When it all Goes to Hell

Disclaimer: I Don't Own Death Note in Any Way. It Is Rightfully Copyrighted and Owned By Tsugumi Obah and Takashi Obata.

Rating: PG—PG-13 Due to Angst and Slight Yaoi/Shounen-Ai/GuyxGuy

A/N: To those who don't like yaoi, you can actually view this more as a deep friendship, I promise :) please enjoy.


Mello finished explaining his plan of kidnapping Takada. It was seemingly perfect, neither of them would die and the blonde would get his wish of beating Near for the first time. His life goal, his wish, the thing that taunted him in his nightmare's; it would content Mello to no end. He would smile smugly as he showed Near that he could, and did, beat him. Matt could just imagine the look on his face, the glint in his steely blue eyes, as he stared at Near with that triumphant grin on his scarred face.

And, yet, it wasn't perfect. There were risks; dark, deep risks; risks that any other person would've never in their lives taken. But Matt wasn't like everyone else; he had grown attached to Mello like an addiction, and he was stuck with him to the end, which might come sooner than either one was willing to realize. Matt was far from stupid; he didn't place third in Whammy's for nothing. While Mello was good at scheming and plotting, Matt was much better at observing.

While observing the plan in his head, the question was posed immediately; what if it doesn't work? It took the redhead less than ten seconds after Mello said the terms 'kidnap Takada' to realize his life would probably, and most likely, be cut short. He allowed the blonde to finish his explanation before his orange-tinted eyes looked up to the scarred man's blue ones. It was silent between them for several long seconds before the gamer spoke.

"And when it all goes to hell," the young tech began.

"Will you be able to tell me 'sorry' with a straight face?"

Mello could feel the meaning behind those words, spoken so seriously and practically emotionless. His blue orbs widened slightly before he looked away from him and to one of the computer monitors. He realized now, too, the risks and he didn't want to admit that they were there. In his mind, that plan had seemed so perfect that he was too blind to see that so much could go wrong. He felt ashamed of himself, putting, not only himself but, his beloved best friend in danger, too.

His steely eyes looked back to Matt, whose eyes were still as emotionless as when he had posed his question. Mello thought and thought and realized he was willing to take those risks, willing to die trying to prove he was better than that albino bastard known as Near. And, apparently, so was Matt. Why else would he ask if the blonde would apologize not if but when it all goes to hell? He knew it would come, it wasn't a matter of if; it will go to hell…soon. Sooner than either would know.

"I promise you, Matt," the blonde said silently. "I promise you, whatever happens…"

"I will be able to apologize."


A/N: Inspired by a signature on DA (DeviantART) 'and when it all goes to hell will you be able to say sorry with a straight face?' I read it and this immediately came to mind; it just seemed like something Matt would ask after Mello explained the Takada kidnapping plan. The words were written as soon as my Microsoft Word opened.