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My Little Girl

Dean yawned as he laid down on his motel bed in a pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt. He glanced over to his brother who had collapsed in his own bed; apparently too tired to change. He flipped off the television, and reached over to turn off the lamp when he heard someone frantically knocking on the door. Dean sighed, "Who the hell could this be at two in the morning?" Dean grunted angrily. He was tired and wanted to goto sleep. He got up and headed to the door. He looked in through the peephole and sighed yet again when he saw Bela. He unlocked and opened the door. He glared at her. "What do you--" He didn't finish because he looked down and saw she was carrying a baby in a carrier, who then started crying loudly. Sam rolled on his side, covering his head with a pillow. Bela glared back at him. "I can't do this anymore." She said as she shoved her way in past Dean. "This is my problem because?" Dean questioned as he shut the door, turning to her; not even putting two and two together.

Bela set the carrier down on Dean's bed. "She's yours, remember that night we shared nine months ago in New york?" Bela snapped, she felt like she was losing her mind from the lack of sleep. Dean smirked. "I remember." He said, and then, he realized what she was referring to. "No, you said that you--" "I know what I said." Bela interrupted. Sam sat up in his bed now, fully awake, the baby was still crying. Sam saw Bela, and then the baby. "Dean, what's going on?" Sam questioned groggily. "That's what I'm trying to figure out." Dean said more seriously now. The more Sam looked at the baby, and looked at Bela, he realized what was going on. "I can't take this anymore, no matter what I do, she won't stop crying! I'm leaving her with you." Bela ranted. "No, you can't." Dean answered. "Why the hell not? You're her father!" Bella snapped back. "I'm a hunter, I'm constanly moving from place to place, I don't have a stable or safe environment to raise a child, besides, I don't have the money." Dean answered.

Bela looked at Sam for a second, then back to Dean. "I can't raise her, my parents raised me, and look what happened. I can't raise her, I'll screw her up." Bela said softly as she looked at the baby who finally stopped crying because of exhaustion. Dean looked at the baby as well. "I don't have the supplies, or the money--" Dean paused, then sighed. Bela looked at him. "I can send you money, I'll buy everything for her, please just take her... It's you, or the orphanage." Bela said softly as Dean turned to look back at Bela. "How could you put me in a position like this? You're even more screwed up then I thought." Dean grunted. "Yeah, well..." Bela muttered. Dean went and turned to his daughter, picked her up and held her in his arms. "What's her name?" Dean questioned. "Anna Winchester." Bela answered. Dean looked down at her, she was settled comfortably in his arms, asleep. "Alright." Dean agreed. Bela sighed a sigh of relief and looked at her daughter one last time. "Good-bye." Bela whispered, and disappeared, out the door.

----------------------------------------------------------5 years later-----------------------------------------

Dean yawned as he looked at the clock. It read six o'clock in the morning. He got up, in pajama pants, and a t-shirt, his amulet hanging around his neck. He made his way into the kitchen, making coffee and pancakes. He could hear his daughter rumaging around her closet upstairs trying to get ready for her first day at school. He smiled to himself as he placed the pancakes on a plate for her, and with the maple syrup he drew a happy face on them. 'I'm a damn good artist' he thought to himself, and brought their plates to the table, along with his cup of coffee, and her glass of orange juice. "Breakfast is ready!" Dean called. He made an extra plate of pancakes and set them on the table. He knew Sam would be up soon, getting ready for work. Sam had gone back to school, and was now working an internship at a lawfirm where they lived in Lawerence, Kansas. Dean, however was a detective a police station, he was cleared of all charges when he helped bring in everyone on the top ten most wanted list.

He finally saw Sam coming in the kitchen, Anna right behind him. "Annie, you better hurry and eat before it gets cold." Dean warned. She nodded, not sitting at the table with her father and uncle, all of them eating together as a family. Dean watched his daughter eat, she had brown wavy hair, like her mother's, but she had his eyes, he could tell. Even though she had his smirk, she had her mother's mischievous smile. "You almost ready for school?" Dean questioned. Annie nodded. Dean brought his plate to the table, and went upstairs to get dressed. Shortly after, he came downstairs dressed in a black suit and tie, even though he hated it, he'd rather work this job wearing the suit, then be a mechanic. His job was easy, it was like working a hunt, which he still did by the way. He had tried many times to quit hunting, but he and Sam were addicted to it like a drug. They only did it once a month though, and when they did, they brought Annie to Missouri's house, where they knew she'd be safe.

"Ready to go kiddo?" Dean questioned. She smiled and nodded. "All ready Daddy!" She said and went to grab her backpack. Sam got up, and grabbed his keys. He drove a black Mitsubishi Endeavor SUV. They all walked out the door. Right before they approached the cars, Annie hugged her uncle, and they said their good-byes, and their have a good days to one another, even though Dean knew he might be seeing his brother at work anyways. Dean and Annie hopped into the impala. "Let's go to your first day at school." Dean said, trying to sound excited for his daughter. truth was, he didn't want her to go, he was scared to death for her. He remember what kids were like, kids were cruel. "Let's go Daddy!" She said as she placed her hands in her lap. She was wearing a blue jean skirt and a pink t-shirt that had a picture of Marie from the Aristocats, one of her favorite movies. "Alright, we're going." He said as they pulled out of the driveway.

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