Yeah, this just randomly popped into my head. I had just watched "It's A Wonderful Life" since it's the holidays, and everything. I began to just let my thoughts wander, later, and, of course, they came back to Twilight. Then it randomly hit me-What would have happened if Jasper had never been born? Apart from the fact I would have been very sad and missing out on my favorite vampire, I thought about "It's A Wonderful Life". What if Jasper was in that spot where he got to see what it would have been like if he had never been born? So, it was late, I was tired, and I just started to write. I came up with this lame crossover. 

NOTE: I do not own the Twilight series, or It's A Wonderful Life. It may be hard to believe, but it is true.

Jasper's P.O.V.

Her blood. I must have it. Mine.

These thoughts blurred all others, completely fogged by the delicious scent that overcame me.

I struggled against the firm grip of whoever was holding me back. I must get to her.

Forget that she was Edward's girlfriend. Forget that she would one day be my little sister (if Alice's visions came true). Forget that she was completely innocent, and had just come over for her birthday party. Forget that she was Bella.

With the small sane part of me left, I realized how horrible I was. How monstrous. I also realized I was getting slowly dragged away and the scent of blood was less pronounced.

"C'mon, Jasper." I heard Emmett grunt-he must've been the one pulling me outside. I still faintly put up a struggle.

Being outside helped a lot. I was in the outdoor air, and with so many other scents, I could focus on something other than the blood.

Emmett still kept his hold on my arms and the back of my shirt. After a few minutes, I choked out, "Let me go, Emmett."

He hesitated.

"I'm okay now. " I tried to reassure him, as much as myself.

Awkwardly, he let go of me. I staggered forward in an un-vampirely fashion, before catching myself. The only thing I could think was that I had almost murdered. Again. I almost instinctively crouched down, repulsed, and pressed my face into my hands, closing myself out.

I stayed that way for God knows how long, until I felt a light hand on the back of my neck. I raised my head to see Alice looking down at me with worry in her eyes.

"Jazz? You okay?" She asked tentatively.

I couldn't answer that.

"How's Bella?" I mumbled, almost afraid to ask, even though I knew she must be okay.

"She's fine. When she fell, she got some scratches, but nothing too bad. Carlisle's taking care of her. She said to tell you it's not your fault…"

I couldn't take that. Bella was worrying about ME of everyone; being so selfless, as she was. She was forgiving me for nearly killing her now.

I had to get away. I couldn't forgive myself as easily.

I jumped up, and began to run. I heard Alice call after me, frantically, but I ignored her.

I raced through the woods, even causing the boundary line-breaking the treaty. I didn't care so much what happened anyway, now. I ran until I reached the cliffs.

I stared down it, to the ocean below, where the white foam hit the rock. If I were human, mused, it would be only too easy to end my life by jumping. What would it be like to end your life like that? If it would make everyone's lives easier, make them better, I would. Not that it would do anything to me. If I ran away though…better yet-I wish I had never even been born


Suddenly, a person was soaring off the cliff and falling to the water, screaming.

I was completely stunned for a minute. Lost in my own worries, I hadn't even heard them coming. I stupidly stared for an instant as they hit the water, went under, and then came back up. I heard a faint plea, "Help! Help!"

Well, I had to do something. Scarcely thinking about the consequences, I jumped off after them.

The water wasn't very deep, nor the currents strong, so I could swim effortlessly. I swam over to the man floundering in the water, and grabbed his arms. He was just a human, and very fragile, so I tried to be as gentle as possible. I won't hurt anyone anymore. I vowed to myself, as I easily pulled him to shore.

"Are, you okay?" I asked the first thing that came to mind. For a minute, I forgot about my troubles.

The person I'd rescued was a small old man with white hair, and a wrinkly face-like he smiled a lot. He smiled at me, and began to wring out his shirt. "Why, yes, I'm fine. " He said pleasantly. "The question is, are you okay, Jasper?"

I stared, confused. How did he know my name? My first conclusion that logically made sense was that Alice told him. At Alice's name, my chest twisted painfully. There was no way I could go back to see her now. If I wanted to get out, I'd have to leave soon.

I jolted back when the man began to talk, "No, your wife Alice didn't tell me. I've watched you for years, Jasper, since you were born. I know you very well."

"Who are you?" I asked, warily. "What do you want?" I stood up and began to edge slowly away.

He smiled humbly, then pulled a little book out of his pocket, and began to flip through the damp pages. With a closer look, I realized it was a bible. That didn't make me feel any better.

"I'm Clarence, your guardian angel."

Well, I know it's random. I apologize if some parts are off. I haven't read New Moon in a while, and I know the parts from the movie were very different. I tried to stay at least a little true to it. I hope you were at least entertained for a few minutes. Want to leave a comment?