing into the night gown, opening the door, walking into the room. A vampire, stood on either side of the double doors, and they grunted, before leaving the room. Sakura looked at temping bed, so cushioned and comfortable, that it invited her to lay down, even for just a moment- and she did. It was already night outside, even thought only just a few hours had passed. She slipped into the bed that was beside a wall with long windows, making the wall. She wondered, what 'Singers' looked lick, as a clap of thunder made her jump, as well as a flicker of lightening, as she looked at the windows.

Just a store- what the hell was she afraid of-? And there it was-

A demonic thing with icy blue skin and large, bat-like wings, and long, pointy ears. Its eyes held no light- only darkness, and saliva dripped from its open, sharp-tooth lined, jaws, a long tongue hanging out, and long nails, tapped on the glass. It was Orochimaru with wings! Sakura ran out of her room screaming, and went straight into the room across from hers, to get away from the creature, the Vampires rushed into her room as she fled. Sakura jumped into the large bed of whose ever room she had ran into, and hid under the covers.

"Sakura?" She poked her head out of the covers to see Sasori. Had she really ran into his room?! "What's the matter?"

"T-There was something on my window! It looked like Orochimaru with wings!" She said, and Falor burst into the room.

"Master Sasori, a Singer is in Miss Sakura's room, and it's causing trouble for the men!" Falor said, and Sasori sat up, grabbing a hold of Sakura.

"It didn't hurt you, did it?" Sasori assked with conern. "I'll call a healer-"

"N-No! It was tapping on the window." Sakura told him, and Sasori narrowed his eyes, the grey orbs turned crimson.

"Capture the beast and chain it up in the dungeons." Sasori told Falor, who nodded, and barked into the hall, and more strange white blurs rushed into the room, and Sakura caught a glimpse of the creautre, as it was dragged down the hall, Falor bowed, leaving and shutting the door behind him. Sasori released Sakura and laid down, and she looked at him, flinching when the thunder clapped once more. "It's like this- cold during the day, storm at night. The snow melts and turns into rain." Sasori told her.

"C-Can I stay here?" Sasori looked at her, her head lowered. "Just for tonight."

"I have no say in what you do, Sakura. I don't own you, so you're free to do what you want." Sasori told her seriously. "I don't mind- but tomorrow- just tell me if I have a smudge from my drink , ok? Most of the stuff I in take is really poisonous and toxin to the body, and I don't want you getting hurt." Sakura blushed. "Your dad- saught me out and asked me to marry you, not knowing your mom had that Mutt in mind," Sakura looked at him, and Sasori smirked at her. "I don't see a problem in fighting over you, actually, I think it's fun- let alone, worth it." Sakura blushed harder, and he offered his hand to her. "Come, lay with me- its only for tonight right? It gets cold in my room really fast." She placed her hand in his, and let him guide her over to his side, and she laid down next to him, using his arm as a pillow, and he closed his eyes, the lightening flashed, revealing another one of the demons she saw in her room, making her stiffen. Then, when the sky let down another streak of lightening, four more had appeared, and were scrapping on the window momentarily, as if having little to no hope of getting in (because that was a fact.)

"They can't harm you. Not as long as you're with me." Sasori told her, and she felt her cheeks get hot again, and realized that- for a Vampire- he was really warm. Sasori turned on his side so his back was to the window, and he propped up his head on his palm, looking at her. "Do you think you can sleep better, when you can't see them?" Sakura blushed and nodded, Sasori running a hand through her hair. "It's ok. If you want to go back home, I'll take you."

"It's ok. I think its far though- a week with you and Tobi." Sasori stuffened, and grabbed her lower jaw, raising it to that her gaze met his. His eyes were cold.

"Don't talk about another man in front of me AGAIN." He told her seriously, before crashing his lips onto hers, and she blink in surprise. She blushed and he released her, "I'm the type of guy who gets jealous easily, you know." She nodded, embarrased, and he covered her with the sheets, laying on his back. "I'll cover you up so you don't have to see the Singers." Sakura blushed, and he pulled her to lay on his chest, this, she didn't mind, and she tried to listen for a heart beat, but found he didn't have one. "That's right- Vampires, unlike werewolves, don't have heart beats, because we're already, technically, dead. I hope you don't leave me for something so trivial as a heart beat, Sakura." She looked at him, but said nothing as she closed her eyes, and fell asleep against him.