Yeah, it's not that great, sadly. I wrote everything too fast!

Jacob's POV

"Race you there!" She laughed, her long, bronze, curly hair swaying smoothly behind her. It was hard to believe she was only seven. She looked sixteen! If she had a halo and wings, that would be enough to convince me she was an angel. Even without them, who wouldn't be able to see that?

"Jacob?" She asked. I guess I didn't notice that I had fallen behind. I sped up, maching her speed in less steps than it had taken her.

"Sorry Nessie," I replied with a grin on my face, "I was just thinking about something."

My human legs were starting to get tired, so I phased, knowing I would have more energy and be able to run faster. We ran through all the different shades of the green forest, only stopping once we found some elk.

I've known Renesmee for as long as I can remember, or as long as she can remember, anyway. But if it had been that I'd just KNOWN her, I wouldn't be with her right now, watching her every move to make sure she was safe. If I had just known her, I probably wouldn't even be allowed to see her. But things were different I didn't just know her. I loved her. I loved her more than anyone can put into words, so much that not even my thoughts can process it. So her father would never understand, either. Only her mother could understand a fraction of a percent of what I felt. That's why I was with her right now, because Edward could not say no to Bella, - because I imprinted on Nessie.

I smelt something odd in the air, a familiar scent, but unfamiliar at the same time. I thought nothing of it. I only thought of her.

But the more I thought, the more I realized: How could this be meant to be? How could this possibly work? We were so different, but at the same time we were one. We fit together like two puzzle pieces, yet repel like the same sides of two magnets. All this thinking was hurting my brain, but I couldn't stop. Weird, I never really thought about anything I did, but now, she just came into my life, like it was an apartment and she had a key. She just had to unlock the closed lids of my eyes, and then nothing else mattered. Nothing else.

I felt feelings no one else could ever feel, and thought thoughts no one could even think of thinking. But my train of thoughts derailed, crashed and burned to flames as I heard a VERY familiar voice screech through the airwaves. I turned my head to face the noise of what would be my worst nightmare.

The scent. Now it made sense! A newborn vampire...

That had gotten hold of Renesmee.

I pounced on the blood sucker, managing to get Renesmee free. I thought for a second, once I pinned him to the ground. I couldn't kill him. Not right in front of Renesmee. I couldn't kill one of her own kind, and if I did, I would never live with myself. I could only do enough damage to have time to get Renesmee to a safe place. Then I thought... the scent was stronger before. In just that second, I smelt a much more shocking scent than anything, as I threw the boy as far as he could go. He would be fine. But she wouldn't.

There were two. That's why the scent was stronger before. But this new scent, I couldn't register it until I got my head straight. It was her blood.

"NESSIE!" I would have shouted, had I not phased. But just at the same time, I heard her scream my name.

"JACOB!" She yelled, franctically, then screamed another high pitched scream. I did the same thing to this leech as I did to the other one, only I was more vicious with this one. I bit, tore and tried to do anything I could to make him feel pain. I did the same as I did with he last one and threw him as far as my mouth could throw him.

Nessie was lying on the ground, screaming in pain. It took me a while to process everything that was going on until she screamed "IT BURNS!"

I knew what was going on, and I was afraid. Horror struck me like lightning, but knowing it was my - no, her - only option, I phased back to human state. I would be able to run back quicker as a wolf, but she wouldn't be able to hold on. I picked her up and started running. Running toward the Cullen home. Thinking of nothing but running, but then something stopped me. A feeling of warmth on my face. I started feeling a worse pain than anyone could imagine, but then she took her hand away. It was covered in blood, and now my cheek was. And everytime I'd smell it in, it would me make run faster.

Faster, faster, faster, until.....


"EDWARD!" I started screaming. I screamed with every last breath in my lungs, "EDWARD! BELLA! CARLISLE!!!"

I didn't bother thinking at the moment, I just thought faster. I would play the scene over to Edward later. I just knew that i didn't know anything about what was going on...exept what was happening to her.

"EDWARD!" I screamed again, though it was clearly uneeded. He was outside already, I could smell it.

FASTER! I yelled at myself, but then stopped at the Cullen lawn. Edward was staring down at me.

"What did you do to my daughter, Mutt!?"

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