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Christmas was always a time for sharing, gift giving, spending time with family... so why, then, was Lily Evans feeling so alone? All she needed was her friends, good grades, and respect from teachers and students, and being Head Girl made her prouder than anything, but it all mixed together just wasn't satisfying. Was she too expectant that something exciting would just burst out of nowhere to make her truly happy?

No, it wasn't true that friends, grades, and respect was all that was important in her life. No, there was definitely something else. Something she never thought she would know until she was certainly older than seventeen. Something that she had always hoped that she would know to the fullest extent. Something that she knew she received from someone she had to work with, who she used to think of as an annoying idiot but really turned out to be a generous, easy to get along with guy. That was love.

She had tried to convince herself that she didn't love him back, that she was too young and foolish. But in reality, she knew she did, and so did the rest of the school. The rest of the school, minus him, that is.

Honestly, Lily was afraid to be alone at Christmas. Her friends had gone home, having stayed at the castle herself to avoid hearing complaints from her sister, Petunia, so she was left with nothing but the Marauders. But then again, the Marauders were her friends now, too. She'd been around them quite often, and not because of Head Duties. Because she wanted to, with all her heart and soul. And those had to be the best times of her day. The times she would laugh, and fall in love a bit more. But why the hell couldn't she admit it?!

Too soon, it was that day. That day when everyone is off in their own dorms opening presents from friends and family alike. She awoke, saw the fair pile of presents lying there, but.. her soul just wasn't in it. For now, she ignored them.

Throwing on some new clothes after making a quick stop to the restroom, she figured she might as well head down to breakfast, alone. On the way, however, she stopped. In the common room.

Leaning casually in an attractive manor against a wall near the portrait hole, with a distant gaze as though he seemed to be waiting for someone, was the one and only man that was giving her bubbling sensations a little too often for her liking. His gaze flew up as she neared.


"Merry Christmas, James.."

"You too."

"Shouldn't you be with your friends?"

At this, he put on a face of slight surprised which, had Lily known any better, she would have known was completely fake. "Well, why be with them when you have no one on Christmas?"

Her heart twinged with joy as he smiled and held out his hand to her, which she took in utter delight, mirroring his smile. They headed down to breakfast together as friends, and hopefully, in Lily's mind at least, come back as something more. Maybe Christmas wouldn't be bad this year after all...

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