Chapter one: we're moving

'Kids come down' Cate shouted upstairs 'I have something important to tell you.'

Rory, Bridget and Kerry ran down the stairs and sat down on the leather sofa. 'I don't know how to tell you this but...' Cate said. 'Is it gramps' Bridget butted in. 'it's not gramps' explained Cate. Rory and Kerry sighed with relief. Jim had been quite poorly recently and the whole family was worried about him especially Cate.

'We're moving!' said Cate.

'What?!' shouted Bridget. 'You can't take me away from all of my friends and fans'

'Fans' laughed Kerry

'Yes Kerry my fans' Bridget said in a serious tone.

'Girls' Cate yelled

They stopped and looked at Cate who was looking straight back at them.

' we have a couple with 2 kids who want to have one last look at the house to see if they definitely want to buy it, their coming tomorrow at noon when you're at school.'

'When are we moving mum?' asked Rory

'I'm looking at a few houses this week' replied Cate.

'But mum I don't want to move I can't leave Kyle' Kerry moaned.

'I'm sorry Carebear, but we have to I've got a new job.' said Cate.

'Now go upstairs and tidy your bedrooms' Cate told them.

They did as they was told and slowly walked up the stairs. Kerry and Bridget was the first to finish but Kerry did all the tiding, Bridget sat on her bed plucking her eyebrows.

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