haha new fic, it's small, basically a drabble. I was requested by a friend to write a KyoxTama but… as twisted and crazy as I am… I just can't watch yaoi. It's physically impossible for me even to edge towards shounen-ai… so… slash is out of my writer's boundaries. But I was able to write a little humour. So… =P I'm happy. In the end it's mainly friendship. Anyway, hope you enjoy. XP


"Haruhi! Daddy's bought you a new mechanical pencil? What do you think?" she stared at him blankly for a second and soon turned away, walking over to the Twins. Tamaki followed after her totally desperate, trying to hand her the mechanical pencil, why did he buy her another one? Do you even have to ask?

Well… Kyoya, once again, sold hers off. At least he made a good profit out of it, even if it was a total scam to buy a 200 yen mechanical pencil for 140 000 yen, but… I guess the girls are crazy over the little 'guy'. After a while of Tamaki basically pursuing Haruhi, whose face never changed from blank or stoic (even if she was running away from him her expression never changed) in a desperate attempt of salvation she ran out the room and shut it. Tamaki turned to Kyoya with a pout and big teary eyes.

"Mom! Haruhi won't accept Dad's gift!" he said as he cried big anime tears. The twins laughing at this and Huni-sempai eating cake by Mori. Kyoya sighed as he looked up from his laptop, after all he was checking the new income. Tamaki looked up, still teary and walked towards Kyoya and hugged him. Why? In god's name no one knew, we suppose for comfort. Kyoya sighed once again and hugged him back.

"I'll give you one minute of consolation… so stop crying" when the evil vicepresident said those words Tamaki widened his eyes, his tears stopped flowing and… his arms… well… with them he drew back and away from him the fastest he could, just like all the others.

After all, who could imagine the most evil person, the basic antagonist in the whole Host Club… to have said that, even if in the normal word "one minute of consolation" wouldn't comfort anyone… well… either way it didn't comfort tamaki but frighten him even more, reason why he was now crying in Huni's shoulder. I guess frightening kids with evil phrases is wrong. Now, Kyoya, what have you learned about comforting people… frightening them is not the way.

Huni-sempai's Caring Lesson 101- kyoya had to assist due to a failed poker game. Poor guy was sick that day- FAILED


the end.