A Christmas chapter! I won't be updating this on much as I am focusing on two different fanfics

It was Christmas day; Bridget was holding Bryony and walking down the steps to see if Santa had been. Bryony was dressed in a little Santa costume with a matching hat that jingled when she moved her head.

Downstairs Cate was sat on the sofa while Kerry and Rory were opening presents, 'I wish dad was here' Kerry wished, 'So do I' Cate agreed, 'but God needed another angel' Bridget walked into the living room and sat on the floor with Kerry and Rory, Bryony on her knee. 'Wow thanks mom' Rory said holding up a Michigan football shirt like the one Paul used to wear, Cate smiled for once since Paul's death her family looked like they were having fun. Bridget held a present in front of Bryony, she looked at it and giggled more interested in the silver sparkly wrapping paper than the present inside. She helped her open it and inside was a rattle; it was round, clear and had a blue handle with multi-coloured balls inside. 'Bryony looks so cute in her Santa costume' Kerry cooed, 'I know' Bridget replied

When all the wrapping paper had been put in the bin, presents had been moved to the side Cate started to make dinner while Bridget rang Kyle who was spending Christmas with his family but would come later, Kerry was looking after bryony and Rory was upstairs playing on his new video game.

'Dinner's ready' Cate shouted up the stairs, Rory ran down the steps and sat at the table with the rest of his family including Jim and CJ, 'Do you want to cut the turkey?' Cate asked her dad, 'Paul used to do it' Jim nodded and took the knife and began to cut it, 'before we eat I would like to thank my dad for helping me through this year and the last one, I wouldn't have been able to do it without you' Cate said nearly crying, 'Can we eat now?' Rory moaned. Cate nodded.

Cate the plates on top of each other and put them in the sink while the others went and sat on the sofa to play charades. It was CJ's turn first he stood waving and then flapped his arms, everyone was trying not to laugh including Kyle who had arrived minutes earlier, 'we all give in' said Cate, 'Bye Bye Birdie' CJ told them, 'Ohh' said Bridget acting like she understood,

It was getting late Jim had gone to bed, CJ was asleep on the sofa, Kerry was helping Cate tidy the house and Bridget was saying bye to Kyle, 'you coming tomorrow?' Bridget asked, 'If I'm invited' Kyle replied, 'You're always invited here' Bridget told him, 'before I go I have one last thing to do' he said pulling a piece of mistletoe from his coat pocket and held it above their heads, he moved in closer and they kissed, 'oooh' Rory said teasingly, 'shut up' Bridget replied pulling away, 'Thanks mama H' Kyle said walking out of the door, 'and I'll see you tomorrow' and walked out of the house.

Sorry for the crap ending I couldn't think how to end it. I won't be updating this much as I am focusing on two different fanfics but this will be the next one.