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WARNING: This one stars mostly just the Konoha 11's children, all grown up (mostly Neji and Tenten's kids; though mostly Hitori)…


Difficult as it was to believe that 25 years had passed since the day Neji and Tenten first fled from the village to escape an undesirable arranged marriage and elope, it had in fact been that many years.

As he headed toward the Hokage tower, through the bustling village, Neji couldn't help contemplate just how much had changed in that time. Back then, it had been them, the Konoha 11, as they were still referred to, who had been the students; the "future" of the village. But things were different now; now their children where the ones who held that future in their hands.

The Konoha 11 had achieved much over the years. Of course, Naruto had reached his dream of becoming the sixth Hokage; while Sakura had inherited command of Tsunade's Medical unit. Hinata had become the most commanding Hyuga leader the clan had ever had; abolishing the old ways and finally achieving her father's dream to do away with the cursed mark. Kiba, at her side, had led his own team of genin, before moving on to establish a squad of nin-dog shinobi teams in ANBU. Shikamaru, of course, had become a strategy professor at the academy, before eventually being appointed the Hokage's head advisor, while Temari had become the official Konoha – Suna liaison, but for the Leaf Village now. Chouji and Ino had both led their own genin squads; both of them perfecting their clan's techniques, as well as opening their own chain of flower shops. Shino had also led his own squad; and had even been sensei to Mayuki, Neji and Tenten's only daughter. How the stoic bug-wielder was able to put up with one of Lee's kids though, Neji could hardly fathom; but then, Tenten, Chouji, and Ino had all been senseis to their own mini-Lee, so the Hyuga supposed it wasn't entirely impossible. Lee, for his part, had also led a squad of his own; Ryuuken and Hitori's squad no less.

When he had learned of their assigned Jounin leader, Neji had half pitied his twin sons; he, better than anyone, could imagine what kind of sensei Lee would be. At the same time, however, Neji was glad Lee had been assigned as their genin squad leader; the Hyuga couldn't have imagined a more dedicated and talented instructor for his two boys. In the end, having Lee as a sensei had definitely paid off; at present, Team Lee was widely known throughout the five nations as one of the strongest Leaf squads ever.

In just a short time since their attaining Jounin status, Ryuuken, Hitori and Nara Matsumi had quickly grown to be the present-day equivalent of the legendary sannin. They were known throughout the ninja world as the smartest, strongest, and bravest; though also the most temperamental. Every male in the village, under the age of 25, both feared and envied Ryuuken and Hitori, due to the fact that they all too often sent swarms of their sister, Mayuki, and Matsumi's fanboys into Sakura's infirmary, and also because both twins had inherited the talent, as well as physical appearance of their handsome father; thus resulting in their own fanbase. Jealousy against the twins was also heightened due to the fact that Hitori happened to be very popular with the girls, while Ryuuken was about to marry one of the most beautiful younger kunoichi in the village.

"Oi." The lazy voice of one Nara Shikamaru called out to Neji as the two ran into each other on their way towards Naruto's office.

As Chief Advisor, and Head ANBU, Shikamaru and Neji often came across each other in the Hokage's mansion. But if that wasn't enough, soon the two would also be related by marriage, as Ryuuken was mere weeks away from marrying Shikamaru's only daughter.

"I don't suppose events are as troublesome in your house as they are in mine?" Shikamaru exhaustedly asked; looking more disheveled and annoyed than he usually did.

"Probably not." Neji shook his head; certain that was more likely than not the truth.

The days following news of Ryuuken's proposal had been hectic; between Hitori's teasing and Tenten and Mayuki's endless questions about the proposal and about what kind of wedding the two would be having. Suna or Konoha; summer or spring; big or small… That was nothing, Neji was certain, in comparison to what he imagined Shikamaru's house was probably like.

"Tch." Shikamaru scoffed. "Nothing more troublesome than women and wedding preparations."

"Hn." Neji smirked, not at all envious of the Nara's position.

Since it wasn't his daughter who was getting married, Neji could not really say he could relate to the lazy genius. Even with his own marriage to Tenten, it hadn't exactly been stressful preparing the wedding. It had been more stressful asking Ryoku for Tenten's hands, and then going through the Hyuga traditions; but that had been nothing compared to escaping from the village and living in seclusion for five years. Of course, neither of those had been as bad as being separated from Tenten when Ryoku's former teammate, Raiden Tekinai, had kidnapped the nearly nine-month pregnant kunoichi.

"You should start preparing yourself as well." Shikamaru warned, in a somewhat teasing tone; unusual for the lazy genius, though frequently occurring when Shikamaru was feeling particularly annoyed and felt like relieving his irritation by annoying someone else.

"Hn?" Neji cocked his head to the side curiously; unsure of what exactly the Hokage advisor was referring to.

Ryuuken was slightly agitated about the big day quickly approaching, but Neji and Tenten were hardly stressed over the matter. As far as they were concerned, Ryuuken and Matsumi had nothing to worry about; the girl had been after the younger Hyuga since the two were nearly infants, so it had not been much of a surprise to either side's parents when the two announced their engagement. Really, it was more surprising that it had taken as long as it had.

"I mean Mai-chan." Shikamaru smirked; knowing Neji had missed the inference the Nara had been trying to make.

"…" Immediate, Neji visibly stiffened at the remark, before expertly quelling his rising rage at the insinuation his lazy friend had just made.

"She's nineteen years old now, isn't she?" Shikamaru asked; though he already knew the answer; Mayuki was exactly four years and four days younger than Matsumi. "Won't be long before you're in my position I'm sure." He continued probing for a reaction from the stoic Hyuga.

"Hn." Neji grunted; no desire to reply to his friend's obvious goading. Besides, with Ryuuken and Hitori constantly scaring way Mayuki's fanboys, Neji was certain there would be nothing to worry about for a very long time; after all, he trained them well…


"Stop that." Ryuuken glared angrily at his best friend, Uzumaki Minato.

"Huh?" Minato turned over to look at the glaring Hyuga. "Stop what?" He asked in a serious tone.

"You're too old for her." Ryuuken sternly repeated the same warning he always gave his friend; their long standing friendship being the sole reason the Hyuga even considered advising the Hokage's son to refrain from bothering his little sister, rather than sending him to the infirmary like he and Hitori usually did with Mayuki's potential suitors.

"Yeah." Uzumaki Jiraiya eagerly nodded from across the table. "But she's only two years younger than me." He added, agreeing in part with Ryuuken, though solely out of interest. Jiraiya, himself, was only one year younger than his eldest brother, so the argument was rather flimsy.

"You're too stupid for her." Ryuuken countered; sending the entirely living room area of the Hyuga house into an uproar of laughter.

"fhh." Jiraiya grunted; not quiet clever enough to counter the eldest Hyuga twin's insult.

"Mayuki-chan!" Rock Daisuki politely greeted his girlfriend's best friend, and younger brother's teammate and secret crush; walking over to help the girl as the youngest Hyuga approached the group of boys with a tray of refreshments and snacks.

"Thank you Daisuki-kun." Mayuki smiled gratefully as the older boy took hold of the tray in her hands.

"So Mayuki-chan," Daisuki warmly smiled down at the petite girl as the two walked over to the other guys.

"Yes?" She looked up expectantly as the two got closer to the group of five.

"Have you accepted a date for the wedding yet?" The older boy innocently asked.

"Um…" Mayuki hesitantly eyed her two brothers, who had both turned toward her upon hearing their friend's question. "Well, since Kei-chan is going to be going with you, and Atsui-chan is going with Hisoka-kun, I suppose I will probably just go with Emi-chan." She offered.

"Sorry, no can do." Jiraiya interrupted, as he stood up to snatch a cupcake off the tray Daisuki was holding.

"Sasuke-kun will be asking Emi-chan to the wedding." Minato added for his younger brother, as Jiraiya stuffed his face with the cupcake.

"Yeah." Jiraiya nodded. "But I'm avail-" He began; before being smacked in the back of the head by Hitori.

"Don't talk with your mouth full." Hitori reprimanded; though everyone in the room knew the hit in the head was not because the middle Hyuga had a problem with Jiraiya talking with food in his mouth.

"What about Chika?" Shinemuri curiously asked from beside his white-eyed best friend, as Hitori stretched out his arm to grab a cup of green tea off the tray.

"Chika?" Mayuki repeated; a knowing smile hidden in her eyes as she turned to look at the younger Nara. "Well she doesn't have a date." She informed the older shinobi; knowing that Chika had had a crush on the older boy for the longest time and was planning to ask him to the wedding. "But she will." She assured him; knowing that once Akimichi Chika set her mind on a goal, nothing would stop her from achieving it.

"Anyone in particular?" Hitori asked; teasingly looking over at his lazy best friend, whom he happened to know had had a crush on the blond kunoichi as well.

"You'd have to ask her." Mayuki replied; joining her older brother in smiling teasingly at Shinemuri, who merely shrugged as if the matter had nothing to do with him whatsoever.

"Whatever." Shinemuri yawned, before lazily taking a cupcake off of the tray Daisuki had set down on the table in front of them.


"CHIKA!" Nara Matsumi gasped as she pulled out the sheer night-gown out of the gift-wrapped box her best friend Akimichi Chika had just given her.

"What?" Chika curiously eyed her blushing best friend. "Don't tell me you and Ryuuken haven't…" She lecherously smirked; always having suspected as much.

Hyuga Ryuuken was from the most aristocratic and traditional clan in the village. His parents on his mother's side also seemed as conservative as the Hyuga clan; though that was hardly surprising since it was rumored that Xiu-Juan was a princess from a foreign land, and the former ANBU head Furi-iki Ryoku was also from a once noble clan of the Leaf Village. It was, thus, no surprise to Chika that Ryuuken would be the conservative type, considering his upbringing and lineage. It would also explain the 'Terror Twin's' deeply conservative desire to prevent poor Mayuki from ever dating any boy in the village.

"Chika!" Matsumi's blush deepened further still at her best friend's question.

"Matsumi!" Chika playfully echoed her friend's tone. "Well?" She pressed; watching as Matsumi wrapped the sexy lingerie back into its box.

"Ryuuken is…" Matsumi hesitated; her blush, a rarity in itself, increasing to unknown shades of red. "He's very traditional." She finished.

"Yeah I figured." Chika nodded; thinking back to her pervious considerations. "Though that doesn't really explain Hitori-san." She mused aloud.

"Yeah." Matsumi nodded in agreement; understanding perfectly well exactly what it was her best friend was referring to.

While in many respects Ryuuken and Hitori were near identical, personality-wise, the two twins couldn't be any more different than night and day. They shared their overprotective brotherly-love toward their younger sister Mayuki, and both had terrifying tempers, but when it came to socializing or their sense of humor, or even the way they stood and carried themselves, Ryuuken was much more serious and stoic, while Hitori was more approachably friendly and talkative. And while each Hyuga had a hoard of fangirls vying for their attention, Hitori's far outnumbered his older bother's by at least two-fold. This, of course, was in part due to the fact that Ryuuken had not been 'available' for a very long time; unlike Hitori, who, to that day, had yet to find one girl whom he actually liked enough to call his girlfriend.

In all the years Chika had known the twins, Hitori had never been serious about any one girl; though he had never denied any girl brave enough to confess to him, a singular date. But past one date, the ANBU had yet to accept a second; always ending each date by thanking the girl for a wonderful time and asking that she always remain his 'friend;' thus providing a polite, yet clear, sign that he was simply not interested in pursuing any further romantic relationship with that particular girl.

Rather than discouraging the fangirls, however, this only seemed to add more fuel to the fire. Each girl hoping that she would be the one girl to finally claim the Firebird-Hyuga's untamable heart…


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