On Christmas night the castle of Hogwarts was filled with a buzzing of excitement that spread around like wildfire as the students, teachers and guests prepared for the Yule Ball. Girls did their hair and makeup before putting on dresses of every colour, boys combed their hair flat and knotted ties on dress robes and everyone was excited in anticipation of one of the greatest events Hogwarts had ever seen.

Harry was waiting at the bottom of the girl's staircase in his bottle green robes, his hair refusing to stay flat when Ginny appeared at the top of the stairs. She looked simply beautiful in a navy blue dress with frilly sleeves and every red hair brushed into place. She took Harry's arm and he led her out of the portrait hole and down the stairs to the Great Hall.

Professor McGonagall was gathering the Champions and their partners near the doors. Cedric Diggory stood there cheerfully with Cho and his arm and Harry felt the urge to punch something. Viktor had a pretty girl on his arm in a blue dress that Harry didn't recognise and Fleur was with the Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain, Roger Davies. He was grinning like an idiot, still in disbelief that the prettiest girl in the castle was with him.

Harry however, kept sneaking looks at not Cho but Ginny. He'd never looked at her in this way before, not as his best friend's sister but as a girl. She was a beautiful girl but somehow he'd never noticed. He'd just seen her as sort of his sister and nothing more.

Ginny was looking at all the other pairings and didn't notice Harry staring at her which was fortunate. He wasn't really falling for his best friend's sister, was he? Nah, he couldn't be. It was alright for him to think she looked pretty; it didn't mean he liked her. She just looked nice, that was all.

Professor McGonagall showed up to distract him but when he found out her reason he rather wished she hadn't appeared. She led them off to the side while she allowed the other students entry into the Hall and the doors slammed close. She lined up the Champions and the doors were thrown open again so they could enter.

The Great Hall had been transformed into an ice palace. Every inch possible was coated in icicles that glistened and shimmered under the lights. It looked magical and Harry couldn't stop himself staring as he walked with Ginny into the Hall. As he positioned himself on the edge of the dance floor he finally recognised the girl with Krum. It was Hermione.

"Hello Harry, Ginny," she babbled, radiating beauty. She looked so excited and Harry was glad for her. She rarely got the chance to let loose like this. One face he didn't want to find was Ron's. But unfortunately it was visible from his spot and his expression was livid. He'd clearly spotted Hermione and wasn't happy.

The music began and luckily Ginny knew what she was doing and was able to steer him around the floor so he didn't look like an idiot. He was not a good dancer which showed when he just managed to move his foot in time before he stepped on Ginny and how shaky his hand was as he spun her around. He could make a quick escape once the floor filled with couples and sat down next to Ron and Parvati at an icicle-covered table.

Ron was muttering away about Quidditch players and enemies but Harry wasn't really listening. Inside his head a war was going on, one side vying for Team Ginny and the other for Team Ron.

I'm allowed to like her.
She's your best friend's sister!
So, she's off limits!
What if I don't care?
Do you really want to lose your best friend?
He could learn to accept it.
As if.
He could.
If you say so.
I think I like Ginny.
She's your best friend's sister!
I don't care!
He will.
What if I don't care?
Good luck with that.

Harry couldn't find a reason why he shouldn't be allowed to like Ginny, but he could find many reasons why Ron would hate him once he found out. He doubted Ron could get over his sister and his best friend getting together. But would Ginny return these feelings? Yes. He was pretty sure he was spot on with this. Ginny liked him. He knew she liked him.

"Ginny, could I talk to you for a second?" he asked. Ginny nodded, standing up and following him out of the hall. They walked out the front doors and a little way across the grass before stopping.

"I like you," Harry blurted out before he could stop himself. Ginny's mouth dropped open. Her face turned red as her mouth opened and closed like a goldfish. Harry's words had had a strange effect on her. She'd been dreaming about this moment for so long so it was surreal for it to be actually coming true.

"I like you too," she confessed, although she knew he probably knew this already. She was sort of obvious with her feelings, not that she could help it. But this was a dream come true, literally.

Before she could stop herself, she threw herself at Harry and kissed him. It wasn't anything like she'd imagined, it was blissful, as if she was floating on a cloud and she never wanted to leave. Everything would be perfect if she never left but eventually she had to come floating down...

"Wow," Harry said as he broke apart from Ginny, struggling to catch his breath. Ginny's face was lit up with joy, happiness and bliss at finally landing her dream guy. It sounded hokey but it was true. Harry was her dream guy and he was actually hers!

Harry and Ginny walked back into the Hall in a daze, both still reeling from what had just happened. Had they really just kissed? Ginny had never kissed anyone quite like Harry before. His lips were magical and she wanted to grab him and kiss him again and again but she couldn't. She had to control herself.

Instead she dragged Harry onto the dance floor to boogie down. The kids at Hogwarts had the same idea and as the Weird Sisters came onto the stage they lapped up the energy. They played song after song while the students jumped up and down to the pulsating beat. Ginny's hair stuck to her face by the time she walked off the floor with Harry.

Instead of walking up the marble staircase Harry led Ginny down a different path until they ended up in a deserted corridor. There he pulled Ginny towards him and kissed her and it was even better than before. She felt like she was going to float away and Harry was the only thing holding her down. When she walked into Gryffindor Tower ten minutes later she felt like she was going to fall over any second.

Harry waved and disappeared up the boy's staircase as Ginny collapsed on an armchair. She was still trying to catch up with herself. Harry's kiss had left her breathless and she was struggling to keep pace with her mind. Her heart was thudding anxiously in her chest. She took deep breaths to calm down but when she was back in her dormitory she was still reeling. Harry was hers. He was really hers.


As Ginny dressed in her robes the next morning her hands were shaking. Her mind was on rewind, flashing back to the night before. Confessing her feelings to Harry, dancing till she felt like her legs would drop off and sneaking a kiss in the abandoned corridor. She practically skipped down to breakfast where she was careful to casually sit down next to Harry and join his conversation on the Yule Ball the night before. Ron didn't seem suspicious but Hermione watched them curiously. But she wouldn't find out.