Alice knows Jake and Nessie's secret. It was the first time. Witty humor! R&R!

Knock, knock, knock.

We both rolled over on to our backs, our eyes widened in fear. I pulled the covers over my face and hid.

I grasped onto Jake's hand, nervous to see who it might be. I was hoping whoever it was wouldn't come in.

What if it was Dad? He could hear everything I was thinking.

"Jake," I whispered in his ear, "Sing 'Hot 'N' Cold' in your head. Now!"

"You're only hot." Jake whispered back, running his fingers through my hair.

"And you're going to be cold if you don't do it. Now! Dad might read our thoughts."

Knock, knock, knock.

"Who is it?" I asked, trying to seem innocent.

"Nessie," Alice said. "Open! I could see your future you are with Jacob. I heard some stuff, so, let me in. I have a surprise for youuu."

We stared at each other for a few moments and jumped out of the bed, in a rush to get put together.

"Give me a minute, Aunt Alice." I called sweetly.

I tripped over Jacob's jeans and belt, catching myself just in time to almost break the mirror. Esme would have had my head.

I put my shirt over my head and slipped the jeans on.

We both sat on the bed quickly.

"Come in." I said.

She turned the knob and closed the door behind her.

"Now," Alice started. "Everyone hum something in your head please."

I started to hum 'Go Girl' in my head. "GO GIIIRLL GO GIRRRLLL!"

Alice then glanced down at me. Oh no!

"Are those..." Alice questioned, staring at me, wide-eyed. "Jacob's jeans?"

Jacob looked over to me, his head cocked to the side, he looked at me as if to say "holy crap!"

"We" I was never a good liar. "playing dress-up!"

Alice shook her head in disapproval of my lying capabilities.

"I know what you were doing Nessie." She said with her lips pursed.

Tears welled up in my eyes, I was so sad to upset Alice.

All of of sudden, Alice broke into a smile.

"Congrats!" Alice told me as she jumped up and down.

"I'm so proud." She put her hand to her hand and basked in the glory.

She grabbed my hands, interlocked our fingers and she tried to get us to together, but I was reluctant to.

Jake looked around awkwardly and popped on the bed. He let out a loud sigh.

I planted my feet on the floor and rolled my eyes.

"I look I'm twenty-one, and I act like that too." I said, almost trying to convince myself. "And Emmett always makes fun of Dad singing 'Like A Virgin,' and do you think anyone would want to be as prude as him!?!"

Alice laughed, so hard I thought she would never stop.

"Ness, babe, you're almost better at jokes than..." He winked at me, just saying it as a joke.

"Oh. My. God. Ha. You. Two. Are. Hilarious." Alice screeched.

I shushed all of them, worried about Dad.

"I just said some...things that Dad would just about die if he heard me say them and his whole 'purity ring' type lifestyle would so disapprove of this." I noted. "Also, not to mention that, Jake, he still does not really like you. At all. Especially after the and my mom thing."

I shook my head in disgust. Jake. And Mom.

"Renesmee, please, let's not talk about that." Jake pleaded, becoming very serious. "You know I love you and only you."

"Well, Jake we all know that...after what you two just did." Alice commented, chuckling at her own joke.

"Okay, let's give it up." I told both of them.

I went over to my closet, retrieved a skirt, slipped my legs through it, and walked through the door.

"Where are you going?" Alice cheered.

"I'm going to go see what's going on with Dad. No doubt he heard all this." I replied.

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